10 Best Golf Shoes For Narrow Feet in 2023

Shoes are essential in all departments of life, and everyone knows that’s the truth. Whether it is used for running, walking, striding, or doing basic activities, shoes are the utmost in helping. Therefore, good shoes can transform a person’s mood, work ethic, and personality from someone who cants present themselves to someone who is always presentable in real life.

Therefore, sometimes companies release shoes that are not fit for your feet, as the width of your feet can vary massively depending on one person to the next. And based on the department you work in or the sport you play, wrong-sized shoes can kill your entire mood and can bring your performance down. This reason is especially true in the case of golf, where the best-sized shoes are necessary.

So, taking all of these thoughts into consideration, it is imperative to know what you’re doing, see the width of your feet, and know how much golf you will be playing, all based on the final decision to decide to make for your shoes. We have selected the best golf shoes for narrow feet;

Best Golf Shoes For Narrow Feet

  1. Skechers GO GOLF 214008 Shoes– Best Versatile shoes for men
  2. FootJoy 56103 M070 Golf shoes – best-cushioned shoes for men
  3. PUMA Men’s Golf Shoes– best waterproof shoes for golfing
  4. Callaway CG101BGR Golf Shoes– best affordable shoes for men
  5. ECCO Men’s 15580455896 Golf shoes– best durable golf shoes for men 
  6. Adidas Men’s Golf Shoes- best premium golf shoes for people
  7. New Balance Golf Shoes – best comfortable shoes for men
  8. Thestron Sneakers For Men – best golf shoes for men
  9. FootJoy Men’s Golf Shoes– best shoes for traction
  10. Under Armour Men’s Shoes– best resistant golfing shoes for men

1-Skechers GO GOLF 214008 Shoes- Best Versatile shoes for men

The first product that we will be looking into is the SKetchers GO GOLF 214008 shoes that come packed, known with features that increase your versatility and ability to move with the shoes on your feet. It comes paired with a lightweight, so it is not heavy to carry around, and more features like water resistance are an even better companion. The rubber sole is also present.

The first feature that we will investigate is the water resistance that this shoe offers. When it is raining a lot or the weather is not on your slide, it can get tough to move from one place to another as your shoes tend to get wet. So golfing can become an issue. Therefore water resistance is a perfect feature as you can safely move across the ground.

The second feature that these golf shoes support is cushioning that rebounds a lot, so conventional golfing shoes don’t recover; this can give an uncomfortable fit, so they are not the best mens golf shoes for narrow feet. In contrast, these golf shoes support you and allow you to get a grip against the ground and jump up.

Typical golf shoes tend to have spikes at the bottom that can cause them to grip against the ground and often get stuck, which you don’t want while golfing, so the feature is that the bottom of the shoes does not support spikes so that you can move around freely and golf to your heart’s content.

The lightweight factor offers additional support as you don’t become bound, unlike heavy shoes, which can cause you to feel stuck to the ground. In contrast, these shoes will only make movement more comfortable as you stick to the bottom and golf away.


For these reasons, we want to give our professional opinion and say that these are some of the best golf shoes for narrow feet that the market has to offer right now.


  • Comfortable fit
  • Good value for money
  • Versatile design
  • Breathable collar


  • Rubber spikes can wear off

2-FootJoy 56103 M070 Golf shoes – best-cushioned shoes for men

The following golf shoes we are looking at today are yet another vital contender in this list of top picks. The contender is the FootJoy Golf shoe that comes packed with features that are sure to make your golfing experience 100% more comfortable, such as toe spring to complete your athletic look and perfect traction as the shoes are incredibly versatile many other features.

The first feature we will be taking a look at is the sporty fit that it gives you. With the front of the shoe, which shows rounded, it fits snugly against your toes and keeps them in place, along with the heel that is narrow as compared to other shoes make it one of the best men’s golf shoes for narrow feet as they also complete your sporty profile and make you look like an athlete.

Another feature that this contender supports is the mesh that rests and styles the top of the golfing shoes; this allows for extended periods of breathability and a more comfortable fit as you golf your way through the field and wins rounds after rounds. In addition, the mesh allows the golf shoes to appear lightweight, and they can guarantee you longer days spent outside.

More features in this shoe are that it can appear highly versatile; due to the cushioning, it can give you better traction that will be perfect for continuing on the golf course. Paired with the exquisite lace-up design, it allows you to easily tie your shoes without any hindrance appearing in your way and assuring you that you never run late for golf.


With the features that these shoes support, the FootJoy Golf shoes are great shoes for men and one of the best women’s golf shoes for narrow feet. As long as you take care of the sizing issue, you’re good to go.


  • Soles are highly durable
  • Good traction
  • Pleasing to the eyes
  • Breathable collar


  • Sizing can be an issue.

3-PUMA Men’s Golf Shoes- best waterproof shoes for golfing

The further we move down the list, the more we are introduced to the best waterproof shoes available in the list. The Puma Men’s golf shoes are no exception. They have the best features available, such as ignite foam that is perfect for a vibrant appearance, and performance mesh allows for a waterproof experience in golfing.

The first feature that makes these golf shoes unparalleled to conventional golfing shoes is the fact that it has SoleShield. This feature allows the bottom of your feet to guarantee they stay protected, combined with the extra comfort they provide you during the time you might spend on golfing. It also massively reduces cleaning time, as you can wipe off debris very quickly.

The mesh layer on top of the puma golf shoes is one of the best in the market as they not only give an elegant look to your shoes and give luxurious wear, a sporty athletic look. And the most important of all is an all-rounded waterproof experience, so you are sure to wear the golf shoes in any weather, be it rain, snow, or mud; you are protected and can golf easily.

The shape that this golfing shoe support allows for a perfect fit for people who have a narrow fit. The rounded toe design allows for maximum support and comfort during your golfing rounds and is sure to give an utmost elegant and comfortable look, sure to turn eyes and make heads turn. A vibrant appearance has shown off as they give you extended toe spring.


Looking past the shoestring problem, we can safely say that the Puma Men’s golf shoes can provide one of the best waterproof experiences as it lacks in the known finally, the department. So go and buy these shoes


  • Perfect for support
  • Durability is perfect
  • Iconic look
  • Breathable collar


  • Shoestrings can break off.

4-Callaway CG101BGR Golf Shoes- best affordable shoes for men

Are you having trouble looking for the perfect golfing shoes but are on a tight budget and can’t afford to spend more than a few decade’s dollars on expensive shoes? Well, look no further, as the Callaway Golfing Shoes are perfect for your wallet, as well as many other features that assist it like waterproofing, perfect for any weather, 5mm sock liner, which is ideal for cushioning.

The first feature that we will look into is the outsole that has small spikes. At the same time, other conventional shoes can sometimes tend to lose spikiness over time and prevent you from better gripping into the ground; these shoes avoid that as they can help you better stick to the golf course, ensuring that you won’t move a lot while golfing, making your perfect golf score a reality soon.

The next feature that these golfing shoes boast s that they come with a 5mm sock liner right underneath your feet and above the shoe’s sole, making the golfing shoes more comfortable to wear. For individuals with narrow feet, this is a massive advantage as usually shoes lack this, and after a few hours of consistently wearing them, you want to take them off.

It shows pure leather, which gives a statement look as you can wear these shoes for golfing and any event or any outdoor event that will provide you with a standing ovation due to the luxurious wear and outlook of the boots. The imported material also will tie your entire outfit together and be the talk of the town with shoes that are affordable yet highly practical.


Whatever your problems with shoes are, they are a thing in the past now, as the Callaway Golfing Shoes are your next perfect companion for long-lasting wear and no tear.


  • Narrow fit is perfect
  • Made with high-quality materials
  • Great customer feedback


  • Sizing issue

5-ECCO Men’s 15580455896 Golf shoes- best durable golf shoes for men 

On the chance you get a feeling like you are not getting the best shoes for your money and lack durability, let us introduce you to the ECCO Men’s Golf Shoes. The shoes are your perfect fit for narrow feet, as well as technology built-in for a comfortable fit, long-lasting, and materials that are sure to make everyone believe that you are a celebrity with the way they fit.

The ECCO golf shoes come paired with the TriFI Grip technology, which is the epitome of the perfect trifecta of durability and resistance. In addition, the laces come made of steel that deems itself stainless, sure to resist any brutal tension or to pull that withholds it; they can put together using just one hand compared to other shoes that require you to leave everything and tie them.

The uppers are also made of leather, making sure that whatever sport you play, in this case, and time, you are playing golf, so making sure that the golf sport you’re playing, you will have the best experience all around and face as most minor problems as possible. This leather finish also looks pleasing to the eyes and allows for a perfect fit.

Innovations like improved sole make sure that you get a proper fit while on the ground; combined with the appropriate construction that comes made of polyurethane, it makes sure that a lightweight experience comes provided to the customer. With all of the features together, you get the guarantee that the shoes will give you the best experiences on the golf course. These golfing shoes are also one of the best women’s golf shoes for narrow feet.


Durability and comfort assisted hand in hand, the ECCO golf shoes are a perfect companion for everyone looking to get into the golfing experience. This reason will make it a solid purchase that you will not regret.


  • Built for traveling long distances
  • BIOM natural motion technology
  • Highly breathable


  • A bit high end

6-Adidas Men’s Golf Shoes- best premium golf shoes for people

Adidas as a brand is a town name that requires no further introduction. The same goes for their products, and it is no secret that the Adidas Men’s Golf Shoes is one of the best golf shoes for narrow feet. Features such as the low-top arch that is perfect for grip, comfortable surroundings, comfortable fit, luxurious and practical design make it the ideal shoes for golfing.

The first feature that we take at our laces is the laces that make it extremely practical to wear. Once the laces get put together, they fit snugly, and the shoes can reassure you that they won’t open and cause you to trip, which is, unfortunately, a problem you might face if you were to wear golfing shoes from any specific brand.

While out in golfing or during any other sporting event, you might have come across the problem: if your rubber outsole rubs against a rough area like pellets, cement, or concrete, it will cause damage to the outsole. But not with these shoes, as the AdiWear technology prevents this as the rubber outsole comes from rubber that is highly durable and resistant to wear.

The arch is a low top that is sure to provide extra support, and while you lunge and move your feet forward, it will roll with the natural axis against your toes and give the extra grip needed for golfing. This feature is a perfect feature combined with embedded waterproofing that makes playing in any weather, be it raining or muddy easy on the shoes and prevent a lousy mood.


This is an affordable pair of perfect shoes for men and women alike who love golfing and find it therapeutic compared to the high-end shoes you might have seen.


  • Built to last a lifetime
  • Supportive mesh for comfort
  • A fresh and new look


  • Arch support problems

7-New Balance Golf Shoes – best comfortable shoes for men

If you have been having problems comfortably with the rest of the golfing shoes you have acquired, then look no further, as the New Balance Golfing Shoes have come to save the day. They come equipped with unique features like a rubber sole that is perfect for long-lasting comfortable wear and leather that is microfiber, so it has a soft feel to the shoe.

One of the first features that come equipped with the New Balance golf shoe is that it has an insole that comes made out of material that is rubber, and not only is it extremely comfortable, it can make walking across the golf course, but it also serves another perfect purpose, rubber deems itself in the durability department, so it is sure to last a few good years before finishing.

The other feature that this golf shoe boasts is that it has a cup sole that shows extreme flexibility, meaning that it will bend in several directions. Not only in golf but any sport that requires you to move or lean forward, the shoe also bends appropriately. It displays a great act of flexibility and endurance and shows its worth and worth the money.

The shoes also come equipped with a 2-year warranty, which shows the perfect customer service of New Balance. Meaning that if one of the parts or the bottom of your shoes gets damaged or waterproofing damage that these shows do have a problem with, the golf shoes can reassure you that you will get a refund or a replacement within the time frame replace it.


The New Balance shoes show a perfect example of durability, flexibility, strength, and endurance, so it is the ideal shoe to buy for the sport of golfing.


  • Excellent grip provided
  • Amazing value for money
  • Flexible design outlook


  • Waterproof issues

8-Thestron Sneakers For Men – best golf shoes for men

Moving swiftly along, we get introduced to the Thestron Golfing shoes, which are actually sneakers but can also be helpful for the sport of golfing, as well as any other sports that you fancy playing. Typical golfing shoes usually don’t last very long as they tend to appear wear and tear and don’t feel as comfortable; they aren’t also the most durable, whereas Thestron shoes are.

One of the first exquisite features that these golfing shoes boast is casual wear. Casual wear is a perfect time to wear the shoes; when you have called up your old pals or your old buddies, and all of you make plans to go golfing, then this is the perfect pair of shoes for you as it has a simple design that is sure to make your friends awe as it is a beautiful pair.

The outsole made of pure rubber provides a better stable ground as you won’t trip while playing golf, however long you might play it. Alongside that, the outsole will also offer perfect traction and will make sure that it keeps you on your feet and focused so that you don’t lose your grip during golfing on the golf course.

Another fantastic feature is their perfect customer support as they have so many unique other features; they also promise that you can call them up anytime without any hesitation if you have any inquiries, and you get reassured that you will receive either receive a call back if they’re busy or the best customer service.


Therefore, the Thestron sneakers deem themselves as a perfect pair to go golfing in and out for casual wear, all in all, a good buy for anyone looking to play golf.


  • Extremely affordable for money
  • A perfect feel and fit
  • Made high-quality grade materials
  • Built to last


  • Problems with insole

9-FootJoy Men’s Golf Shoes- best shoes for traction

The second last but not least pair of golf shoes that we will look into is the FootJoy Golfing shoes, as they are the perfect combination of style, outlook, and traditional classy look. The features included are lining made of pure leather just for the ideal resistance feel and authentic leather for an excellent elegant perspective.

The first feature that the FootJoy golfing shoes talk about is that they have an insole that comes cushioned, so it provides extreme comfort that your heel ad feet need when standing for hours on end during golfing. At that time, what your feet need is support, and these shoes provide just that and more.

The support bridge comes made of a solid strenuous material called fiberglass, which provides comfort and makes sure that you are well protected as it makes your feet extra stable and resistant to any corrosion or any blisters. So while golfing, your feet will thank you as they are blister-free when you head home during the evening after finish golfing.

The heel comes made narrow, which is the perfect fit for a narrow heel, and the rounded toe front comes made to look aesthetic to the eyes and an excellent feel for anyone looking to buy a traditional yet classy look.


The FootJoy Golfing shoes are a bit expensive as a price to pay, but even though you are paying a bit much, you are sure to receive excessive resistance, stability, and ample use for many years to come. So buy the FootJoy Shoes!


  • The traditional look is perfect
  • Excellent customer feedback
  • Looks aesthetically pleasing


  • A bit expensive for usual

10-Under Armour Men’s Shoes- best resistant golfing shoes for men

The final products featured in the list are the Under Armour Men’s Shoes, a popular brand name amongst many athletes, but these shoes also provide the perfect comfort for golfing. These come with features like compression foam, as well as spikeless outsoles that still offer ultimate comfort.

One of the many features that the Under Armour shoes come assisted with is the leather that comes made of microfiber; it is perfect and water-resistant enough that it will keep you dry, and you will be able to play for longer than you would with typical golfing shoes, which could potentially get wet during any change in weather and it would mess up the entire outlook of the boots.

The shoes also come assisted with rotational resistance, meaning that you can twist them one way or another. In that process, it provides the ultimate perfect stability as well, locking down your feet to the ground and ensuring that you get the ideal golfing experience without any interruptions like you usually would with any mediocre brand golfing shoes.

The golfing shoes also have perfect traction and comfort guaranteed, which all of these features combine to make the Under Armour Golfing Shoes perfect shoes to wear as casually as well as for golf. Even though it is maybe a bit expensive for some people’s tastes, consider that most people would buy high quality and not look at a price, so these are perfect shoes.

With all the features that these shoes show, they will last you a long time and show your loyalty no matter what event you go through. So they deem themselves perfect in every way possible.


With all the features that the Under Armour Golfing Shoes boasts, make sure that the guarantee is provided and make it an excellent buy.


  • EVA insole
  • Lightweight design made
  • Perfect for long use


  • None really

Buying Guide

Now that we have shown you the best golf shoes for narrow feet, please read our detailed buying guide for further information.

Spiked or not:

The first to consider is if you need pointy shoes or spikeless, often it depends on the person’s preference as both are useful in their ways.


This is a common thing to know; if you have a budget, then you should look for golf shoes that fit within that range; if, let’s say, your budget is 80 dollars, then Adidas is perfect.


As you will be standing for long periods, it is essential to look for golfing shoes to provide you ultimate comfort and proper support.

Synthetic or natural:

make sure to invest in a good pair of genuine leather shoes, as they tend to resist more and last longer in the long run.


The ultimate decisions may lie in your own hands, though it is essential to take second opinions and see other people’s points of view.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the best shoes for narrow feet?

As we have reviewed in our list, we have given you the top 10 picks, but in our opinion, the New Balance shoes and the Under Armour Golfing shoes are a perfect fit for narrow feet.

Are Ecco golf shoes good for narrow feet?

Ecco golf shoes are typically more suitable for women to wear as women have naturally narrower and more slender feet. Therefore it provides them better comfort and stability.

How do I know what size golf shoes to buy?

You need to consider the length of your foot, so take a measuring tape and measure that. Then measure the ball width of your feet, and use the chart guide that stores include to pick and select appropriately sized golf shoes.

Should golf shoes be tight or loose?

Your golf shoes should be the perfect fit, they shouldn’t be too tight that it gives you blisters, but also too loose shoes will provide you with an uncomfortable golfing experience.

Do golf shoes fit like regular shoes?

You may experience a bit more tightness in the toe area of golfing shoes because that’s the Proxima they require. So, therefore, yes they do eventually.


After all of this has been considered, you should now fully know to invest in the best golf shoes for narrow feet in 2023.

We hope to have helped you as much as we could with our detailed guide and reviews. So buy your dream shoes and conquer the golf course, and beat other players!

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