10 Best Shoes For Festivals In 2023

Do you think that your old shoes are no longer wearable in festivals or special events? Or they are out of trend now? To cope with this problem, we have made a list of sneakers for you that you can wear all season anytime at any event.

The list contains a number of the best shoes for festivals that come with exceptional unique features that make them versatile and different from other shoes. Ranging from a variety of colors to different special features and abilities.

List of 10 Best Shoes for Festivals for Men/Women

  1. Best for extra durability, Chuck Taylor All Star Canvas
  2.  Best Sneaker for coping with sweating problems, Lugz Men’s Clipper
  3.  Best Sneakers with variety in colors, Vans Men’s Low
  4.  Best for anti-slip usage, Nike Men’s Flex Experience Run 8 Sneaker
  5.  Best for pure leather, Dr. Martens, 1460
  6.  Best Boots for people with slim feet, Asgard Women’s Ankle Rain
  7.  Best for lightning feature, Odema High Top Light Up Sneakers
  8.  Best Fashion Boot for durability, Dr. Martens Women’s Shriver Hi
  9.  Best Sneakers for Women for High heels, J. Hero Platform
  10.  Best Boots for light midsole, Teva Women’s Low Rise

1-Chuck Taylor All Star Canvas, Best for extra durability:

 Are you looking for a versatile pair of canvas that you can wear at various events? Well, Chuck Taylor’s All-Star Canvas is one of the best shoes for festivals. An interesting thing about this canvas is that they are unisex.

Equipped with a high-quality Ortholite sole these pair of shoes stand among its competitors strongly. The All-Star Canvas comes in one color variant. That is a black and white pattern. Which you can wear anywhere easily.

Let’s have a look at some of the features that are offered by the company in this cozy canvas.

Imported Materials

Chuck Taylor’s All-Star Canvas has a variety of imported materials used inside its sole and base. That makes it vulnerable to harsh conditions. Without compromising on the comfort of the inner sole of the shoes. These materials include soft fabrics and Rubbers.

Ortholite Insole

The All-Star Canvas has an exceptional feature that makes it much more versatile and unique than the other shoes. Which is the Ortholite Insole. It helps the feet to stay comfortable and allows the user to easily move and position their feet in the shoes.

Pores on Surface

This sneaker has small pores on its surface that allow the air to pass through. Which helps in continuous air flow keeping the feet cool and clean.


  • Ortholite surface that helps in positioning of the feet
  • Pores on the surface that allows airflow
  • Pores on the surface that allows airflow
  • Potent Rubber Sole


  • Less variety in colors and patterns of the shoes

2-Lugz Men’s Clipper, Best Sneaker for coping with sweating problems:

 Another masterpiece by a well-known brand “Lugz”. Lugz’s Men Clipper Sneakers are the best seller on Amazon because of their unique features. With a variety of colors and patterns, the shoes have cushioned soles for comfort.

The Clipper Sneaker is equipped with a vulcanized sole that makes it more durable and easier to stand in stressful conditions. Clipper Sneaker is a lace-less slip-on shoe that you can take off easily by just slipping your feet through the backside of the shoe.

Let’s have a look at what Clipper Sneaker offers to its users in this budget-friendly price tag.

Vulcanized Outsole

Haven’t heard of Vulcanized Outsole before? Well, we will tell you what it is. The vulcanized sole helps the shoe to increase its durability by attaching the upper and lower parts of the shoes.

Padded Collar and Slip-on

The Lugz’s Clipper Sneaker is a lace-less sneaker that comes with a padded collar to easily remove the shoes from the feet. In addition to that, the slip-on feature makes it easier to remove the shoes by slipping the feet.

Variety in Colors and Designs

The Clipper Sneakers comes in a variety of designs that include:

Black, Black on White, White, White on Black, Brown, Black Splatter, Grey, Medium Gray, Navy Blue on White, Tan, Peacoat Blue, Olive, And many more making a total of 21 colors and patterns.


  • Variety in colors and designs
  • Vulcanized Outsole
  • Budget-Friendly


  • Thin sole

3-Vans Men’s Low, Best Sneakers with variety in colors:

 The all-new Vans Men’s Low-Top Sneakers are available in the market. This comes with a number of amazing features that are necessary for almost all the shoes. Low Top Sneakers can be worn to any of your festivals.

The Vans Men’s Low-Top Sneaker has a comfortable sock liner along with a strong insole and outsole. These beautiful pairs of shoes are available in various patterns and colors. Let’s see what exceptional features are offered in this sneaker.

Potent Rubber Outsole

The Vans Men’s Low-Top Sneakers are equipped with a potent rubber outsole. This rubber outsole is not an ordinary one like the other standard sneakers that you can get easily in the market.

The outsole is one of the most important regions of the shoes. If the outsole is not durable. All of your money is wasted.

Padded Collar

This versatile pair of shoes have a padded collar. That helps in removing the shoes. It makes it easier for the user to remove the shoes by just slipping through the collar region.

26 different colors and designs

Another considerable feature of the Low-Top Men sneaker is that it comes in 26 different colors and designs to choose from.

These designs and colors include:

Black, White, Suede Multi-Color, Red, Checkboard, Dewberry, Black Gum, Black Cheddar, Racing Red, Black Suede, Checkers, Blue on White, Red on White, Black on White.


  • Comes in twenty-six different designs and patterns
  • Comfortable Sock liner
  • Padded Collar for slip-on removal of shoes
  • Highly Durable due to imported rubber sole


  • Expensive in Price to feature ratio

4-Nike Men’s Flex Experience, Best for anti-slip usage:

 Fans never get disappointed by the well-known brand “Nike”. Nike has been successful in providing various unique and specialized feature shoes to its customers. Men’s Flex Run 8 is one of them.

Nike Men’s Flex Run 8 comes with a durable synthetic sole and has a smooth mesh surface to keep the comfort untouched. Nike’s Flex Run 8 are ultra-lightweight sneakers. That you can wear to any festival easily.

The Flex Run 8 offers numerous features. Some of which are:

Smooth Mesh Surface

The Flex Run 8 has a smooth mesh surface that allows the shoes to bend without leaving any damage or irreversible effect on the surface which makes it perfect for festivals. As you run or move to different stalls or locations.

If you wear ordinary shoes to these locations. You may end up damaging your shoes and regret buying them.

Traction and Anti-Slip

The Flex Run 8 comes with a special feature of traction that makes this sneaker anti-slip. Which can be very helpful in slippery areas and rough surfaces. This feature makes the Flex Run 8 fall in the category of one of the best shoes for festivals.

6 different Colors and Designs

Nike’s Flex Run 8 comes in six different colors and patterns making it more unique and likely to buy.

These colors include:

Black, White, Black Anthracite, Cool Gray, Metallic Black, Summit White, Atmosphere Gray, Pure Platinum, Indigo, and last the Ocean Blue.


  • Anti-Slip technology that prevents falling on rough and slippery surfaces
  • High-Quality mesh surface
  • Comfortable Sock liner


  • Less variety in colors and patterns

5-Dr. Martens 1460,  Best for pure leather:

 Are you looking for a cool modern sneaker that is high heel? Which you can wear to any event or festival? Well, Dr. Martens, 1460 Service Boots are for you. 1460 Service boots are very reasonable and comfortable to wear.

1460 Service boots by Dr. Martens are made from pure potent leather that is vulnerable to slight harsh use. These are one of the most beautiful and reasonable shoes on this list.

1460 Slip-resistant shoes have much to provide for you. Let’s have a look at the features.

7 different Colors

The all-new Dr. Martins 1460 comes in seven different colors and designs that add to the beauty of this sneaker. These colors include:

Quilon Black, Black, Cherry Red, Greasy Black, Dark Brown, Smooth Leather Black

Pure Leather

1460 Service boots are equipped with 100% Pure Leather. That makes the shoes much more beautiful and vulnerable to harsh conditions. The leather used is not ordinary leather that you see in most ordinary shoes.

Synthetic High Heels

The 1460 Service Boots have synthetic high heels. That is made from durable imported materials. Adding more features to the shoes and making it to the list of best shoes for festivals in 2021 for men and women.


  • Pure leather is used that gives a shiny look at the finish
  • A high-Quality outsole that is used in high heels
  • 6 beautiful colors


  • Can be uncomfortable to wear for some specific users. That often avoid wearing hard insole shoes

6-Asgard Women’s Ankle Rain Best Boots for people with slim feet:

 Asgard Women’s Ankle Shoes are the number one seller on the market. This stylish pair of shoes are equipped with high-quality materials and finishes with a rubber sole.

What makes these Ankle Rain Boots different from other sneakers and shoes on the list? Well, it provides those features which are not available in some of the above-mentioned shoes.

Let’s take a look at those features that make it more versatile than the other shoes.

Pull tag for Slip On removal

The company has installed a pull tag at the back of the shoes for easy removal of shoes. It increases the convenience of the shoe’s removal.

Easy Cleaning

Almost all of the sneakers or the boots need hard work and patience to be cleaned. But that’s not the case with these Asgard Ankle Boots. You can just clean them by using a wet cloth.

14 Different Colors

The Asgard Women’s Ankle Rain Boots come in 14 different color variants.

Teal, Tan, Black, Silver, Yellow, Dark Brown, Gray, Starry Blue, Brown, Navy Blue, and Cherry Red


  • Comes in fourteen different color variants
  • Easy to clean
  • Water-resistant


  • No place for air circulation

7-Odema High Top Light Up Sneakers, Best for lightning feature:

 Odema High Top Light Up Sneakers are one of the most interesting sneakers on the list. Because of its unique lighting feature that you won’t find anywhere. These light-up sneakers are capable of changing lights.

In addition to that, the sole is made from high-quality rubber that won’t easily break down. Making it perfect footwear for festivals and special events. Let’s have a brief look at Odema’s High Top features.

9 Different Colors

The High Top Light Up Sneakers come in nine different colors to choose from. These colors include:

Black, White, Purple and Yellow, Silver, Bright Silver, Bright Gold, Gold, Pink, Black on White

Lighting Sole

Another amazing feature that is offered by Odema is that the sole of this sneaker has light-up technology. That makes it catchier than the other ordinary sneakers.

Not only that but these lights are also capable of changing into seven different colors. The colors that are available in this lightning mode are Red, white, blue, yellow, purple, green, and sky blue.


  • Lightning Mode, is capable of changing up to seven different colors
  • 9 different colors to choose from


  • Not Anti-slip or waterproof

8-Dr. Martens Women’s Shriver Hi, Best Fashion Boot for durability:

 Another masterpiece by Dr. Martens is the Hi-Fashion Boot. Decent design that is perfect for users that often attend festivals or events. The feature to price ratio is unbelievable.

Dr. Martens does not compromise on the quality of its products. And Shriver Hi Boot is one of the examples. Highly durable imported materials and rubber is used in the manufacturing of this boot.

Making it vulnerable to harsh use. You can also wear this amazing shoe casually at any sort of festival. Shriver by Dr. Martins comes in a pure Black color that is the universal color of most of the shoes.

Let’s have a look at some of the features that Shriver Hi boot offers at this amazing price point.

Highly Durable

The materials that constitute the inner and outsole of the Shriver are very potent. Adding to the durability of the product and making it resistant and much more versatile.

You can also wear your Shrivers to rough surfaces. Shriver can easily handle the heat.

Vulcanized Sole

To make the outsole and insole stronger, the company has made the sole vulcanized. By attaching both the soles together for higher grip and resistance against rocky surfaces.


  • Vulcanized sole for stronger grip and resistance
  • Highly Durable because of the resistant materials


  • Shriver comes in Black colors only. Which is a drawback because most of the above-mentioned sneakers have more than five colors and patterns to choose from.

9-J. Hero Platform, Best Sneakers for Women for High heels:

 J. Hero Platform. It is one of the special sneakers for special people that we have added to the list for you. Why are we calling J. Hero Platform sneakers special? Because it does not contain any animal skin.

In addition to that this pair of sneakers offer a lot of interesting features that are not commonly available in the market. Ranging from beautiful design on the surface and sole to breathable mesh and other features.

J. Platform features:

2-inches High Sole

Platform Hero sneakers have a sole that is increased by two inches. Making it more versatile and one of the exceptional shoes on the list. Don’t worry that you will fall after wearing Hero Sneakers.

Breathable Mesh Surface

The breathable feature is a must-have feature for those people that live in areas where it’s hard to wear non-airy sneakers. Which results in smelly feet. The breathable mesh is an interesting feature.

Which maintains the circulation of air and makes the running and walking experience more unique and comfortable.

Free from Animal Products

The Hero Platform by J. is free from any animal product. No skin or blood of animals is used in this sneaker. Making these shoes accessible for all audiences from all over the world.

14 different design and colors

These sneakers come in fourteen different colors.

These colors include Black, Dusty Blue, Dusty Pink, Leopard, Glitter, Multi White, Rainbow, And many more.


  • No animal products used
  • Breathable Mesh for proper air circulation
  • High Sole


  • No Cons

10-Teva Women’s Low Rise, Best Boots for light midsole:

 Low Rise Hiking Boots by Teva are different-looking boots from the list. But these shoes are not ordinary ones. You can’t find any standard boots that meet its price-to-feature ratio. The Teva Low Rise Hiking Boots are one of the best festival footwear on the list.

Ranging wide range of features from showing resistance to water to modern-looking outperformer. The soft sock liner will make your time spent in festivals and events much more joyful and memorable.

Teva’s Low Rise Hiking Boots have a lot of features to offer. Let’s check some of the Low-Rise Hiking Boots features.

Water-Resistant Surface

Sometimes when you are enjoying the festivals. You might slip get into a puddle and your feet will become wet. To cope with this problem, Teva has introduced a water-resistant feature in its shoes.

That blocks the mud or water to some extent. So, say goodbye to dirty puddles and water. Now you can enjoy your festivals easily.

Light Weight Midsole

Teva’s Low Rise boots are equipped with an ultra-light midsole that makes them much more versatile and unique from other shoes around the market. This lightweight midsole will help you maintain the balance of your feet and will prevent you from stressing quickly due to heavyweight soles.

3 Different Colors

The Teva Low Rise Hiking Boot comes in three different color variants. Black, Brown, and Stormy Blue.


  • Lightweight midsole for easy walking
  • Water-resistant


  • Less variety in colors

Buyers Guide- Things to consider before you buy shoes for festivals

There are a number of things to consider before you buy the best shoes for festivals for both men and women. These things should be considered by you in order to cope with any difficult or unexpected situation.

We will try to answer a majority of the questions that you have. If any of your questions are not answered you can comment down below.

Airy Surface

This feature is not a must-have. But can be helpful for many people whose feet sweat easily and require continuous airflow. The shoes that have small pores on their surface are those that allow the air to pass through the surface of the shoes.

This air circulation will prevent excessive sweating on the feet and will be perfect for people living in regions where the temperature is high.

Comfortable Insole

Shoes have two parts of the sole. Mainly Insole and Outsole. The insole should be comfortable and smooth. In order to prevent rashes or skin problems. It should not make one uncomfortable while walking.

In addition to being comfortable and soft. The shoes should not compromise on quality. They should be highly durable and should be able to withstand for a long time period.

Variety in Colors and Patterns

You should have access to a variety of colors and patterns in shoes. A company should provide different patterns and colors that should be available in the market. So, that it can go with any festival or any special event in your life.

Strong Rubber Sole

The shoes that you are going to buy must have a very potent sole. Whether it is of rubber or any other material. Because the pillar of the shoe is its sole. If the upper part of the shoe is strong but the sole is not durable. The shoes are not worth the money.

Frequently Asked Questions

What role does a Vulcanized Sole play?

Vulcanized sole adds to the durability of the shoes by holding the soles of the shoes tight in their place.

What color is ideal for shoes for events?

White and Black are two colors that go with almost the majority of the outfits for events.

Is it essential for the sneakers to have a surface with pores?

It is not essential. But this feature is a plus for those people that live in areas where there is high temperature and people face excessive sweating.


The list contains the best shoes for festivals in 2023 for men and women. Each product has an exceptional feature that makes it different from other sneakers.

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