10 Best Men Shoes for Standing all Day on Concrete 2023

Do you work on the construction site? Do you have to wear shoes for long hours? Do your feet ache at day end? These are footwear designed especially to serve your purpose. We have listed the 10 best men shoes for standing all day on concrete floors in 2023. You need to have your best fit to make your life much easier.

Your right choice could change your long day exhausting and provides you with an energetic and restless gait. You would find your work easier and more comfortable with the right pair of shoes on your feet that will boost your energy.

List of best men shoes for standing all day on concrete

Here we have listed the best men’s shoe for running on concrete floors. You could take a look and choose your best before you miss it.

  1. Best for walk on rough or concrete surfaces, New balance 577 V1
  2. Best lightweight shoes with affordable price, Rockport men
  3. Best Durable and Comfortable Shoes, Skechers Men’s Segment
  4. Best Shoes for Industrial areas, New Balance Slip Resistant 626 V2
  5. Best Shoes for Wide Feet, SkechersCalculous Slip-on
  6. Best for Jogging, ASICS Men’s Gel-Contend 4
  7. Best Water-Resistant Shoes for Hiking, Adidas Terrex Swift R2
  8. Best Comfortable Shoes for Narrow feet, Rockport Eberdon
  9. Best Heavy-duty shoes for Construction areas. PROTimberland Powertrain
  10.  Best Stylish Shoes for Long Distance running, Adidas Energy Booster
  11.  Best Shoes for Running, Brooks Glycerin 19

1.    New balance 577 V1, Best for walk on rough or concrete surfaces:

New balance has a legacy to provide the best of the best footwear for over a hundred years. It an American brand that produces a wide range of shoes with different models and sizes. It is up to you to choose the best fit according to your gait and foot dimensions. This new balance 577 V1 design is one of the masterpieces and that is why it secured a place in our list of best men shoes for standing all day on concrete.

This shoe is available in three different colors which are black, grey, and bone color. It is made of 100% pure leather and absorbs cushioning heel to give you an outstanding feel and comfort in your long-standing and walk on rough or concrete surfaces. Its sole further augments the comfort because it is a rubber-built outer sole for smooth walking/standing.

One of the issues often people face is the opening/closure of shoes. The absence of shoelaces makes it quick and comfortable to put on/off. Finally, it is multi-purpose shoes can be used for a street walk and long-standing/walking. It is long-lasting, durable, and supportive for long usage and walking.


  • Quick closure
  • 100% Leather
  • Rubber outer sole
  • Specially designed for long-standing/walking
  • Long-lasting and shock absorber


  • Some users prefer the design of the lace of this brand
  • Relatively expensive

2. Rockport men’s, Best lightweight shoes with affordable price:

Rockport is a brand that is known for its quality, durability, and comfort. It is an American brand famous for producing premium quality products. It is a compact, nicely stitched, and attractive shoe with premium quality soal. The color range is black, brown, and chocolate which make it a versatile footwear meeting the taste of diversified consumers.

This shoe piece is composed of genuine leather which is easy to wear and clean. It is lightweight to wear and walk. Its sole is comfortable and eye-catching. Lining on the shoes makes them more durable and compact in style and grace. Rockport has extra padding to reduce irritation and shock impact. Its comfort and shock absorbing capacity make it excellent wear to fight foot fatigue.

You would see that a lot of consumers give remarks about their excellent experience with this pair of shoes and associate super quality and comfort with Rockport men’s walking shoes. The shoe has goodwill and consumer trust. Hence we are bringing it to our list of men’s best shoes for walking all day on concrete.


  • It is made of leather material
  • It has fatigue-fighting padding
  • This shoe brand has won consumer trust
  • Available in multiple colors
  • It Feels lightweight
  • It has Premium quality stitching


  • Relatively costly to buy

3. Skechers Men’s Segment, Best Durable and Comfortable Shoes

Believe it or not, you are reading about one of the most comfortable shoes. People’s review says the same about this Skechers the search loafer. That is why we brought this article to our list of best mans’ shoes for standing all day on concrete. Skechers is a brand that has been producing supportive and lightweight footwear for years. Consumers consider it the best shoes for walking all day.

This loafer is comfortable supportive and compact. When you buy footwear for yourself what do you look in? It could be design, comfort, durability, stitching, and price. This piece is affordable, well stitched, and durable and a name of comfort. I give you a pro tip, this Skechers article is all in all. It has memory form gel inside the soal and slip-on oiled leather stuff for the upper side of the shoe. It is easy to wear and close.

The icing on the top is recommended as the best shoes for standing all day in heel pain. Further, its price is economical and found in a variety of range from low to high. This feature makes it accessible to a diversified audience.


  • It is comfortable
  • It has memory gel form
  • Soal is made of rubber
  • Economical to buy
  • It is Slipper on version


  • It causes strain if memory foam is damaged

4. New Balance Slip Resistant 626 V2, Best Shoes for Industrial areas:

There are a lot of shoemakers who claim to produce comfortable and durable shoes. Many articles come with a lot of promises and tradeoffs between comfort and durability. Can you compromise comfort for durability and the other way round? Is it necessary? No, you can have both comfortable and long-lasting shoes which are the best shoes for standing all day in heel pain.

You don’t need to be restless all day in hard soal shoes and have irritation and blisters on your feet. Uncomfortable shoes can cause damages injuries especially in construction, medical centers, and hotels.

This New balance slip-resistant is the best running shoes for concrete floors. It is specifically designed to use for industrial purposes and made accordingly with durable leather, a comfortable sole, and a shock-resistant footbed. It has firm construction and a slip-resistant structure for supportive movement on rough surfaces. It has a supportive and stylish design with laces and a non-slip version. It provides strong support for the movement and walks for the whole day.


  • It has premium quality sole
  • ideal to deal with sock impact
  • Strongly constructed to avoid slip
  • beautifully designed
  • constructed with 100% leather
  • Shock-absorbing footbed


  • Costly
  • It is non-slip pair of shoes

5. SkechersCalculous Slip-on, Best Shoes for Wide Feet:

A lot of people complain about their sweaty feet and uncomfortable footwear. They find it hard and cumbersome to wear a loafer the whole day. This is especially true for those working in industrial sides and other places where long day walking and standing is a norm. Sweating causes blisters and rashes on their feet and you find them hating their shoes.

This issue has been taken up and resolved by Skechers shoe brand. They made shoes considering the sweaty feet of their consumers who walk and stand long day wearing shoes, especially on concrete floors.

The Skechers Calculous slip-on serves the purpose. It is made of original leather and rubber soal with high heels making it the best running shoes for concrete floors. The shoe bed is made of infused memory gel and shock-resistant for rough floors. Its sole is air-cooled and anti-sweat material to provide whole-day comfort. The base material is very lightweight to provide soft and smooth walking and standing experience for long hours. As a whole, it is pressure absorbent, a pain reliever, and breathable. These features make it the best lightweight walking shoes.


  • It provides long hours of comfort
  • It is air-cooled for sweaty feet
  • The base material is as light as a feather
  • It is pure leather with a rubber sole
  • It carries a breathable foot sole to keep feet dry for long hours
  • The shoe is made of excellent leather and is well-constructed. It is both durable and provides instant comfort.


  • Expensive

6. ASICS Men’s Gel-Contend 4, Best for Jogging:

This is an ASICS sneaker with a gel feature and synthetic sole to ensure instant comfort and durability. Are you thinking about LOOKS? Yes, stylish design is an add-on.

A lot of people find their feet ached and sweaty at day end. Many brands claim to resolve this aching and unsupportive experience but all in vain. Even if it is true then durability is compromised. What if someone looking for the best shoe for standing all day or someone has heel pain or keeps standing/ walking on a concrete surface the whole day?

Here comes another master article of ASICS in our buying guide of best men shoes for standing all day on concrete. This sneaker is gel featured with an excellent cushioning shoe base to avoid and kill pain and aching. A synthetic sole with gel function can be used for a variety of functions in walking, running, and gym workout. It is unique and praiseworthy for its gel content. It has a long and supportive tongue and a strong lace guard. The icing on the top is relatively economical than its brethren in the market.

You can say that if you are tired of your old shoes and your feet are aching then you are at the right place this article is for you to choose from our list of best shoes for long walking on concrete floors.


  • It is gel-featured shoes
  • supportive laces support for a strong foothold
  • Ideal for those who have foot aching due to long hours of walking and standing on rough surfaces
  • A great fit for your feet


  • Laces make it difficult to put on/off

7. Adidas Terrex Swift R2, Best Water-Resistant Shoes for Hiking:

Are you looking for quality shoes for long-standing and walking on concrete floors? Do you want to buy the best waterproof shoes for standing all day? Do you feel severe pain in feel after the day’s end? Then you are going through the right piece of buying guide of best men shoes for standing all day on concrete floors.

This is a true hiking boot for long-lasting durability and ensures a strong grip in all conditions. These are hiking boots with a lightweight sole that ensures smooth and energetic walking. It is constructed so to resist water and provide all-day dry walking and standing with no aching and rashes.

We suggest you this Adidas Terrex Swift GTX if you are looking for a pair of shoes to resist rough surfaces, super strong and durable, water-resistant, and lightweight. It is matchless in these features. Synthetic sole and mesh make it very light and soft in wearing and using. However, it charges a high price to provide a value proposition.


  • It is a lightweight midsole shoe
  • You would find a gel-infused footbed in it
  • We love it for Its exceptional durability
  • It is good to use for hiking and on rough surfaces


  • It resists water for few months

8. Rockport Eberdon, Best Comfortable shoes for Narrow feet:

This Rockport Ederdon loafer is listed in our guide because it has a simple and graceful look, comfortable shape, shock-absorbing capacity, and breathable lining. If you are looking at these features in one place then this is your choice.

A combination of both semi-formal and informal looks with shock-absorbing and EVA soal makes it the right fit for your feet. Lining space makes it dry and a moisture absorbing for the whole day. Additionally, its lining provides a soft experience and the front design is very smooth for forefront working.

As far as material is concerned, pure leather is used for constructing this well-stitched article and the sole is made of rubber which gives a compact and shiny look. Moreover, shock-absorbing capacity makes it the best running shoes for concrete floors. It is available in various colors to match the taste of the user and the lower footbed is made of rubber that beats aching and shock impacts.


  • Shock absorbent to resist unsmooth impacts
  • Rubber soal gives instant comfort and pain relief
  • The lining facilitates drying the feet and absorbing moisture
  • The original leather is used to produce this shoe


  • Bit expensive

9. PRO Timberland Powertrain ,Best Heavy-duty shoes for Construction areas:

Somebody who works on an industrial and construction side and feels exhausting at the end of the day might find this a good fit to serve his purpose. Timberland is a brand well known for its hard and tough shoes. These are specifically designed for concrete floors and rough surfaces. These are well-constructed, strong, hiking material nylon shoes with synthetic soal. It has alloy safety toe and anti-microbial lining to prevent odor.

Mesh lining and laces- support gives beautiful look and strong support for walking long hours on concrete floors. It has traction for any conditions and surfaces. You would find it ideal for tough situations and rough surfaces.


  • Ideal for Industrial
  • strong and well-constructed
  • A well-known brand name.
  • It is fatigue resistant


  • None

10.Adidas Energy Booster, Best Stylish Shoes for Long Distance running:

Adidas is the name that comes in the minds of many when they look for some quality footwear for their usage. It is famous for making sporty and tough shoes. This is an excellent article about Adidas that is made of nylon with rubber soal and cushioning effect. It has an energy booster that works well. The design is also praise-worthy and attractive to many.

It is supportive and a good fit for feet and durable for a longer period. It can be used in rough places and sporty environments.


  • It has an attractive design
  • Energy booster makes it unique
  • It is soft and constructed with cushioning effect
  • It is supportive to feet and durable


  • It cannot withstand rough and tough conditions

11. Brooks Glycerin 19, Best Shoes for Running:

Brooks is an American sports company producing premium quality sports wears to entertain and meet the needs of their consumers. You would find their amazing products which hard and tough for these rough surfaces and long working on concrete floors. Alongside, it also focuses on providing soft stuff footwear to make them supportive and comfortable for their users and avoid aching and blisters.

Brooks Glycerin is an imported shoe with a synthetic sole that gives a supremely soft and comfortable experience. It is available in multi colors giving consumers a wide range of their choice. Its soft and mesh interior makes it very smooth and soft from heel to the forefront. These are recommended for speed, tracking, long distances, and road walk.

It has three levels of cushion low medium and high. The high-level cushion is recommended for those looking for a smooth and lightweight experience in long-running. Similarly, there are three-speed categories in this article. High speed is recommended for speedy runners and a soft feel for long hours.


  • It comes in various speed levels
  • low to high cushion customization
  • synthetic sole
  • You will find it in different colors


  • These are expensive given the features it carries for users

Buying guide: Prominent factors to consider while choosing your best footwear for concrete floors

The comfort of your feet

The first and foremost important criterion is the comfort of your feet. You may have experience buying a sneaker and wear it few times and then left in your wardrobe unused. It is because you cannot wear a shoe that causes aching or exhaustion for your feet.

An uncomfortable shoe will harm your feet causing continuous irritation and might lead to blisters.

Shoe sole

Another important thing to account for is the shoe sole. A well-constructed shoe has a long-lasting, soft, and rubber sole. Sole should be designed to protect your feet and toe. A non-supportive soal could lead you to get out of balance causing damage or injury. Hence soal should be traction for all conditions and surfaces


Consumers are always conscious of the price they pay for their shoes. Their choice is influenced by the consideration they pay for the value they receive in return. Hence one should consider the price in terms of the value the shoe is offering. Value for money footwear should be bought.


Last but not the least, durability and long-lasting material are the key to anyone’s choice of buying shoes for their wardrobe. A shoe that is well stitched, made of excellent quality material, strong and soft soal is always preferred.

The above list of best men shoes for standing all day on concrete has excellent choices that provide super durability and long-life usage.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some common questions that shoe buyers look for while making buying choices.

    1.What are the major features one should look at before buying footwear?

A shoe buyer should look for the shape of the shoe, its size, design, brand, and the price of the shoes before making any choice for their wardrobe. There is no perfect shoe but you need to look for a shoe that is in good price range, feels comfortable, stays long on rough conditions, and good in design.

    2. Which one is the best shoe to buy?

I cannot give you your best fit because it’s your choice and the prism with which you see your best fit. You should consider our list of best men shoes for standing all day on concrete and relate your preferences with the features of each product. In this way, you can select your best buy.

      3. Is an expensive sneaker means good shoe?

No, it is not necessary. A good shoe could be economical and an over-priced shoe means you are not getting a value proposition from the seller. Moreover, you may have a different perception of quality than another user. Hence high pricing does not mean always a good shoe.

4.Are laces-built shoes better than slip-on?

It is a matter of your perception that what you prefer and what you are looking for. If I say, I prefer laces shoes you may disagree and have different taste or looking for a different purpose. Hence you need to classify yourself that what you like and what serves your purpose of buying.

Final Remarks

In a nutshell, this is the ending of our buying guide that helps you to buy the best men shoes for standing all day on concrete floors. You can assess all the criteria above to take your well-informed buying decision. Keep in mind your best may not be someone else best. You should look for factors that fascinate you for your footwear and serve your needs. In this way, you would get your best footwear.

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