Best Basketball Shoes for Volleyball in 2023

Basketball shoes are some of the most versatile sports shoes out there! They are great as streetwear, casual wear, and as it turns out, for volleyball! You might be wondering why not just buy volleyball shoes. Well, many volleyball shoes simply do not provide users with the support and comfort that they need!

So, when you want to set yourself apart from the rest and elevate your performance in the game, we recommend investing in a decent set of basketball shoes! To help make the choice easier for you, we are compiling the top 10 best basketball shoes for volleyball today!

If this small look into our main article has piqued your interest, then we urge you to read along till the very end. There, we also have a buyer’s guide and a list of important FAQs as well!

A Rundown of the Best Basketball Shoes for Volleyball

  1.  Best Volleyball Shoes For Hitters-Adidas Harden Stepback Basketball Shoe
  2.  Best Volleyball Shoes For Jumping- Under Armour Lockdown 4 Basketball Shoe
  3.  Best basketball shoes for volleyball players-Adidas Performance Cloudfoam
  4.  Best  Nike basketball shoes for volleyball-Nike Kobe Mamba Focus Basketball Shoe
  5.  Best volleyball shoes for cushioning-ASICS Gel-Rocket 8 Volleyball Shoe
  6.  Best Nike shoes for volleyball-Nike Men’s Basketball Shoes
  7.  Best basketball shoes for support-Adidas Men’s Dame 5
  8.  Best Nike basketball shoes for jumping-Nike Air Precision NBK Basketball Shoe
  9.  Best basketball shoes for stability-Under Armour Ignite V Basketball Shoe
  10.  Best eco-friendly basketball shoes-LI-NING All City Wade Cushioning Basketball Shoes 

1-Adidas Harden Stepback Basketball Shoe-Best Volleyball Shoes For Hitters

When you hear the Adidas name, you think of excellent quality products that you can rely on! With the Adidas Harden Stepback Basketball Shoes, you know exactly what you’re getting! These bad boys look as incredible as they feel on your feet all day long!

The best part is that these are some of the best basketball shoes for volleyball because they encourage seamless mobility. These Adidas shoes are lightweight so you won’t feel them weighing you down! However, what we appreciate the most is their knack for breathability!

Other than this, they bring great news for players that have wider toes because the wider forefoot will provide ample space for comfort and easy maneuverability out on the volleyball court. You need to be quick on your feet when tackling that ball and the cushioned midsole certainly helps!

It expertly flexes and moves with your feet for comfort and shock absorbance.

Final Verdict

Perhaps the only issue we have found with this pair is that they aren’t meant to be used right out of the box. You will need to break into them for a few days first. It is only a drawback if you need to use them straight away.


  • Lightweight
  • Breathable
  • Wider toe box
  • Cushioned midsole


  • Need to be broken in

2-Under Armour Lockdown 4 Basketball Shoe-Best Volleyball Shoes For Jumping

If you place a lot of value on comfort as you play, then the Under Armour Lockdown 4 Basketball Shoes might just be meant for you! There is no denying that this product focuses on increasing your breathability. With the specialized and perforated leather, you get the perfect airy feeling you’ve always wanted!

Sure, it is comfortable but breathability also ensures freshness. No more worrying about sweaty shoes and the risk of bacteria developing. You get long-lasting breathability as long as you’re on the court! Another feature that also encourages enhanced breathability is the sock-liner.

This component is super-lightweight and acts as a cushioned underfoot to provide you with the maximum amount of support! When you are engaging in any sport, you will be moving around a lot! Do you want to feel the pushback with each step? The EVA midsole in these shoes will help!

Finally, what pair of basketball shoes is complete without a decent grip? The rubber outsole features specialized multi-level adaptive traction patterns and this grants you the ability to seamlessly glide through the court. Total control, whenever you need it!

Final Verdict

Unfortunately, if you have bigger and wider feet, this product will fall short for you! The toe box is particularly narrow in places where you need the most comfort. Not only can this feel tight but can also be limiting when it comes to your overall mobility. If, however, you don’t have this issue, in all other regards, it is a solid investment.


  • Rubber traction
  • Lightweight and responsive
  • Breathable leather
  • Supportive cushioning


  • Too narrow

3-Adidas Performance Cloudfoam-Best basketball shoes for volleyball players

Moving on in our search for the best basketball shoes for volleyball, we find ourselves reviewing yet another excellent offering from Adidas. The Adidas Performance Cloudfoam Ilation Basketball Shoes offer the perfect support thanks to their high-top sneaker design.

The classic 3-Stripes logo at the sides is accentuated by the impressive and well-ventilated perforations! They work by increasing breathability for the user so that the shoes remain comfortable from the inside. This feature is enhanced thanks to the air mesh, rear area, and collar.

If we’re talking about comfort features, this shoe has more to offer! To prevent any damage from impact, these Adidas basketball shoes come with a CLOUDFOAM sock liner and a cushioned midsole so that the cushioning is not too overwhelming but still enough to enhance gameplay.

The last feature that will convince you to purchase this product is the grippy rubber outsole. With this feature, you can run, jump and hit the ball with all your strength without slipping! Increased traction can help you come out on top in the face of competition!

Final Verdict

Finally, it wouldn’t do this product justice if we didn’t talk about the one aspect that could be better; The laces! Don’t get us wrong, the lacing mechanism is excellent! However, when you have to tie up the laces themselves, they don’t feel sturdy and are far too thin.


  • Well-ventilated design
  • Grip rubber outsole
  • Air mesh components
  • Cushioned sock liner and midsole


  • Thinner laces

4-Nike Kobe Mamba Focus Basketball Shoe-Best Nike basketball shoes for volleyball

Our next contenders were released shortly before the demise of basketball legend Kobe Bryant. This collaboration between the deceased player and Nike gets you exactly what you’d expect; enhanced performance! The Nike Kobe Mamba Focus Basketball Shoes mimics the tread of a mamba!

With the innovative Mamba-inspired traction pattern, you get the speed and mobility that the Black Mamba possesses. You’ll feel yourself shoot forward better and faster than ever before. These classic low-top Nike shoes also come with a Phylon midsole. This material has a knack for ensuring comfort when you need it most!

Ever feel like you can’t make the most of your jumps and maneuvers because your shoes don’t give you that springy feel? Well, with the forefoot Zoom Air unit on these shoes, you will get a true responsive feel as you push forward. Both of these features work together to cushion any impact and streamline your experience.

Final Verdict

While this pair of shoes excel in all other areas, users have complained of the outsole being too hard! In sports like volleyball this can be an advantage however, it also takes away from the much-needed flexibility that you need while you play.


  • Phylon midsole
  • Mamba traction pattern
  • Excellent cushioning
  • Forefoot Zoom air


  • Outsole is hard

5-ASICS Gel-Rocket 8 Volleyball Shoe-Best volleyball shoes for cushioning

Up next, we have an option for those individuals who want volleyball shoes that are lightweight and well-supporting. The ASICS Gel-Rocket 8 Volleyball Shoes fit the bill perfectly! These come designed with an advanced Trusstic system technology that takes these two factors into account.

It decreases the overall weight while not compromising on the shoe’s structural support! In terms of design and arch support, this is a low-top volleyball sneaker.  If your feet are tired of getting hit by the court too hard, the Forefoot GEL Cushioning System can certainly help you out!

It works expertly to save you from shock and impact as it is impact-resistant. All the shock will be absorbed and sent back out giving you a responsive tread! The coolest aspect? You get to choose from 4 impressive color options! Customization has never been easier!

Final Verdict

The only letdown from this product is that unfortunately, the quality of materials isn’t up to the mark. Users have complained of experiencing a plastic feel that can distract you from the game. The shoe doesn’t move as well with the user’s feet due to this issue. However, in all the other aspects that matter, this is a state-of-the-art pair!


  • 4 color options
  • Special structural technology
  • Gel cushioning system
  • Low-top arch


  • Slight plastic fee

6-Nike Men’s Basketball Shoes- Best Nike shoes for volleyball

Up next, we are discussing another offering from Nike but this one is made in collaboration with Kevin Durant. This particular model of shoes is the 7th installment from this series. Whether you’re a fan or not this is a kickass pair of sports shoes! The design guarantees you get an exceptional fit each time.

Another aspect of this product that we love is the customer service! In case of any issues, doubts, or questions, they respond on time and are super friendly as well! You expect nothing less from a brand of Nike’s stature!

Now, let’s get to the main feature that will help elevate your experience; traction. There is no denying that excellent traction is what helps keep you stable throughout the game! With this Nike offers, you get the grip and support you need to push forward without any slippage.

However, that’s not all since the shoe design also promotes efficient breathability. No soggier or unsanitary shoes at the end of the day. Your feet are allowed to breathe and stay fresher for longer! With features like these, what more could you ask for?!

Final Verdict

If you’re looking for a pair of basketball shoes for volleyball that will last you for years, unfortunately, these might not be perfect. Durability is unfortunately not a strong suit for these. Of course, when you pay good money for premium wear you expect them to last a while so it’s a bit of a drawback.


  • Excellent customer service
  • Well-ventilated
  • Excellent traction
  • Perfect fit


  • Not durable

7-Adidas Men’s Dame 5-Best basketball shoes for support

The Adidas Men’s Dame 5 is an impressive offering when it comes to the best basketball shoes for volleyball. The first feature that has us hooked is their soft suede upper! You already know the shoes are made for complete comfort and support! However, that’s not all for the comfort features!

These shoes also contain internal pods on the mid-foot and under the tongue! The pods offer that extra bit of comfort and cushioning that can get you through the day.  Speaking of cushioning, you get even more via the lightweight Bounce midsole.

Are you looking for a shoe that can get you the speed and mobility to get from one end of the court to the other swiftly? Then the midfoot banking barrier is just the feature for the job! It comes with complete lateral stability so you can quickly maneuver yourself as you like!

Finally, to ensure your grip on the court and avoid any chances of slippage, the Adidas Dame 5 has an outsole made of herringbone. It will ensure you get the perfect amount of traction while never compromising on comfort!

Do you have wider feet? Do you have trouble fitting into most sports shoes? Well, then you might want to add these to the list as well! The shoes, unfortunately, do not have ample toe box space so you might feel confined and tight as you play. That can get super uncomfortable super-fast!


  • Soft suede upper
  • Bounce midsole
  • Lateral stability
  • Outsole traction


  • Not for wide feet

8-Nike Air Precision NBK Basketball Shoe- Best Nike basketball shoes for jumping

Are you looking for a different shoe design? Are you a fan of the Nike Air lineup? Then the Nike Air Precision NBK Basketball Shoes will be your best bet! The Nike Air Precision ii revolutionize typical sports shoes by adding straps where the shoelaces should be!

The straps are placed on the ankle side and the mid-foot. The one on the ankle also has a zipper attached. These work together to make taking your shoes on and off much easier. You get to engage with this feature and it speeds up the process.

No matter what sport you’re playing, you will need a good amount of support in your ankle area. With the thick padding in this product, that’s exactly what it offers! Cushioning prevents excessive absorption of impact so your feet are also safe from shock.

These are lightweight shoes that aren’t going to weigh you down! You will be free to jump, run and maneuver around the court with complete comfort. Finally, to help make sure your feet are allowed to breathe, the product is fitted with a Breathable Mesh upper.

Even though the 2 strap design is innovative and offers decent support, the issue lies with there not being any laces!

Final Verdict

If you want the perfect fit many still believe you need the control and structure that laces grant you. If you agree with this, then you might want to opt for another pair instead!


  • Lightweight design
  • Breathable mesh upper
  • Ankle pad for support
  • 2 strap design


  • No lace design

9-Under Armour Ignite V Basketball Shoe-Best basketball shoes for stability

Are you on the lookout for a product that offers you more stability and structure while not compromising on comfort either? You might be looking for the Under Armour Ignite V Basketball Shoes. These offer synthetic overlays that are durable and increase the stability of your feet.

This stability is attained by the mid-foot getting locked in. another feature that increases support and locks the feet in is the external TPU heel counter. If you are tired of your shoelaces coming undone when you least expect it, the integrated lacing zones will get you that perfect and custom fit each time.

They are situated in the heel, the forefoot, and mid-foot. With the EVA sock liner that is die-cut, you get the perfect balance of support and cushioning. No matter how hard your feet hit the ground, you will not feel a thing thanks to the excellent impact resistance!

Final Verdict

The only letdown with this product is that unfortunately, you will need to buy a size up. The shoe is on the smaller side so if you don’t buy a size bigger, it might be too tight and uncomfortable when you play. There is a difference between a shoe that needs breaking in and a shoe that’s not your size!


  • Cushioned and supportive
  • Locked-in support
  • Custom and perfect fit
  • More stability


  • Buy a size up

10-LI-NING All City Wade Cushioning Basketball Shoes –Best eco-friendly basketball shoes

Last but not least, we are ending today’s review with the LI-NING All-City Wade Cushioning Basketball Shoes. With an innovative cushioning system in the midsole, these shoes can quickly absorb all impact force, and turn it into rebound energy. This energy can give you that responsive feel you’re looking for!

To guarantee that users get the durability and longevity that they desire, this Li-ning shoe comes with a Tuff RB material. It is rubber-based and reduces the friction from being on the court all day. It works by effectively reducing the percentage of wear that your shoe might experience.

If you’ve ever had doubts about online shopping, you are not alone! To guarantee that their products are real, each shoe has a QR code inside that you can easily scan for authenticity. However, we have saved the best feature of this shoe for last! To help do their part to save the environment, the brand made the switch from plastic to shoe bags. The bag is entirely reusable as well so you’re getting a free bag in the process!

Final Verdict

While we do think this product is worth the investment, that’s only true if you get the right one for you! Sizing issues seem to be a common issue with this product with many users complaining. However, the real issue is that while some claimed they needed to go half a size down others cited the need to go up a whole size.


  • Eco-conscious packaging
  • QR code scanning
  • High-wear resistance
  • Improved cushioning technology


  • Sizing issues

Detailed Buyer Guide Ahead

By reading through the reviews above, many users will feel they know what product works best for them. We think your choice will be incomplete without taking this buyer’s guide into account!

To help you out, here are the top factors to consider when purchasing basketball shoes to play volleyball:

The arch and ankle support

Many volleyball shoe brands do not place as much importance on support. Your ankle area needs as much support as your arch does! This feature is something basketball shoes cover pretty well so it makes them excellent options.

The traction

Your game cannot be won unless your feet have a decent grip on the court floor! You will get this with the aid of traction. Rubber soles or distinct tread patterns are excellent ways to ensure you get proper traction.

The breathability

Nobody wants a sweaty and damp pair of shoes at any point in time! Want to avoid this? Invest in a breathable design! Your feet need to breathe inside your shoes since a match can last for quite a while!

The cushioning

Impact resistance and shock absorption go hand in hand with cushioning of your chosen product. The cushioned areas allow your feet to play harder and with more energy as the impact is transformed into decent bounce-back power.

The lace closure

For any kind of sports shoes, you will need a decent lace structure or mechanism in place! You don’t want shoes that are too loose or too tight and the laces are the perfect way to make vital adjustments. Some shoes may even offer straps instead of laces. You just need to try the shoes on once and figure out what works best for you.

Important list of FAQs:

What basketball shoes are best for volleyball?

For the best kind of shoes for volleyball, we recommend the ASICS Men’s Gel-Rocket. As the name suggests, these offer special gel cushioning technology for responsiveness and impact resistance. They are also meant to be lightweight in terms of design!

What kind of shoes are good for volleyball?

While ultimately, you can wear many different kinds of sports shoes to play volleyball, the best are actual volleyball shoes! The reason behind this is simple; your volleyball shoes are made specifically for volleyball!

It means they are different from simple trainers, sneakers, or basketball shoes in more ways than one. To guarantee excellent traction, most volleyball shoes have a rubber sole. It is made from a solid and flexible gum material so that stability is achieved.

Are basketball shoes better for volleyball?

Unless your basketball shoes contain features a volleyball player needs, it is not accurate to say they are better to use in comparison with volleyball shoes! One such feature is lateral movement and support. Most basketball shoes do not offer this!

The same can be said for upper ankle support. If you try to push your basketball sneakers for jobs they aren’t meant to do, it can be potentially damaging.

Do you really need volleyball shoes?

Yes, you do essentially need shoes made specifically for volleyball to play properly. Sure, there are some comparisons with basketball shoes but if you have access to volleyball ones, we recommend you purchase those!

The reason behind this is quite simple; volleyball shoes have the features you need to counter all the impact and shock of jumping on the court all day. They also promote quick movements which can be essential in volleyball.

Can I use basketball shoes for volleyball?

Yes, in many ways basketball shoes are seen as the best alternative when it comes to playing volleyball. While it is still preferred to buy proper volleyball shoes, the basketball option is decent since they look better, feel better, and can be bought anywhere! They are also multi-functional as they work great for streetwear!


With this, we are ending our review on the best basketball shoes for volleyball in 2023! We hope our readers have found the right kind of shoes that they are looking for.

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