how to walk on metal roof without slipping

How to Walk On a Metal Roof Without Slipping – A Premium Guide

To walk on a metal roof, Most of the Homeowners hesitate and probably they think that they will get injured but, this was old school concepts where people used to say it is impossible to walk.

Well, there are now many metal roof safety equipment largely available that can give you extra traction on slippery areas.

There are few cautions that need to remember for safe walking depending on the types or styles of the roof. Sometimes, there is necessary for the constructor to walk on the roof but in the least cases.

There are some SIMPLE guidelines that you utilize to have a safe experience on walking the metal roof, if you perfectly implement these tips; there are almost zero chances of slipping or falling.

This guide will able you how to walk on a metal roof without slipping or damaging it including areas or spots where you can walk easily.

How to walk on a metal roof without damaging it

The metal roof somehow needs more precaution when it needs walking on, if you are a homeowner and need to fix some area, clean or washing without damaging it, well, you need to take some guidelines.

Follow these 3 rules and I’m sure the roof will remain fine!

  • Don’t throw heavy tools on roofs
  • Walk on right spots
  • Wear right shoes with soft soles

Spots on Different Types of Metal Roof for ease in Walking

There are almost different types and styles of metal roofs, so the first thing you need to consider is where I can take steps that did not cause any slipping or falling.

We have picked some of the common metal roofs that are commonly used by homeowners. Each roof has different points that are save for walking.

  • Metal tile roof: These roofs are likely to provide spots especially the lower spots which are close to the flat portion of the roof, as they are more secure.
  • Steep metal roof: You can almost walk on every point of a steep metal roof but take a gentle step that does not harm or damage.
  • Metal Shingle and Shake Roofs: Either you installed Metal shingle or shake roofs, there is some space that is commonly freed for air between the roof decking and metals panels but you need to avoid overweight that may cause bending.
  • Corrugated panels: The suggestion by the constructor is that the lower area of the roof are likely to ease for walking but take care on each walk as it directly connects to the roof deck.

Tips on How to walk on a metal roof without slipping

When you almost get ready your mind either you are going to repair, wash or remove dust and debris from the roof. The foremost caution is that every step you take does not cause any damage either it belongs to you or the roof.

Recommended by experts that walk on metal roofs is to take steps on right spots probably the areas near to decking but keep away from walking on slabs and laps. Try to Use clean and dust-free footwear that provides a gentle walk.

Pick right footwear with soft sole:

To get a stable walking on metal roofs, the particular footwear will be the first choice for stable and safe steps. As we know that, the metal roofs are more slippery as compared to other roofs type, At that point, the Shoes that provides extra traction with soft-soled rubber from the bottom while walking are highly recommended.

Always prefer shoes that cover all your foot, don’t wear regular footwear like flip flops or slippers, as these provide less stability.

To remain the roof secure from any damages or scratches, it is necessary to not wear heavy boots and always clean your boots that do not have any mess or debris.

Wait for a Clear day

In wet weather, metal roofs are more get slippery and it’s highly dangerous if you work on rainy days.  Experts also recommend that when the weather condition is normal, start working on it.

In such a situation, if some kinds of fixes really need work, use protection gears and always ask for notes from professionals.

Walk Gently

Your way of taking steps on a metal roof also needs notice; A kind and gentle walk can reduce you from falling or any roof damages.

Every metal roof has different walking spots (as we mentioned earlier in this guide), try to find these spots and get a stable walk on every point.

Use Metal roof grippers

There is some equipment available in the market that provides somehow extra grip on metal roofs, the suction cup, foam backer, and walk boards are likely to attach with the roof for walking without any damages.

Foam backers: This also provides stability while walking if you installed a roof with foam backers, it adds grip to panels that ultimately provide you ease in walking, on the other side, these panels are used for shielding and secure you from any damages.

Walk boards and lumbers: These are considered when you need more work to do on roofs; it helps to reduce the overall weight on the metal roofs and provides stable walking.


Metal roofs are different from other roofs we see in real life and they are undoubtedly slippery, but if we talk about walking on them without falling or damaging them, that’s can be possible in terms of following prominent guidelines.

To get you not slip, pick footwear that provides extra grip on roofs, commonly soft-soled shoes enable extra traction. Always walk gently and take a step on spots that are safe, don’t go if the weather is wet, and wait in normal conditions.

I hope you find this guide useful and help you to take a decision safer walking on metal roofs.

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