10 Best Affordable Golf Shoes in 2023

Golf is one of the most expensive sports in the world! To excel at this game, you need quite a bit of technique and quite a few pieces of equipment. It will include your clubs, your golf balls, carts, and bags! Overall, even the shoes can get quite expensive!

However, that’s not true for all golf shoe brands, as today, we are about to list the top 10 best affordable golf shoes! However, before we do that, we will give you a little teaser with our top 3 picks for the day!

The Skechers Go Golf Drive 4 Shoe is water-resistant and also offers a spike-less design. Another excellent option is the Adidas 4.0 Golf Shoe which offers superior comfort and is also resistant to water! Finally, we have the PUMA Grip Fusion Sport 2.0 Golf Shoe, which, as the name suggests, gets you real traction!

If this has you intrigued, read on till the very end, where we also add a buyer’s guide and an FAQ section!

Top 10 Best Affordable Golf Shoes

  1. Adidas 4.0 Golf Shoe– Best Budget Golf Shoes
  2. New Balance Comfort Golf Shoe– Best golf shoes under 50
  3. Skechers Go Golf Drive 4 Shoe-Best designed golf shoes
  4. New Balance Men’s LinksSL Golf Shoe-Best comfort golf shoes
  5. Nike Men’s Explorer 2 Golf Shoe– Best water-proof golf shoes
  6. PUMA Grip Fusion Sport 2.0 Golf Shoe– Best Cheap Golf Shoes
  7. Footjoy Contour Casual Golf Shoes– Best Golf Shoes Under 50
  8. Callaway Men’s Solana XT Golf Shoes-Best affordable golf shoes
  9. Etonic Difference Spiked Golf Shoes-Best performance golf shoes
  10. Under Armour Draw Sports Golf Shoe– Best Cheap Golf Shoes

1-Adidas 4.0 Golf Shoe– Best Budget Golf Shoes

If you’re big on sports and play yourself, then you’ve probably heard of Adidas! Their popularity stems from the excellent quality they offer, and today’s first contender is no different. The Adidas 4.0 Golf Shoes focus on breathability to a great extent!

Want to know how they achieve this? Well, for starters, they use a lightweight mesh and synthetic upper to increase the level of comfort so that your shoes don’t get dirty or damp sooner. Your feet will be able to breathe inside, making your experience much more comfortable.

Comfort seems to be a reoccurring theme in this shoe’s design. With its soft EVA insole, you can play and walk in them knowing that you have the right amount of cushioning for support. Your experience just got enhanced to a whole new level with these golf shoes!

While playing golf might not mean you engage in as much activity as other active sports, you still need a decent amount of traction and support! Thanks to the excellent 6-spike configuration that comes with fintech water guard fresh foam low-profile technology, you get a tremendous amount of stability as well.

As an added perk, your chosen product also offers a 91-day comfort guarantee! Wear them at this time, and if you are not satisfied, they do free returns and replacements for their customers! Talk about keeping the customer’s best interests at heart!


The only area where this could do better is its water resistance. It doesn’t offer much! While it can minimally soak up some sweat, if you accidentally step in a puddle, your shoes and feet will be soaked! However, if you overlook this one minor setback, this is one of the best affordable golf shoes.


  • Lightweight design
  • 91-day guarantee
  • Comfortable and well-0cushioned
  • Traction and stability


  • Not water-resistant

2-New Balance Comfort Golf Shoe- Best golf shoes under 50

Just because you invest in affordable shoes does not mean that you cannot get a decent quality! Overall, with the New Balance Comfort Golf Shoes, you get all the features that any good pair of golf shoes should have! It includes breathability.

Staying out on the golf course while the sun shines down on you can make you build up a sweat! Luckily, these shoes offer a unique mesh upper that has excellent supportive overlays included. These enhance the comfort level inside the shoes as your feet are allowed to breathe!

While we’re on the subject of comfort, it makes sense to talk about the Cush+ insole in these shoes as well. Are you going to be up on your feet all day? No problem! All the cushioning you will need is right where you want it! A lot of users no longer appreciate spiked golf shoes when it comes to comfort.

Luckily, these New Balance shoes are spikeless and built to last longer! Instead, they have a rubber outsole that offers comfort yet never makes you compromise on traction either! With the REVlite 10mm drop midsole, you will get impact absorption and usage like never before! For a more responsive feel, invest in these!


While we appreciate that this product comes with a clear plastic guard, it offers limited protection. Unfortunately, the guard doesn’t last long and turns yellow much too quickly. The shoes themselves are clean, but you might need to throw the guard away and get a new one quicker!


  • Extra comfort insole
  • Durable rubber outsole
  • Breathable upper
  • Lightweight and responsive


  • The clear plastic guard doesn’t last

3-Skechers Go Golf Drive 4 Shoe-Best designed golf shoes

Up next in our search for the best golf shoes that are also affordable, we have the Skechers Go Golf Drive 4 Shoes! Sketchers is a brand that has quickly become popular thanks to their reliable materials and the excellent comfort features they provide users!

However, the main reason we added these is since they are water-resistant. Whether you play on damp grass or step in a muddy rain puddle, these shoes will thwart off the moisture and will keep your feet dry! Another impressive feature is that while they offer decent traction, they do so without the spikes!

The spikeless ability makes sure that you don’t have to compromise on comfort! The best thing about most Sketchers products is that they have this carefree and laidback design that makes them perfect for all scenarios. Have somewhere to be after your golf match? Keep your Sketchers on!


Finally, these shoes fit ultra-light foam for increased comfort and leave more space for your feet!

If you were on the lookout for a pair of golf shoes that can get you the most support, then you need to keep searching! Sadly, these golf shoes are not the best at providing support. However, this is a minor flaw when they offer so many other significant advantages!


  • Nice, casual design
  • Light foam inserts
  • Spikeless design
  • Water-resistant


4-New Balance Men’s LinksSL Golf Shoe-Best comfort golf shoes

Are you someone who places importance on comfort above all else? Are you tired of sacrificing on this aspect just to get all the best-golfing features? Well, your search is over as the New Balance Men’s LinksSL Golf Shoes are some of the most comfortable ones that money can buy!

One aspect that we are pretty intrigued about is the microfiber leather upper that is waterproof.  There is also a mesh upper included. You will also get to benefit from the inclusion of a water guard that is completely welded.

The outsole is what is known to consist of a spikeless Smart Rubber material. For comfort, there is a fresh foam midsole included that is 10 mm in width. It will make you feel as if you are walking on clouds!

To add even more comfort into the mix, you will get these shoes with a CUSH plus insole inside! It is molded and therefore guarantees exceptional comfort that you cannot compare. When you’re out on the golf course all day, you quickly realize that comfort becomes your primary concern! Luckily, these shoes help!


While we have seen that this product claims to be completely waterproof, in reality, it is only water-resistant! It is slightly disappointing; however, unless you play in puddles or wet your shoes accidentally, it shouldn’t be a problem!


  • Waterproof features
  • Extra comfort insert
  • 10mm insole insert


  • Not waterproof as advertised

5-Nike Men’s Explorer 2 Golf Shoe- Best water-proof golf shoes

As we saw with the final product, some brand may advertise their products to be waterproof, but they aren’t! You should know they are only resistant to water! You won’t expect this false advertising from our following product that claims to be water-repellent. The Nike Men’s Explorer 2 Golf Shoes might be right up your alley!

With its water-repellent upper, you will easily keep your shoes and feet dry come rain or shine! Talking about the upper in more detail, it has memorable debossed lines. These get you a better and more stable experience out on the course! It also works to increase the level of structure you will feel.

A lot of users will appreciate the rubber outsole on this product since it is spikeless. However, its appeal doesn’t just stop there! You will love that it works great on grass, so you get the traction you need. No matter the kind of terrain or weather conditions, you will be at the top of your game!

The full-length Phylon base that runs along the shoe will not weigh you down at all since it offers that perfect stable and lightweight, comfortable feel. What more could a golf player expect from shoes in this price range!


While these shoes excel in all other areas, we do have one gripe! You will have to buy at least half a size up if you want them to fit. For a perfect fit, we recommend that you buy them in size bigger than your own! Other than that, we can fault this product too much as it is still one of the best affordable options for golf shoes.


  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Added structure and stability
  • Water-repellent
  • Durable outsole


  • Buy one size up

6-PUMA Grip Fusion Sport 2.0 Golf Shoe- Best Cheap Golf Shoes

The Puma Grip Fusion Sport 2.0 Golf Shoes offer a revolutionary amount of traction with their promise of being organic. In this way, you are getting one of the cheapest golf shoes while also getting complete performance! There are 100 plus directional hexagon lugs all over the shoe!

With these, you get specialized and increased traction, bringing you an unbelievable amount of support and grip. You need control with each swing, and that’s what you will get!

Apart from this, there is also an impressive fusion foam feature we are pretty keen on! You will attain this feature with the combination of a responsive rubber material and a softer EVA foam. If an excellent energy return is what you’re after, an incredible energy return is what you’ll get!

The foam cushioning will keep you comfortable for longer and enhances your golf experience. Finally, with this pair of golf shoes, you get to experience grip comfort. It ultimately means that your shoes have the right kind of volume and shape to easily fit your feet no matter your size! Now, that’s proper convenience!


Sadly, you might want to change the insert that these golf shoes come with! The ones inside do not offer a decent amount of arch support, so they will not be the best ones to invest in. So this is a little disappointing to the average user!


  • Grip comfort
  • Fusion foam
  • Performance mesh


  • Need more arch support

7-Footjoy Contour Casual Golf Shoes- Best Golf Shoes Under 50

If you still haven’t found the right kind of golf shoes for yourself, this next pair might offer some relief! The Footjoy Contour Casual Golf Shoes offer the best waterproof protection you can buy! With their full-grain waterproof leather uppers, you get to experience excellent protection and breathability wrapped up in one!

Other than this, these shoes will gel along with the natural contours of your feet. In this way, you can be sure that you get protection in your toes, forefoot and standard instep, and heel. The unique contoured design also guarantees more support in the heel area.

Just like support, cushioning is also essential. This pair of golf shoes have a lightweight bed insole for underfoot comfort and heel support for the perfect cushioned fit. The other advantage of this feature is that it acts as a shock-absorbent in the long term, which is essential.

The amount of grip that a pair of golf shoes can provide becomes paramount when taking your swing! That’s why the enhanced traction that this offer is immensely appreciated. You get this feature thanks to the dual-density rubber outsole to increase gripping performance.


The only issue with this product is that the laces might not be ideal! They tend not to grant you that perfect fit in this way. If you can overlook this, however, you’re making a significant investment!


  • Waterproof leather
  • Matches feet contours
  • Excellent traction
  • Cushioning and comfortable


  • Laces don’t offer a tight fit

8-Callaway Men’s Solana XT Golf Shoes-Best affordable golf shoes

The following product on this list is not only affordable but also guarantees ultimate performance! We refer to the Callaway Men’s Solana XT Golf Shoes that have a stable and 3D mesh upper. Overall, this aims to increase the breathability of your shoes and get you the support you need!

The Opti-soft EVA midsole mimics the real touch of the ground. It allows users to get a much better bearing when it comes to a nice, responsive feel. With the excellent traction lugs that work in different directions, users can swing with full force and not lose their footing!

Finally, you can depend on the PLUSfoam insole inside when it comes to comfort with this product. No more sore or strained feet from playing all day! The insole is also thinner than others, so you won’t feel stuck or confined inside your shoes.


If you are looking for heavier and sturdier shoes, then these might not be the perfect fit! On the contrary, these are lighter golf shoes. It can increase your mobility, but it can also mean they aren’t as durable as one would like! If you can overlook this, then they are still excellent golf shoes.


  • Extra comfort insert
  • Multi-directional traction
  • EVA midsole
  • Support and breathability


  • On the lighter side

9-Etonic Difference Spiked Golf Shoes-Best performance golf shoes

Up next, we are discussing a product that places a lot of importance on performance. If you take golf as seriously as we do, then the Etonic brand might just be for you! Their offering for today is called the Etonic Difference Spiked Golf Shoes, and these offer a brilliant multicolor rubber outsole.

However, the fun doesn’t stop there! It does come with spikes, but you can remove them if you want to enhance comfort! You can switch between more excellent traction or greater comfort within seconds! With these removable spikes, the control is in the user’s hand, and we love that!

Comfort is critical when you’re going to stand out in the sun all day playing golf! So, the comfortable ether foam midsole will get you that ultimate performance while maintaining a level of comfort.

While it might not be ideal, these golf shoes offer a One-Year waterproof warranty. So, they promise that for at least a year, you can stomp along with them in the mud or puddles and not ruin your golfing shoes! However, it does sound a little worrying if it only lasts for a year.


With regards to what these shoes do not offer, it has to be cushioning. Unfortunately, if it is decent cushioning and shock absorption that you’re after, these aren’t the best picks for you! However, if you only need a minimal amount and this isn’t a complete deal-breaker, then you can still invest!


  • 1-year waterproof warranty
  • Removable spikes
  • Comfort and performance


  • Need more cushioning

10-Under Armour Draw Sports Golf Shoe- Best Cheap Golf Shoes

Finally, we are at the end of our descriptive review on the best affordable golf shoe money can buy! These are called the Under Armour Draw Sports Golf Shoes, and if you want to make a worthwhile investment, we certainly recommend these! They will keep you comfortable for longer, and here’s how!

The Under Armour golf shoes come with a durable microfiber leather upper that is durable, so it lasts longer and is completely breathable. Who wants wet and sweaty shoes as they are engaging in a leisurely activity? No one!

That’s why with these shoes, you get special Never-Wet treatment. Stay dry and clean, and comfortable! While you might not associate golf shoes with traction, you still need to make sure you don’t slip on the damp grass! With the UA Rotational Resistance outsole, you might have just the thing!

Finally, users can get a much more comfortable experience playing with these shoes with the spikeless outsole. The best part? It won’t take away from the traction prowess of the boots! It only increases comfort. No compromises from your end!


The toe box on this product is one thing we can call a slight drawback! The shoes offer a good and decent fit. However, you might want to reconsider if you have a more comprehensive toe section. It won’t fit, and you might be limping throughout your time playing golf.


  • Spikeless outsole
  • Breathable and durable
  • Stays cool and dry
  • Impressive traction collar


  • Narrow toe box

Check out this Buyer Guide for more!

We are now at the start of today’s in-depth buyer’s guide! It s is necessary because it is harder to choose the right kind of features while it is easy to pick a product! These will vary from user to user. However, we are listing out the main factors to consider to have a better idea.

Here is what you need to look for!

The grip

As we have outlined by now, the grip on your golf course is by far the most important aspect! Look for shoes that offer rubber traction or have spikes of some sort. These features will ensure that you can swing properly no matter the weather or grass conditions.

The breathability

Have you ever heard of athletes’ feet? Well, it comes about due to sweat, bacteria, and damp conditions in your shoes! You might not think so, but golf makes you sweat as much as any other sport! So, breathability is an important aspect. Look for mesh or delicate materials.

The comfort

Comfort always plays a vital role in how your gaming experience will be! Look for cushioned shoes that have integrated or removable insoles for comfort.

The waterproof feature

You don’t know what kind of weather might greet you out on the golf course. That’s why investing in waterproof shoes is vital. They will ensure you don’t end up with wet feet.

The price

We added this factor because it relates to the main topic for today. Ideally, you shouldn’t be spending more than 80 to 100 dollars when buying golf shoes. The price won’t necessarily ensure your product is reliable. Instead, look at the features it offers!

We now move onto our FAQ section!

What are the best cheap golf shoes?

There are so many options to choose from for the best cheap golf shoes. However, the Nike Men’s Roshe G Golf Shoes stand out! They are stylish, so you can also use them for casual wear. The overall style of these mirrors a comfortable sneaker style. Versatile, comfortable, and affordable!

How much should I spend on golf shoes?

You should not be spending more than 200 dollars on golf shoes! Just as with any other product, you can get some under 50 dollars, but you can also get them for over 1000 dollars! However, as today’s article has shown, you can easily don a pair for 100 dollars and get the identical gameplay!

Are golf shoes worth it?

If you want to elevate your game, then yes, golf shoes are undoubtedly worth it! However, many golf clubs and memberships will not penalize you if you head out on the course in your favorite pair of sneakers. When looking for the right kind of grip on wet, grassy surfaces, you will need to invest in a decent pair of golf shoes!

Do I need golf shoes?

If your objective is to play golf, then yes, you do need golf shoes. Everyday footwear simply does not offer the traction and support that golf shoes will provide! You need to buy shoes meant for the grassy terrain where you might experience some different weather conditions.

Should golf shoes be tight or loose?

Golf shoes should neither be tight or loose! On the contrary, your best bet will be to opt for something right in the middle. They should feel snug yet not restrict your feet’ movement. On the other hand, you also need them to be loose enough so that you’re comfortable.


Finally comes the end of today’s detailed guide on the best affordable golf shoes in 2023 that money can buy! While these shoes are pretty cheap, they are also equally reliable and offer some of the best features you will need! We hope that after laying them all out for you and elaborating on the topic via our buyer’s guide, our readers are much more confident in what they are looking for!

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