10 Best Climbing Shoes for Wide Feet in 2023

In recent years, climbing as a hobby and sport has seen a lot of boost in its popularity. It has been observed that a lot of people are shifting from hiking to outdoor climbing. I would not deny that outdoor climbing is much more interesting and adventurous when compared to hiking.

So, if you are one of them who wants to pursue climbing or are already doing it but need some essential information on it. Then your wait is over! In this article, we bring you the top 10 best climbing shoes for wide feet in 2023.

Here you might be wondering a bit about why talking about wide feet. Well, you will find thousands of articles online talking about rock climbing shoes in general, but nobody is keen to tackle the problem that wide feet people have to go through. Therefore, we decided to address this situation.

The following are the best rock climbing shoes for wide feet which we have hand-picked for you!

best climbing shoes for wide feet

Best Climbing Shoes for Wide Feet with Unbiased Detailed Review

  1. Best Fitting Shoes on any Wide Feet, Butora Acro
  2. Best Durable wide Feet Shoes to Climb Fast, La Sportiva Skwama
  3. Best Wide Feet Shoes for Tough Climbs, Evolv Shamans Climbing Shoes
  4. Best Comfortable Climbing Shoes  for Wide Feet, Scarpa Boostic
  5. Best Affordable Climbing Shoes for Wide Feet, Mad Rock Drifter
  6. Best All-Rounder Climb Shoes for Wide Feet, Butora Endeavor
  7. Best Vertical Route Climbing Shoes for Wide Feet, Five Ten Anasazi
  8.  Best Women Climbers Shoes for Wide Feet, La Sportiva Miura VS
  9. Best Flexible Climbing Shoes for Wide Feet Men/Women, Tenaya Oasi Unisex
  10. Best Lightweight Climbing Shoes for Wide Feet, La Sportiva Tarantulace

1-Butora Acro, Best Fitting Shoes on any Wide Feet:

We started our list with the name of a well-known company in the industry of manufacturing outdoor climbing shoes. This is a South Korean Company that has released Butora Acro which is extremely comfortable for people with wide feet. The shoes themselves are well-built and strong.

Moreover, this pair of shoes lies in the region of being the aggressive climbing shoes out there. You can wear these shoes for steep climbing, bouldering, going to the gym, etc. The shoes have a sleek design with a uniquely rounded toe and a sharp downturn providing you the capability to easily maneuver your climb.

Some of the essential features of these shoes include:

Shape and Sensitivity of the shoe:

The shoes were designed to be performance-oriented. This can easily be observed if you look at the design of the shoe. It has a tough, stiff toe box, has a sharp downturn ( as mentioned earlier) and the shoe itself is quite flexible. All these features sit well with each other providing a climber with a perfect combination of agility and power.

The rubber of the Butora Acro:

The Butora Acro is made up of a NEO fused rubber which provides the shoe its flexibility, stickiness, and durability. This rubber also covers the shoe’s toe box and heel box however, due to fewer air holes in the front, this shoe does not provide enough breathability.


After going through a lot of research and trying many of the climbing shoes, I felt that Butora provides a perfect fitting to one’s feet combined with exceptional comfort. Nevertheless, the inner sock liner adds softness to the shoe.


  • Attractive design
  • Available for both narrow and wide feet
  • Has a better edging property


  • Not as breathable as other shoes

2-La Sportiva Skwama, Best Durable wide Feet Shoes to Climb Fast

La Sportiva Skwama is the best aggressive climbing shoe for wide feet that one can wish for. These are a great addition to the La Sportiva lineup of shoes that are used for climbing purposes. Apart from that these shoes use straps or a velcro closure system which makes it easier to tighten these shoes compared to the traditional laces system.

In short, these are the best climbing shoes for beginners because these shoes performed perfectly well on cracked climbs. Moreover, these shoes are built on the spectrum of wide shoes, hence they are more comfortable than other aggressive shoes out there.

Some essential features of this amazing pair of shoes are:


The build of these shoes is aggressive but they are comfortable on wide feet. Apart from that, these shoes are quite flexible and allow you to move and climb at a faster rate and ease. Moreover, it provides heel hooking and toes hooking as well making it a perfect choice for a climber.

Sensitivity and Shape of the shoe:

The La Sportiva Skwama has an unexpected downturn with an asymmetric shape that is becoming a trend in the industry of climbing shoe production. Not to mention that these shoes are made from highly durable materials and can last you years if proper care is taken.


From the above-mentioned characteristics of this shoe, you might be wondering that this shoe is mostly performance-oriented but in reality, La Sportiva did not forget to make these shoes highly comfortable. Hence, these shoes are worth your money.


  • High performance with impressive comfort
  • A good choice for smearing climbing shoes
  • Attractive design


  • Velcro straps make the shoe a bit snug

3- Evolv Shamans Climbing Shoes, Best Wide Feet Shoes for Tough Climbs:

Here is another great climbing shoe perfect for wide feet that perform extremely well in steep climbing scenarios. The only thing that I can guarantee you is that with these shoes on your feet, you can conquer any climb and ascend you will ever encounter.

The unique feature that sets these shoes apart from other shoes is their unique bump which was initially introduced to maintain the downturn of the climbing shoe. With this feature, it is ensured that your toe is snugged inside the shoe and you are comfortable when climbing.

Some of the essential features of these shoes include:


This Evolv shaman is known for its performance. With this shoe in your feet, you can climb crackling walls or steep inclines. Moreover, it possesses a toe box that is pointed. This helps you in climbing the slab easily

Flexible and Durable:

Surely, as a climber, you are looking for shoes that are flexible and durable. Your desire is fulfilled by Evolv’s pair of climbing shoes. It has a synthetic suede which is highly comfortable and it even dries quickly when it is washed. More importantly, it resists stretching.


Midsoles of these shoes are on the medium spectrum of all the midsoles out there. The midsoles have a full length of MX-P 1.5 mm. They have medium stiffness to provide enough edging power on long routes and climbs.


  • Provides extraordinary comfort
  • Made for tough climbs
  • Comes with a durable sole for wide feet


  • Not as sensitive as other shoes

4- Scarpa Boostic, Best Comfortable Climbing Shoes  for Wide Feet:

Adding up to our list of the best rock climbing shoes for wide feet, we introduce to you Scarpa Boostic. This shoe has been the top choice of those climbers who have wide feet. The reason for this is that these shoes provide comfort which no other shoe in the market is able to provide. These shoes may look aggressively built, but trust my words, you would not find a more comfortable shoe out there.

In addition to this, as this is an aggressive shoe, therefore this shoe is best for hard climbing and tough inclines. Due to this, we do not recommend our readers to wear these shoes on crack climbing.

Some of the exceptional features of these shoes include:

Stiffer shoe:

The Scarpa Boostic has somehow managed to strike a perfect balance between stiff and soft shoes. Wearing these shoes, you would support stiff shoes on one hand, and on the other hand, you would also experience sensitivity provided by soft climbing shoes. Isn’t it amazing!

Alcantara Fabric:

These shoes incorporate themselves with Alcantara Fabric which reduces the thickness of the shoe without compromising the shoe’s original durability. This makes the shoe feel light on the foot. As a climber, you are always wishing for such shoes. If you are wondering about Alcantara, then let me tell you. It is a microfiber that withstands abrasion and stretches minimally. 

Full Length-Sole:

These shoes come with a full-length sole. It is contradictory to those shoes which come in two-piece soles. This suggests Scarpa Boostic is trying to create its vibe and trend. And without any second thoughts, this full-length sole feature has made this beast an edging monster.


  • Highly Comfortable
  • Great for edging purposes
  • Gives a feeling of both being stiffer and soft


  • No Cons

5- Mad Rock Drifter, Best Affordable Climbing Shoes for Wide Feet:

It is one of the inexpensive shoes in the market which has managed to become one the best climbing shoes for beginners, especially for those who have wide feet. These shoes have a rather simple design with fewer extra features and give you a slipper kind of feel. Nonetheless, these shoes smear less even if you wear them on slab climbing.

Some of the features of these shoes are as follows:


 The upper of this specific shoe is unlined. This allows the shoe to stretch and comfortably fit to a wide foot. You might be wondering how this affects your toes and toe box. Well, the toe box is lined perfectly and performs its function of snugging your toes at the right place to provide you with useful power when needed. In short, unlined upper aids in making the shoe fit perfectly on wide feet.

Velcro Straps:

Who does not wish for an easy opening and closing mechanism for the closure system? Moreover, as these shoes are tailor-made for beginners, a velcro system of closure is provided that works perfectly for securing your feet during the climb.


When comparing this shoe with its price, I would categorize this shoe as having the most value for its minute price. This shoe provides you with durability and high performance without being a burden on your budget.


  • Has a leather upper
  • Inexpensive
  • Velcro Closure System


  • Not for hard climbing

6– Butora Endeavor, Best All-Rounder Climb Shoes for Wide Feet:

These shoes are among the best rock climbing shoes for wide feet and can be used as an all purposes shoe. If you have wide feet, these shoes are your excellent choice. The shoes have a neutral downturn and these shoes should not be used for aggressive climbing. They should be used for natural climbing at most.

Some of the features of the shoes are as follows:


This shoe comprises leather and synthetic suede. Leather is mostly located in the back section. The purpose of the leather is to provide extreme comfort to the person wearing those shoes. While the suede in front of the shoes is to prevent excessive stretching of the shoe that can happen in the long run.


The amazing and eye-catching feature of hemp is that the hemp is 100 percent organic. This helps in decreasing odor formation.


To take care of stability, the upper heel is made firm while webbing on straps aids in providing more stability and foot fitness


  • Recommended for all-rounded climbing
  • Has Velcro Straps
  • Is stable and a perfect fit


  • Can buy better shoes by spending a bit more

7- Five Ten Anasazi, Best Vertical Route Climbing Shoes for Wide Feet:

The color combination of these shoes makes them look charming on your wide feet, doesn’t it? To describe this shoe further, it has a flat profile and neutral down train and is perfect for vertical routes. Moreover, if you are among those rare cases who have wide flat feet, then these shoes are the right choice for you.

Some of the features of this shoe are as follows:

Ridged plus Soft:

You might be wondering what we meant with the heading. Well, the heading was to emphasize that these shoes are soft enough for the purpose of smearing but at the same time are rigid enough to be used for edging. This is what makes this beast incredible.

Closure System:

You might be questioning why wasn’t the Velcro closure system was used here. To answer that, I would simply say the lace-up closure system keeps your feet in place and is more secure than any other closure system out there.

Toe Box:

The toe box is the reason behind the medium rigidity of the midsole and what makes the front part remain flat. Lastly, this shoe gives you a feel of the surface underneath.


  • High-performance shoes
  • Upper made up of Cowdura faux fabric
  • Shoes are sturdy and tacky


  • The heel cup is tensioned

8- La Sportiva Miura, Best Women Climbers Shoes for Wide Feet:

This specific shoe is specially designed for women climbers who have wide feet. Moreover, if you are trying intermediate climbing now and looking for a new pair of shoes, then look nowhere now. This La Sportiva will serve the purpose.

Some of the essential features of these shoes include:

Amazing fit:

These shoes can be customized according to your size hence they become a perfect fit for your feet. Moreover, the lacing system is also easy to use.


If we talk about the durability of these shoes, then I would say that they would last you ages. The build material quality is extremely good and you would love to use these shoes because it comes with Vibram XS Edge rubber.


You can use these shoes for intermediate climbing and you can use any of the climbing techniques without any hindrance. Moreover, it is optimal on steep terrains.


  • Good fit
  • The lacing system is easy
  • Extremely durable material


  • Not for advanced climbers

9- Tenaya Oasi Unisex, Best Flexible Climbing Shoes for Wide Feet Men/Women:

It is another shoe designed for wide-foot climbers. They have an aggressive build but provide you with a lot more comfort and stability and control.

Some of the amazing features of these shoes are:

Draxtor Closure System:

This specific closure system provides you with optimal adjustments that you can do to make the shoe securely fit on your feet regardless of your foot shape.


This shoe is made up of soft microfibre material which makes the shoe strong as well as flexible. This helps in providing the perfect support to you as well.

Precision Climbing:

The toe box of this shoe is also strategically placed at an angle. Because of this, you can climb the walls much more precisely.


  • Better Control
  • Flexible on feet
  • Both, for men and women


  • Not for hard climbing

10- La Sportiva Tarantulace, Best Lightweight Climbing Shoes for Wide Feet:

We will end this list with La Sportiva Tarantula. These shoes and this company in specific have never let us down. Without further ado, let us see what features this shoe has:

Soft Leather:

This shoe is made up of soft leather which makes this pair of shoes comfortable on your feet. It also easily molds on your feet.


These shoes are made up of high-quality materials which include LaspoFlex midsole and FriXion RS outsole.

Lacing System:

This shoe has one of the fastest lacing systems that I have ever experienced. In short, this shoe is worth your bucks.


  • Fully Adjustable
  • Lightweight
  • Stable


  • No Cons

Buying Guide: Your secret to purchasing the best aggressive climbing shoes for wide feet

We know it is a bit hectic to roam around numerous markets in search of that perfect piece of climbing shoes that you were longing for. The best way to purchase something is to know about that thing before going for an actual purchase.

Therefore, we have put down this buying guide for you which recognizes the essential features that you need to know before setting out and purchasing your pair of rock climbing shoes.

Here we go with jotting down the important features that you must look for:


Whether you are a beginner or a pro in climbing, you must be aware of what kind of material you prefer and what is required by the type of climbing you usually do. Most of the shoes are made up of either leather or synthetic materials. You will also find some shoes having a combination of both of these materials.

Generally, leather shoes last long and are durable while synthetic-built shoes have a more comfortable feel and are properly ventilated. The choice is yours as what you prefer in your climbing shoes.

The number of soles:

This is quite a neglected feature that most climbers forget to consider or are not aware of it. Therefore, we are mentioning this feature here so that you are aware of it. The point that I am trying to make is that before purchasing your rock climbing shoe, just check how the sole of the shoe is constructed.

For wide feet, we recommend that the sole should be at least 3 to 4 mm thick. In our opinion, this thickness is optimal for providing you the best performance and comfort.

Closure Systems:

Although many people might be aware of what kind of closure systems are there. However, they do not know why each closure system is useful and when to use those closure systems. Generally speaking, lace-up closure systems provide you a perfect tight fit on feet and are important for those who do pro climbing.

If you are a beginner and just training, then I consider slip-on climbing shoes the best while for leisure climbing Velcro will suit you the most.

Comfort and fit:

Never compromise your comfort over the price. You should always purchase those shoes which make you comfortable because climbing is a tough sport and skillful feet are what is most required in climbing. The more comfortable the feet are in the shoes, the better you will climb. Do not forget to try on shoes before purchasing them.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • How many pairs of climbing shoes a person must have?

It depends on the frequency of climbing activities you go on. Personally, I keep two pairs of climbing shoes of the same model. The second acts as a backup when needed. Moreover, if you hike a lot, you might need more than two hiking shoes.

  • What to look for when purchasing rock climbing shoes?

The first thing that you need to look for is that they are comfortable. The second thing is that they perfectly fit you and they are effective and durable too. You can go through the buying guide section of this article for more details.

  • Should you wear socks when wearing climbing shoes?

The answer to this is that it varies from person to person. In my opinion, socks make the climbing shoes highly comfortable to wear while if you have tight shoes then socks may feel a bit uneasy on your feet.

Final Verdict:

There are numerous climbing shoes out there and it is quite hectic to purchase a shoe when you have so many options. I hope that after going through this article, you would have a clear idea about the kind of best climbing shoes for wide feet you want.

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