Are Basketball Shoes Good For Walking? 5 Reasons to Know

You have a pair of basketball shoes in your shoe cabinet but not used yet and thinking to utilize them for walking/running or some sort of exercise along with basketball play to save some pennies. Right?


You may also see that appearance of basketball shoes in fashion is increasing and you might be thinking, “are basketball shoes good for walking or casual wear?”.

Since Jordan and chuck are famous for making basketball shoes also used for fashion is a clear indication that you are not out of line.

In this article, we go through a different scenario and find out some facts that might help to make a decision on whether basketball shoes are good for walking/casual wear.

Are Basketball Shoes Good For Walking Or Running?

Basketball shoes are also popular not only for play but because their bold design appeals to non-basketball athletes. As you know Basketball play also involves running but there are a few differences between running and basketball that we going to identify first.

Firstly, Basketball involves multi-directional movement including forward, backward, left, and right with short distances.

On the other hand, running only involves forward movement considering the long distances.

Comparatively, basketball shoe for outdoor play performs well for running/walking as compared to indoor ones because it comes with a harder sole that helps shoes last longer.

You can consider basketball shoes for normal walking but not recommended for running that are long-distance because basketball shoes are bulky and you may face lower shock absorption due to their soft sole design and which may cause pain in your feet.

Although, Running is all about lightweight whereas basketball is something that needs extra support. It does not mean you have to pick specifically shoes that are light but it needs to know wearing basketball shoes for running is not recommended for the long run.

Are basketball shoes good for everyday use?

Due to its flashy design, the trend of using basketball shoes is increasing. Don’t forget to consider an outfit first while wearing your favorite shoes around the streets. You can try lower shorts if you cannot find a combination of outfits.

It’s recommended to have different pairs of shoes both for basketball and casual wear because they will lose grip after some time. Clean the shoes daily to maintain the grip and prevent the shoes from odor.

You can use the basketball daily for casual wear but it is recommended to wear shoes twice or thrice a week that will help to last longer and prevent any stress on your feet. Wearing basketball shoes daily bases will probably last up to 4 to 6 months and may cause strain on your feet.

Reasons why basketball shoes are not recommended for running


In basketball, players take multidirectional movement whereas running only involves forward movement. It means basketball shoes are designed in a way that provides extra support to your ankle/arch. On the other side, running only in a forward direction does not put any strain on the ankle and does not need much support from the feet


The sole of basketball shoes is designed for a short span of run and you strike on the same court during play but in running, it seems different. Running involves long-distance where basketball shoes won’t survive.


Running shoes are generally designed on a low profile and it’s lighter as compared to basketball shoes. Wearing heavier shoes may tire you early.


During drifting, jumping, and landing you are almost using your heels and it is much needed in basketball but in running you only strike the court with your forefoot.


Basketball plays normally indoors where the surface is not much hard as compared to outdoors. The sole of indoor basketball play is softer that can easily wear out if you use it for running on hard courts.

When Basketball shoes are Suitable for Running?

To lose weight:

If you want to lose weight, then running in basketball shoes will be helpful. Its thicker sole provides stable running and keeps your feet steady on an unbalanced surface.

Carrying extra weight while running helps to burn calories fast and you can achieve your daily workout goals instantly.

Running for a short distance

Basketball shoes are recommended if you are routine of running is for short time probably the morning walk. If you are a permanent runner and somehow you run for long-distance then running shoes are suggested, as these shoes are breathier and lighter.

You are not running on these surfaces

There are different kinds of surfaces that you should consider while running. Running on Asphalt (mostly in parking areas, railway tracks, bicycle lines, sideway walk, etc.) and concrete can be possible for all kinds of shoes to survive on but if you run in places where shoes need extra traction including grass, rocky areas and all other surfaces that are against the sole of shoes should be avoided because basketball shoes nature is not substantial for such kind of courts to hit.


Due to its bold design, you can wear it as casual wear or for normal jogging around the streets but you cannot take it as running equipment because it’s heavier and not designed according to the running mechanism.

If you running for a short span of distance, you can consider basketball shoes but don’t forget to choose the right court.

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