How Long After Hip Replacement Can I Tie My Shoes – 3 Factors

Hip replacement is a surgery in which your arthritic joint will be replaced with an artificial joint. It will change the normal routine of the patient as the doctors prescribe to avoid bending. So, during this period, people have many concerns regarding their routine activities. They ask how long after hip replacement can I tie my shoes. And when they can start working again as before.

So, it depends on what the doctor prescribes. However, after a hip replacement, it typically takes 6 to 16 weeks to return to your normal routine. It also depends on your physical health, pain level, and mobility after surgery to decide when you can tie your shoes and go to work. Besides all, it is best to consult with your doctor when you can bend your back.

How long after Hip Replacement can I tie my shoes? 

How long after hip replacement can you tie your shoes depends upon many factors. It is because it is the main concern of patients when to get back on their track after surgery. So, it depends upon your surgery type, physical condition, pain level, capability to heal your wounds, and mobility. 

Surgery Type 

First of all, you must be aware that your method of surgery will decide how long it will take you to recover. There are two types of hip replacement surgeries as posterior surgery method and the anterior surgery method. 

In the posterior surgery technique, you cannot cure early as it is a fairly painful surgery that scrapes into the ligaments. These torn tendons and muscles will recover after the surgery. The recovery period requires roughly 6 to 8 weeks.

On the other hand, the anterior surgery method is less painful and severe as the muscles are not detached. This is the reason; this method of surgery requires less time for recovery such as one or two weeks. 

Physical Condition 

After surgery, your physical condition is very important to decide whether you can do normal activities or not. It requires you to rest for 6–8 weeks if you have the anterolateral method. This indicates that after these days, you can knot your shoes and bend to get something from the ground. 

Some medical professionals even advise that the patient should avoid all bending activities for 12 weeks. Otherwise, you can get puffiness, swelling, and initial soreness after surgery. In some cases, some patients’ recoveries could take six months according on their health condition.

Pain Level 

If after 5 to 6 weeks, you are not feeling pain while bending your back, you can easily tie your shoes and put on your socks as well. But if you are still feeling pain, you must go to consult with your physician or doctor. It is because it is not good for you to come back to your routine without recovering completely.

Can I kneel after hip replacement? 

It is the concern of many people and the answer is yes. After hip replacement surgery, you can kneel easily. First, it will be a little difficult for you but you will be comfortable after some time. Also, if you will use a pillow, it will help you to support your back and joints. 

Also, in the initial days, it will make it difficult for you to turn over in bed after hip replacement. But if you will follow the precautions and doctor’s instructions, you can recover very soon. 

What kind of Shoes is preferable after Hip Replacement Surgery? 

After hip replacement surgery, you must follow the precautions even after recovery. After the surgery, you must prefer tennis or kids’ shoes because they are super comfortable to wear as well as they prevent sudden shocks. Not only that but also, they are super lightweight and easy to wear. 

It is good to have a pair of solid slip-on footwear as they will allow you to walk and move comfortably. Also, it is simple to wear sneakers with strong elastic laces.

How much height do shoes add? Thus, a shoe can add 0.75 to 1.5 inches in height. So, you must also consider this factor while buying shoes for yourself.

Most physicians recommend shoes with adequate absorbance. They will keep you from shocks and jumps while walking on hard surfaces. Besides all, you can avoid bending over to tie the laces by avoiding the shoes with laces.

If you will wear flip-flop shoes, they can have the danger to slip you or hurt your feet. So, it is essential to check that your shoes are non-skid.

Moreover, shoes with high heels are also forbidden because they can put extra pressure and strain on your hip joints and back. That is the reason; heels are not preferable to wear after hip replacement surgery.

You can consider lace-free shoes, sandals, and elastic shoelaces as they all can prevent you from bending to tie your shoes. 

What is the best Exercise to do after Hip Replacement Surgery? 

Walking is one of the best ways to heal quickly from a hip replacement. But you must walk fast, correctly, and as per your doctor’s advice because they can better guide you. 

Furthermore, you can use a walker for protection at the earliest stage of the recovery period. You will quickly become used to walking if you do it two to three times for a least fifteen minutes every time. 

What are the Lifetime Precautions After Hip Replacement? 

Below are some lifetime precautions after hip replacement surgery: 

  • You must prevent bending your hip for a long. 
  • You must prevent twisting Movements as they can harm your back or legs. 
  • You must sleep with pillows or cushions between your legs to stay aligned.  
  • You must prevent jumping, running, and high-impact games. 


  1. What kind of shoes are best after having hip replacement surgery? 

Tennis shoes are suitable shoes to wear after having hip replacement surgery. It is because they can absorb shock better and avoid sudden jumps. Also, you must go for shoes with flat or wide heels instead of high heels. It is because they can put imbalanced weight on your feet.

  1. Would I be able to put on my socks after hip replacement surgery? 

It is suggested by doctors to avoid bending after hip replacement surgery for at least 5 to 6 weeks. If your doctor prescribes, then you can put on your socks by yourself. Otherwise, it could be harmful to you to bend before the suggested time.

  1. Can I wear heels after hip replacement surgery? 

No, it is highly prohibited to wear heels for at least 4 to 6 weeks after hip replacement surgery. It is because high heels will put additional weight on your feet and disturb your back while walking. So, you should prefer flat or wide soles for a few weeks after surgery. 

  1. How long after hip replacement can I walk unaided?

It will take you almost one month to walk unaided after hip replacement surgery. For this, you must have a proper health routine, a good diet, and a routine of exercise. Also, exercising is the best way to allow you to recover soon and walk without assistance.


Have you recently gone through hip replacement surgery? How long after hip replacement can I tie my shoes, will be the first question to hit your mind. For this, you will have to follow the doctor’s prescriptions strictly as he can better suggest to you according to your physical health. Also, you can go through this article to get detailed information about it. 

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