10 Best Shoes for Broken Toe in 2023 – Latest Picks

We all get Toe injured once in life whether it’s during playing some sort of sports or unconditionally accident, probably this moment you felt very pain.

You don’t want to lay down on the bed or Wait to heel the toe, and just want to go outside to get some fresh air.

During this situation, you need to wear the best shoes for a broken toe that are sturdy, provide comfortable support, and have a hard sole to overcome the mobility of the toe.

A broken toe normally takes 4 to 6 weeks depending on how you care about it, Stop the activities once you feel any pain whether you are normally walking, and tells your doctor.

To overcome this pain, the list of shoes we have assembled for broken toe will absolutely be helpful and provides comfort to your feet.

List of 10 Best Shoes for Broken Toe to Buy in 2021

  1. United Ortho Walker Fracture Boot
  2. BraceAbility Short Broken Toe Boot
  3. BraceAbility Post-op Shoe for Broken Foot
  4. Vive Post Op Shoe
  5. Aircast SP Walker Brace/Walking Boot
  6. FitPro Adjustable Post-Op
  7. Mars Wellness Premium Post Op Broken Toe
  8. Orthowedge Forefoot Off-Loading Healing Shoe
  9. Post Op Recovery Shoe
  10. Mars Wellness Premium Childrens Post Op Broken Toe

1-United Ortho Walker Fracture Boot:

Our first best shoe for a broken toe is United ortho manufactured in a shape that can be easy to put in or wear out. The design of boots suits both men and women and one thing more it can fit on both of your feet.

The rocker sole of these boots helps you to reduce the pressure on your feet and provides ease of motion by decreasing toe movement. Also, the shoes come with extra pads that can utilize for extra comfort, you can insert these pads where you need extra cushioning.

Adding plastic molded upright with steel enforcement gives extra durability to these boots. Moreover, the Air bladder able you to walk comfortably while the shock absorption keeps your feet safe from hitting during walking.

There are some sizing issue for women, if you are buying, make sure that you select shoes that should less than your actual feet because the sizing they are using are for men, Be Sure it fits you well. I recommend you to follow the sizing guide and then buy.

At the end, for this price tag, these are the best shoes for broken toes if you want comfortable walking. These shoes are particularly designed that provide extra support to your feet and heel the feet quickly.


  • Easy to put and wear out.
  • Rocker sole provides extra durability and protection
  • Comes with pads that give extra cushioning
  • Great price tag


  • Sizing issue for women

2-BraceAbility Short Broken Toe Boot

The Second boot we listed is BraceAbility, which comes with a low profile that helps you reduce muscle and joint strain.  By wearing this boot, you will enjoy the ease of walking and maintain natural steps.

In terms of its design, open-toe shoes provide an easy way to analyze your feet. A strap makes it easier to apply the boot on a broken toe, as one strap is on the foot and the other is on the ankle. Toe bed covers provide extra room for your feet so you can bandage and swish more comfortably.

The boot weighs just 1.7 pounds and is extremely lightweight, allowing hassle-free recovery.

For extra comfort, this boot is designed with a Deluxe foam liner, which forms a cushioned lining around your feet. The cushioning of boots are just made perfect and fit you well on foot, moreover, if you need extra cushioning, they also supply additional one that can be used on bony areas.

Other than that, some users claim that it makes some kind of noise, but that’s not a big deal; you can use some extra pads to fix it.

With safety from hitting your foot while walking, the boot is made of polymer plastic. Plastic looks like regular plastic, but it’s actually a high-tech, durable plastic that keeps your boot lasting for years to come.

There are a couple of things you should know about Veltro: it’s sticky, so you shouldn’t get it stuck to your socks or foam.

Lastly, it is lightweight and easy to wear, as well as providing extreme comfort when walking. The strap system is just amazing. It makes it really easy to apply the boot to your foot without any pain.


  • Adjustable with 3 strap system
  • Lightweight
  • Shock-absorbing and cushioned boot
  • Fits perfectly


  • A lid bid noisy

3-BraceAbility Post-op Shoe for Broken Foot:

There is another best orthopedic shoe for broken toe from BraceAbility that take place in our reviewing list. Designed to fit men and women alike, this universal boot can be worn on both feet.

This boot has a great grip on different surfaces due to its Non-rigid rocker. The grip keeps you safe from unwanted slippery areas and can walk easily on tile, concrete, carpet, and even wood floor. On the other hand, its rigid rocker bottoms able you to walk comfortably and give quick support to the arch that helps to reduce pain while walking.

The design of the boot especially the open foot Square-toe gives extra breathability, keeps your foot protects and creates some extra space for bandaging and swelling.

You can enjoy comfortable walking due to its orthopedic lightweight form insole that provides cushioning and shock absorption.

There are three strap systems used in these boots that can easily adjust according to your comfort. The Strap is too long and some users have reacted negatively as they are facing looseness while walking but you can solve this problem by somehow cutting and stitching. They also offer an extra 1 Inch strap that can be used to readjust if needed.

However, the BraceAbility Post-op boot is also helpful in re-leafing a broken pinky toe and made the healing process much quicker as possible.

In the end, this is one of the protective shoes for broken toe with a reasonable price tag that provides comfortable walking on each kind of surface and give extra grip on slippery areas. Moreover, the wide toe design allows a breathable feel to the foot and gives extra room for bandages.


  • Affordable
  • Breathable design
  • Adjustable strap system
  • Provides grip on slipper areas


  • The Strap is too long

4- Vive Post-Op Shoe

People with narrow feet probably have a hard time finding shoes that fit well on their feet especially if it is related to a broken toe. But, Now, You don’t have to worry about that as the Vive post Op shoe comes with fitting features that protect your toe from unwanted movement.

Its adjustable straps provide you with a comfortable fitting that enhances your gait, the straps can be longer, but still, it’s customizable. For walking on a slippery surface, these shoes are highly designed with a non-skid tread that continuously enables stable walking helping you to keep protected from further injuries and making the healing process fast.

To provide protection from the bottom, its Rocker sole reduces the pressure on your foot and gives extra relief. The comfortable insole used on the bottom keeps absorbs shock from hitting the foot and gives a feeling that you are walking on memory foam.

If you want to apply bandaging on the toe, its square design gives extra space from the front and works like a bumper.

Although, this lightweight shoe is highly recommended for narrow feet, as it provides comfortable fitting on your foot. The rocker sole and non-rigid tread provides stable walking and gives extra protection.


  • Slip-resistant with non-rigid tread
  • Lightweight shoes for comfortable steps
  • Easy to apply on foot with its adjustable straps


  • The ankle strap could be longer

5-Aircast SP Walker Brace/Walking Boot

This broken-toe boot from Aircast has a unique design compared to other brands we reviewed, the grey color used in this boot gives classic look.

Additionally, the boot is highly optimized and manufactured with a unique feature that provides extra comfort. The combination of a hand bulb air pump and Velcro straps enables an extreme level of comfort for your foot. The air pocket is fitted on both sides of the ankle that can be customized for perfect fitting.

The universal fit boot can be worn on both feet and is suitable for men and women alike. Its durable structure also the purpose of protection, the semi-rigid shell protection builds from high-tech plastic that extends its life.

Its price tag may be a bit high compared to others in the above list, but still, it’s affordable and in the range of 100 bucks. The low rocker sole and build according to low profile able you to walk in a natural gait, Easy to use and apply on foot


  • Comes with air pocket for extra comfort
  • Provides extra protection to the foot
  • Universal fit and suitable for both men and women


  • Lid bid expensive

6-FitPro Adjustable Post-Op

So, you had an injury or broken your toe? But, unable to find shoes that according to your big toe. This FitPro will be a good choice for you. Its adjustable open-toe design will able you to walk easily and give protection to your toe.

These shoes are made in a variety of different sizes, so if your kid gets a toe injury, the FitPro is also available in small sizes that fit easily on foot. Moreover, The Universal fit able this boot suitable for both men and women.

The adjustable Velcro straps make this boot super customizable on foot, also it enables comfortable walking. The noticeable thing about this boot is its semi-rigid sole, it’s not quite rigid if you are using it for normal walking, but you can use crutches at that moment so might be there will no problem.

Although, these shoes are really lightweight and provide comfortable walking, and feel like you are wearing sneakers.


  • Lightweight
  • Forefoot closure design
  • Best for big toe
  • Highly adjustable due to its Velcro strap


  • Ankle strap too short!

7-Mars Wellness Premium Post Op Broken Toe

These shoes from Mars Wellness give a feel like regular footwear that you wear. Its sleek and simple design does not make them noticeable in public areas; you can go outside in the park and utilize them.

The square toe feature is just normal and provides an extra shield to your toe from an unfortunate further toe injury. Moreover, its customizable straps are also the plus point that guaranteed you per fitting. The top strap needs some cutting for the ideal size that can fit on your foot perfectly.

To provide extra protection to your foot, this boot comes with a rigid rocker sole that serves a natural gait and able you to walk easily. Also, it enables extra traction to your every step that and save you from such incident that may occur due to slippery surface.

Due to its normal design, there may be missing support of ankle that probably don’t need in most of the scenarios. Furthermore, these shoes also come in different sizes and you can get them for your kid if they just hit their toe during playing.


  • non-skid tread that provides you with stable walking
  • Customizable strap for a better fit
  • An extended toe box that gives extra room for bandaging
  • comes in a variety of sizes that can fit on your kid


  • Ankle support was missing

8-Orthowedge Forefoot Off-Loading Healing Shoe

These shoes from Orthowedge are made in unique ways and provide perfect healing from any injuries including bunionectomy, a hammertoe, or mallet toe.

Its 15-degree Dorsi-angle bottom gives extra protection to your broken toe by shifting all your weight on mid-foot. This feature helps when your toe does not in the form of any movement and you need an urgent rescue to recover from it.

There is Eva insoles used in this shoe that make it lightweight and provide a comfortable walk, also the orthopedic foam soles produce extra cushioning and enable shock absorption.

This forefoot off-loading shoe has a square-toe design that creates extra space for the forefoot which gives assistance from further damage. And the adjustable straps used perfectly apply the boot on the foot

Lastly, these shoes provide extra traction on the surface that may cause of slip, so you don’t have to worry about if you use these on the floor, just need an extra on each step.


  • protect forefoot from any unwanted force
  • Comfortable and lightweight
  • Square-toe design for extra bandages space
  • provides cushioning and shock absorption)


  • Can lose balance[

9-Post Op Recovery Shoe

To provide extra comfort, these shoes come with all the features that able you to walk naturally.

The Shock absorption EVA sole makes them more breathable and enables the recovery process quickly as possible

The rocker sole and non-skid tread provides extra support to your arch and reduce the force on the toe for stable and comfortable walking.

Its 3 adjustable straps make it perfectly fit on foot, also they provide free video sessions along with medical staff where you can take appointments for the perfect fitting of the boot.


  • Shock Absorbing EVA Sole that provides breathable airflow
  • provides arch support
  • Non-Skid Tread for stable walking
  • Adjustable 3 medical grade strap
  • Less noticeable while wearing


  • The reverse side of the Velcro is not attached

10-Mars Wellness Premium Childrens Post Op Broken Toe

These shoes are specially designed for kids ages approximately 3.5-6 years old. Also, these shoes are available in men’s and women’s sizes.

These shoes have rocker soles with proper traction that provides stable and comfortable support to your broken toe. There are 3 adjustable straps on the ankle, mid, and forefoot that are highly adjustable for any foot.

The square toe act as a bumper to provide extra protection from further injury, also you can utilize these shoes for different scenario including ones to repair broken toes, bunions, hammertoe, Lisfranc fractures, plantar fasciitis and more.


  • Fits little kids’ sizes
  • Square toe feature that provide protection to toe area
  • Adjustable ankle strap
  • Rocker sole and traction


  • None

Buying Guide:


The quality of the boot should be top-notch, not just for use long but provide extra protection to your foot.

You must ensure that the boot you are selecting provides utmost protection to your boot and does not break during walking and is safe enough that makes the healing process quick.

Adjustable straps

The closure system of shoes also plays role in the protection of the foot. To heel the broken toe quickly, you cannot ignore the overall fitting of the boot.

Pick the shoe that has adjustable Velcro Straps that provides ease in applying boot on your broken toe; also it reduces the mobility of the toe during walking.

There are some boots in the list which will you see as they come with extra-long length, don’t be bother if you think that are long enough which does not provide me enough fitting. At that moment, you just need to pick any cutting tool and just cut it, that’s it.

Square- Toe Design

Square toe design is also a considerable feature while buying a protective shoes for a broken toes.

There are two advantages over there if the shoe has a square toe design, Firstly, it provides extra spaces to your toe for swelling and bandages, and Secondly, it prevents the toe from unwanted contact to the surface.

Rigid Rocker sole:

The rocker sole is one of the important features that able you to comfortably walk and provides extra support to arch. There are two kinds of soles in buy, you can also go with semi-rigid.

Universal Fit

Boot with universal fit can fit on both of the feet either you broke your left or right foot toe, it can be used on both feet.

Also, there are shoes available on the list that are suitable for both men and women, you don’t need to wonder specifically.


Most of the people just bought their footwear without analyzing their sizing charts, and if you just purchase it according to size number, there are chances they don’t fit you perfectly because every brands product have some kind of difference in terms of sizing.

Almost every seller provides Guide or Chart, so must check before buying, that will make a huge impact to buy a prominent one.


To pick the best shoes for a broken toe in 2023, all you need to know is that they must provide stable and comfortable walking.

If you have a serious injury, you need to buy a boot that has some huge security and protection and reduces the mobility of a broken toe. In that case, you need to go with United Ortho or Braceabillity, otherwise, if the injury is just normal or simple fracture, then you don’t need extra protection, shoes like Mars wellness and FitPro are suitable for such kinds of heels.

Hopefully, you find this guide helpful, comment down the shoes that you are thinking to buy.

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