10 Best Climbing Shoes for Slab in 2023

As a Climber, you maybe try/tried slab climbing in your life and put all the effort to make it successful but sometimes people fail just because of not proper equipment. we all know that the best climbing shoes for slab impact a huge role for a climber.

So, here we have picked superior quality shoes for slab climbing that give you extra grip on every kind of rock and surface.

We all have heard about mountain climbing before. But have you ever heard about slab climbing? If not, then let me explain it to you.

What is slab climbing?

Slab climbing is a name given to climbing an almost vertical rock. By vertical, I mean 90 degrees with the surface. Not exactly right-angled, to be precise, but more or less vertical to the ground.

Nonetheless, slab climbing has been quite a popular sport and you can either love slab climbing or hate it with the core of your heart. Slab climbing is all about that delicacy and concentration needed for holding on tiny bits of support. This is what makes this sport unique. But those who hate it, are those who are afraid of slipping down and falling face-first. No doubt, slab climbing is a risky thing to pursue. In order to accomplish it, you need proper equipment particularly, shoes.

Therefore, we are writing this article for you, so that you are able to purchase the best climbing shoes for slab.

List of 10 Best Climbing Shoes for Slab with Superior Quality

  1. Best edging Climbing Shoes, La Sportiva Mythos Eco
  2. Best Shoes for Fraction Slabs, Five Ten MoccAsym
  3. Best Comfortable Edging Shoes, La Sportiva Katana Lace
  4. Best Durable Comfortable Shoes, La Sportiva Finale
  5. Best Slab Climbing Shoes for Beginner, Butora Endeavor
  6. Best Climbing Shoes Used by the Tommy Caldwell, La Sportiva TC Pro
  7. Best Soft Build Shoes, Five Ten Hiangle
  8. Best Comfortable Easy to Wear Shoes, Scarpa Vapor
  9. Best Secure Well-Constructed Shoes, Evolv Rave
  10. Best Shoes with Heel Hooks, La Sportiva Miura

1-La Sportiva Mythos Eco, Best edging Climbing Shoes:

La Sportiva Mythos Eco is known for its comfort, flexibility, and softness. Nevertheless, La Sportiva Mythos Eco has managed to have a unique design that was well thought out. The design aims at providing an unbelievable smearing experience when climbing on insecure slabs.

Apart from that, this is also among the best edging climbing shoes because they are making use of leather as their upper. The leather upper stretches and adjusts according to your feet allowing your feet to have more flexibility in terms of gripping the rocks during the climb.

Some essential features of La Sportiva Mythos ECO are as mentioned below:

Made using recycled materials:

Have you not wondered why there is an ‘eco’ in the name of the shoes? Eco is representing that these shows promote a green environment. You might ask us how? Well, in the manufacturing of these shoes, most of the times used are from recycled materials.

By implementing this strategy, La Sportiva is building a good industry standard for other manufacturers.

Lacing system:

La Sportiva Mythos has an amazing lacing system. This system will keep your feet secure and in place within the boots. You would not even worry about your shoes falling again during the climb.


The design of the shoes is such that it does not compromise one’s comfort. The shape of La Sportiva is as follows. It has low-profile toes with an overall neutral shape.


  • The shoes are wearable and durable
  • Comfortable style
  • Adjustable upper


  • Not for advanced climbers

2-Five Ten MoccAsym, Best Shoes for Fraction Slabs

These Five Ten MoccAsym are the best climbing shoes for slab. They have an easy-on and easy-off style. By purchasing this, you would not have to worry about tying and securing your feet with laces again. This pair of shoes is suitable for those climbers who prefer a low profile.

Moreover, the exterior of the shoes is made up of leather again making it comfortable on the feet and adjustable on the size as leather can stretch. These pairs of shoes are specially designed for crack climbing and can also be used in gym training sessions.

Some of the amazing features of these shoes are as follows:

Synthetic version:

If you are not a big fan of leather and want something else. Look no more, as the Five Ten MoccAsym are also being produced in a white synthetic version. This version of rock climbing shoes will expand less over time.

Easy on feet:

The design of these shoes promotes comfort. AS they are easy to take off and put on, most people would prefer to buy these. Moreover, these shoes do not have any midsoles which makes this pair of shoes effective at the time slotting feet in the cracks.

High friction rubber used:

This shoe is also among the best shoes for friction slabs. It makes use of high-friction rubber that works with your shoes in harmony. It helps in increasing the shoe’s overall performance and versatility.


  • It has a quick break-in period
  • You can easily resole the shoe
  • It is sensitive on the feet. This allows you to feel different terrains


  • Not suitable for overhangs or climbs that have harder sports

3- La Sportiva Katana Lace, Best Comfortable Edging Shoes:

You might be reading the name of La Sportiva Katana Lace a lot in this article. The reason for this is that La Sportiva is a well-established brand that specializes in making climbing shoes. This La Sportiva Katana Lace is the flagship shoe of the company. It was manufactured to be versatile and to serve all the purposes of a climber.

The main feature that sets this piece of best climbing shoes for slab apart is the edging that this pair of shoes provide. Moreover, you can easily stick your toe anywhere during the climb and you would not even feel anything. No doubt, this would boost your game of climbing.

Some of the useful features of this shoe are:

Edging performance:

This La Sportiva Katan lace is a top-tier shoe when considering its edging property. This is because it is making use of one of the hardest rubbers that have been known to date. That rubber is known as Vibram XS Edge. Moreover, this rubber also keeps on maintaining its shape.


This is one of the most supportive and comfortable shoes you would not find anywhere. Moreover, they are a perfect fit for intermediate climbers as they are made for them. For beginners, these pairs of shoes are a bit aggressive.


Although these best edging climbing shoes are designed for slab walls, you can use them for other climbing purposes as well.


  • Easy to use on thin tracks
  • Can be prolonged by resoling
  • Best for edges.


  • This shoe is less sticky when compared to VibramXS Grip

4-La Sportiva Finale, Best Durable Comfortable Shoes

These pairs of shoes are specifically tailor-made for beginners. And to be honest, they are just a beginner version of another La Sportiva Finale climbing shoe that is La Sportiva Katana. And both of these shoes are among the best climbing shoes for slab.

These shoes have almost all the qualities. However, they are not suitable for hikes where you would have to deal with really tiny edges. You might be wondering why I should not buy Katana instead. First of all, you would not be encountering climbing zones that require something like Katana at the starting stage. Secondly, these shoes would be cheaper than Katana.

Here are some essential features of the La Sportiva Finale Climbing Shoes:

Aiming at providing immense comfort:

These shoes are particularly designed to provide you with immense comfort. They are even more comfortable than La Sportiva Katana. The upper feel is soft on these rock climbing shoes because of unlined leather. Moreover, they are a bit aggressive shoes as well but are far more comfortable than them.


These shoes are made from durable materials that will last ages if proper care is taken of these shoes. This property matters because as a beginner, we have poor footwork that’s why our shoes are subjected to more wear and tear during the slab climbing.

Edging Performance:

As I mentioned earlier, these shoes do not have an edging performance that is as strong as La Sportiva Katana. Nevertheless, they have edge support because they are using Vibram XS Edge rubber as well. But Vibram here is not as refined as Katana.


  • These shoes are stiff
  • These are for beginners
  • These are durable


  • Heel Hooking and toe hooking is not good for these shoes

5-Butora Endeavor, Best Slab Climbing Shoes for Beginner:

Here we bring you another one of the best edging climbing shoes out there in the market that targets beginner climbers. Butora Endeavor shoes have great quality when compared to their price and their upper is hybrid. Hybrid means a mixture of both leather and synthetic material.

These slab climbing shoes will help you with 5.10 cozy ridges, or you can do even V4 climbs with them. Moreover, the closure mechanism of the shoes is Velcro. The straps are in a zig-zag style. This makes it easier for a starter climber to secure their fit with the Velcro mechanism.

Some amazing features of these shoes:

Inner layer:

The inner layer of the Butora Endeavor’s tongue is made up of memory foam. Along with this, the shoes are fully covered with organic hemp which minimizes smell and odor.

Two versions:

Most of the climbing shoes are specific to things and their functions. However, Butora Endeavor is manufactured in two forms. One form is wide while the second one is a tight form. Climbers have a choice to choose from.

Hybrid Upper:

These shoes carry a unique mix of leather and synthetic which makes them more comfortable. It allows breathability along with durability. Hence making the shoes comfortable on the feet.


  • It has good edging
  • The price is reasonable
  • Great for longer routes


  • Just a beginner shoe that can not give you a high performance

6-La Sportiva TC Pro, Best Climbing Shoes Used by the Tommy Caldwell:

La Sportiva’s slab climbing shoes are among the best shoes for friction slabs. The history of these shoes follows like this. Tommy Caldwell desired a climbing shoe that could help him climb the sharp granite Dawn Wall.

This is when he saw the difficulty of climbing as an opportunity to design these La Sportiva TC Pro shoes. And with these shoes, he accomplished his dream of climbing Dawn Wall. Moreover, these are also those legendary shoes that were worn by Alex Honnold when he was on his journey to El Capitan.

The useful features of these La Sportiva Shoes are as follows:


These shoes have padding that is made up of foam. The padding is placed strategically so that during crack climbing, your feet are extremely protected. Moreover, when you wear these shoes, your feet will mold into them.

Resoling with these shoes:

These shoes are designed in such a way that you can resolve these shoes easily. Not to miss, they have an upper layer made up of leather.

Cover on the Malleolus:

You might be wondering what is malleolus? Well, it is a pointy bone on your ankles. These boots have protection for that bone too.


  • They are durable and long-lasting
  • These shoes have foam padding
  • These are extremely protective


  • These shoes feel bulky when wearing them

7-Five Ten Hiangle, Best Soft Build Shoes:

 These shoes serve as climbing shoes as well as gym shoes. They have an aggressive build and are best edging climbing shoes. The upper of these shoes is made up of synthetic material and no doubt these shoes have the best toe hooking mechanism in the slab climbing shoe manufacturing industry

Some essential features are as follows:

Aggressive Shoes:

These shoes have a sticky toe rubber, and their shape is downturn which suggests the aggressiveness this shoe carries. In addition to this, it is also a lot more sensitive compared to other climbing shoes.

Synthetic Upper:

Initially, Five Ten used to produce upper with leather but here they opted for synthetic upper. This makes the shoe stretch less, hence many new climbers loved this change.

Soft Build:

These shoes are soft build instead of having stiff soles. Therefore, as a beginner, you need to work a bit hard while using these shoes.


  • Comfortable
  • Durable
  • Aggressive


  • Are not much close fit

8-Scarpa Vapor, Best Comfortable Easy to Wear Shoes:

 These are again beginner climbing shoes. The downturn of these shoes is moderate with the upper made up of leather. In short, these shoes are designed to balance both comfort and performance.

Some essential features of Scarpa Vapor are:


These shoes are not as efficient and strong as other qualities of climbing shoes. But these shoes provide you with ultimate comfort, hence worth a purchase.

Closure system:

It has a single-strand closure system of Velcro. This makes this pair of shoes easier to wear when going climbing.

Toe Box:

The toe box of these shoes is stiff, and it provides you with top-notch comfort. The reason behind this is that it is wide compared to other toe boxes of different shoes.


  • Has a Vibram sole
  • Microsuede upper
  • Talyn Midsole


  • Can find better options at a higher price

9- Evolv Rave, Best Secure Well-Constructed Shoes:

 These climbing shoes fall in the category of closure system known as slippers. They have an upper made up of leather with a downturn that is flat.

Some of its exceptional features are as follows:

Slip-On Construction:

These shoes have a slip-on construction aiming at becoming an all-rounder shoe with a flat last option as a climbing shoe.


These shoes are much stiffer when compared to some shoes of Five Ten and have a snug heel. With the help of a snug heel, they have a more secure overall fit.


These shoes are well designed and constructed with leather as their upper. The reason behind using leather as their upper is that it can withstand extensive wear and tear.


  • Affordable
  • Comfortable
  • Versatile


  • Unlined

10-La Sportiva Miura, Best Shoes with Heel Hooks:

 Here is our last top pick for you. You can not find any climbing shoe better than this with an aggressive downturn and upper made up of leather. Moreover, this climbing shoe does it all.

la Sportiva Miura significant features are as follows:

Heel hooks:

These shoes have outstanding heel hooks that help a lot when climbing difficult slabs. Having these shoes during a difficult climb is a must.

Has two models:

These shoes have two models each supporting different mechanisms. One has a lace-up closure mechanism while the other one has a Velcro system.

Soft and flexible:

This pair of shoes is stiff which allows the climber to have a better edging power when compared to other aggressive downturned shoes.


  • High Performance
  • For both men and women
  • Provides excellent edging


  • This shoe is not for wide feet

Buying Guide | Important things to consider before purchasing your climbing shoes

Very often, it is observed that people do not have enough knowledge about what kind of climbing shoes they should purchase. Or how to differentiate between various climbing shoes or which kind of climbing shoes fit your needs. Some of our readers may also be beginners in the field of climbing, hence need good starting guidance on how to purchase the best shoes for friction slab.

Therefore, we brought you this buying guide so that you do not go astray with your choice of rock climbing shoes.

Closure System:

By the term closure system, we mean how you strap the climbing shoes to your feet. Is it through laces or via another kind of closing mechanism such as Velcro? Three types of closure systems exist in climbing shoes.

The number one is with laces. Talking with experience, laces are the best way to tighten your slab climbing shoes. Although this system might be a bit hectic when compared to others, it provides you a tight and secure fit.

The number two is the Velcro system which is fast and easy. These are for those who take off their shoes on and off regularly. The third one is the slipper closure system. In reality, these shoes do not have a closure system. You just slip your feet in those climbing shoes.


This is another essential feature that most amateur shoe climbing buyers miss. The type of upper usually determines the use of those climbing shoes and approximates how much they will long before they start to wear and tear.

The most common uppers that you would see are leather upper shoes. The shoes with leather upper tend to stretch over time so it is your choice whether you want to purchase such shoes or not. Another upper that is currently in trend is synthetic upper shoes and they are more or less similar to leather. The main difference is that these upper shoes do not stretch.

Lastly, a hybrid of both leather and synthetic upper is also rolling around the market and the use and quality of hybrid uppers vary from brand to brand.


Knowing about whether you want to purchase a stiff-soled shoe, or a soft-soled shoe is also necessary. Stiff soled shoes are mostly used for trad climbing. These shoes help you achieve some extra rest when on long edges and they provide you with more support.

Soft soles would be more flexible and you will be able to have a firm grip on smaller holds. In general, they are better on rocky climbing areas or adventures.

Size of the shoe:

This is the most important thing when considering purchasing any kind of shoe out there. A proper size can save you from a lot of unwanted miseries. Always purchase slab climbing shoes or any shoes that fit perfectly on your feet.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Q.How to choose the perfect climbing shoes?

Ans. I would say that it is all about the experience. The market is already brimming with new and different types of climbing shoes and from time to time, new models and varieties arrive. But you can choose from our top 10 picks as they are among the best.

  1. Q.What is the price range of a rock climbing shoe?

Ans. Well, the price range of the slab climbing shoes depends on the kind of quality you want. Higher quality shoes that last years are generally a bit expensive than a regular climbing shoe.

  1. Q.Should you wear socks with your climbing shoes?

Ans. The answer depends on your comfort and the fitting of the shoes. If the shoes are comfortable, then do not wear socks. However, if not, but your shoes have space for feet with socks then, wear socks. But always remember to buy shoes so that you have space to put your socks worn foot in the climbing shoe.


In a nutshell, to purchase the best shoes for friction slab, you need to have some proper information. We believe that this article was able to provide you with the essential information that you might need when purchasing your best climbing shoes for slab in 2023. Feel free to choose from our picks.

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