10 Best Affordable Hiking Shoes In 2023

Living in a mountainous or hilly region surely provides a person with a lot of opportunities to go for hikes. Or if you are a hiking enthusiast, you would often be traveling to newer regions and exploring those regions via hiking. No matter whatever category you are falling in; one thing is for sure you need to be well-prepared before heading out for a hike.

During your preparation for the hike, you might choose a lot of essential things. But, as a hiker, you should never forget that the most significant piece of equipment that you need to gear up when doing a hike are your pairs of hiking shoes.

To be honest, you would find a variety of brands and companies claiming to sell different kinds of hiking shoes out there. However, only some companies and brands are trustworthy. So, you need to be careful with your choice of hiking boots. Another thing that a person usually considers is the affordability of hiking shoes. To address this concern, we are writing this guide for you to point out the best affordable hiking shoes.

List of Best Affordable Hiking Shoes from the Market:

  1. Best Grip Shoes on rough slopes, Danner Trail 2650
  2. Best Lightweight Shoes, Saucony Peregrine 11
  3. Best Balanced Shoes, Altra Lone Peak 5
  4. Best Shock Absorbtion Shoes with less sweaty, La Sportiva Spire GTX
  5. Best Shoes with Removable Insole, Hoka One One Speedgoat 4
  6. Best Warranty Leather Shoes, Timberland White Ledge Mid Hiking Boot
  7. Best Slip Resistant Shoes, Nortiv 8 Hiking Shoes
  8. Best Comfortable Shoes, Skechers Relment Pelmo Chukka Hiking Shoes
  9. Best Rust-Free Shoes, Hi-Tek Logan Hiking Shoes,
  10. Best Shoes for Hard Surfaces, Ariat Terrain Hiking shoes

1-Danner Trail 2650, Best Grip Shoes on rough slopes:

Danner Trail 2650 is among the best and cheapest hiking shoes that are available in the store. It is versatile. This means that this pair of shoes can be used on different trains without or with fewer adjustments. These hiking shoes will help you maneuver through the terrain at a pace. The main reason behind this is that these shoes allow your feet exceptional agility and flexibility to move anywhere.

Another fantastic feature of this pair of boots is that it is using most of the high-tech that has been developed for hiking boots. This makes the pair worth spending bucks on.

Some essential features of the shoes are as follows:

EXO Heel System:

We all want those best affordable hiking shoes which provide our feet with innovative comfort and stability. Without these, your feet inside the hiking shoes would not be secure hence it might result in injury. So, to address this problem of stability, Danner Trail 2650 used EXO Heel System. This technology provides the feet with exceptional comfort and feet are secured in place within the shoes.

Trail guard Platform:

This is another feature that is included in these Danner’s hiking shoes. This feature allows the hiker to be able to have an athletic performance while being lightweight as well.

Vibram Sole:

Grip has always been a point of consideration when purchasing a hiking boot. These Vibram soles provide you with a sturdy grip on rough slopes.


  • Torsional stiffness is increased by TPU Shank
  • Upper is durable and light
  • It has a reinforced heel counter


  • A bit expensive

2- Saucony Peregrine 11, Best Lightweight Shoes:

 This is among our best budget hiking shoes as it has a unique design and is affordable too. An important thing to mention here is that Saucony Peregrine has always ruled the market of hiking shoes. They have enough experience with their customers that they are aware of what is their need.

Nevertheless, these best cheapest hiking shoes have unbelievable traction. This is what stands these shoes out from the rest of the collection in the stores.

Some of their essential features to discuss are as follows:

Ultralight shoes:

As mentioned before, these shoes are designed in such a way that they are light on the feet. It has an upper which is durable and light allowing you to move to different areas in no team. With these light shoes, you can reach your destination quicker than usual.

PWRRUN Cushioning:

These shoes encompass in them a new type of cushioning. This cushioning provides a solid surface to your feet within the shoe giving you confidence when uphill or downhill.

Aggressive Lugs:

These shoes are not only lightweight, but they have lugs that provide you with excellent grip. This grip makes it easier for you to dig in the surface and have a smooth hike.


  • Has Exceptional Traction
  • Are secure fit to feet
  • Affordable


  • Less durable than other hiking shoes

3-Altra Lone Peak 5, Best Balanced Shoes:

 This is one of those shows where Altra decided to alter the shape a bit. It turns out this decision was quite successful. The observable change in the design was that this hiking shoe started to have a bit narrower profile which gave this shoe a sleek look. Nevertheless, Altra decided to maintain their signature look of toe-box.

Some features of Altra Lone Peak 5 to consider:

Breathable shoes:

The new design of these best-budget hiking shoes is well-ventilated with uppers being reinforced. This aids Altra Lone Peak 5 to have a durable yet airy shape.

Balanced Cushioning:

Altra has designed its cushioning in such a way that your heel and forefoot are at an equal distance which allows you to have a proper landing when jumping and to have a better form.

Canted Lugs and hook and loop tab:

These canted lugs on the outsoles have a strategic positioning. These lugs allow excellent underside traction. Moreover, the hook and loop tab allows the strapless gaiter to easily attach to the boot. This is useful for additional protection against ridges and rocks.


  • Have a spacious toe box
  • Additional gaiter attachment
  • Lightweight and comfortable


  • Less durable than usual

4-La Sportiva Spire GTX, Best Shock Absorbtion Shoes with less sweat:

 La Sportiva has been well-known in the industry of shoe manufacturing. This depicts how professional they are in their work. This in turn provides us with evidence that these shoes produced by La Sportiva GTX are of high quality.

To put in a few lines, La Sportiva Spire GTX tries to strike a balance between stability, durability, and comfortability. Adding up to this, La Sportiva Spire GTX has a tough outer layer making it resistant to wear and tear which are common scenarios at various hikes.

Some exceptional features of La Sportive Spire GTX are as follows:

Nano Cell 2.0:

This nano cell technology is implemented by La Sportive in their Spire GTX shoes. This technology allows these best affordable hiking shoes to be less sweaty. Moreover, the upper area is further protected by a resistant abrasion mesh.

Vibram brake system sole:

This pair of shoes maintain its reputation for excellent grip by providing a sole with an impact braking system. This adds up to the traction provided by the boots making them secure to wear out.

EVA Midsole:

The midsoles of these shoes are also special. They are made up of compression-modeled EVA. Therefore, these midsoles provide you with long-lasting shock absorption


  • Durable and comfortable
  • Closure fit
  • Has ventilation outlets creating breathable environments


  • A bit expensive than others
    Less variety of colors

5-Hoka One One Speedgoat 4, Best Shoes with Removable Insole:

 When we are talking about the best affordable hiking shoes that are out there, then how can we forget Hoka One One Speedgoat 4. These boots are waterproof, meaning they allow you to explore nature and go on hikes on rainy days. You would not have to worry about getting your feet wet when going for hikes during the rainy season.

Nonetheless, they provide you with exceptional comfort and support, and no doubt, you would not be able to find a boot better than this in this price range. The feature that makes this hiking shoe different from other best budget hiking shoes out there, is its ultra-cushy midsole.

Now let us talk about some more features of these amazing hiking boots:

Low Profile construction:

These hiking shoes have a low-profile design. This means that these pairs of shoes allow you to have more ankle mobility. Hence, Hoka One One Speedgoat 4 is tailor-made for rough hikes where you would encounter a lot of rocks.

Removable Insole:

Who does not wish for a removable insole? At least I do! Removable insoles in these shoes allow freedom for the person to adjust the padding and cushioning according to their desires. Moreover, it also acts as extra support for your feet.

Rubber Soles:

Rubber soles are quite popular when considering grips and shoes. Rubber has advanced a lot in technology recently. With new technology, rubber soles provide far better traction than before.


  • Waterproof
    Traction is outstanding and is comfortable
  • Soles are cushy and supportive


  • Less protective when compared to other hiking shoes

6-Timberland White Ledge Mid Hiking Boot, Best Warranty Leather Shoes:

 Timberland is a company that is popular for shoes. This company produces shoes not only for hiking but for casual wear and kids as well. If we talk about them specifically in their domain of hiking, you will encounter a lot of the best and cheapest hiking shoes. This hiking boot also has a good rating on amazon hence you might be convinced about the reputation of Timberland.

Some exceptional features of this shoe are as mentioned below:

Multi-directional lugs:

Lugs are basically traction providing engraves and bumps on the outsole of the hiking shoes. This Timberland White Ledge Mid Hiking Boot has multi-directional lugs which are essential for traction on different kinds of terrains that you may hike on.

Leather uppers:

It has been guaranteed that the uppers of the shoes are made up of leather which allows these best budget hiking shoes to become waterproof as well. This addition of leather not only makes the shoe water-resistant but also gives this boot a unique style.


These best hiking shoes under 50 are also coming with a warranty. This provides you an assurance that if the piece that you picked is defective, then you can replace it with something else.


  • They are durable and light
  • They support ankles well
  • It is very cheap


  • The sole is soft for rough terrain hike

7-Nortiv 8 Hiking Shoes, Best Slip Resistant Shoes:

 Here you go with another hiking shoe which is among the best hiking shoes under 50. It is hard to find a shoe with more features and higher quality than this hiking shoe at the same price.

Another thing to mention here is that do not fall for the looks of this boot. It is much lighter than how it looks. Moreover, this best affordable hiking shoes guide is the only shoe at such a low price providing high ankle coverage.

Some amazing features of these beasts are:

Removable insole:

This hiking shoe has a removable insole. It means that it provides you with excellent support and flexibility when needed. Moreover, you can adjust the soles anytime you like.


It is common to witness rain when you are going for a hike somewhere. This usually affects our plans as most hiking boots get dirty and slip a lot during the rain. But this is not the case with these Nortiv 8 ankle-high hiking shoes. These shoes are waterproof!

Slip Resistant:

These shoes are not just durable, but they also have high traction. As mentioned before, these shoes use a specific technology that provides them with the ability to have excellent grip even when the surface is wet.


  • Absorbs shocks
  • Provides excellent grip on wet surfaces
  • It is among the best hiking shoes under 50


  • No cons

8-Skechers Relment Pelmo Chukka Hiking Shoes, Best Comfortable Shoes:

 These are the best affordable hiking shoes that are designed for both outdoor and indoor hiking. However, you can optimally use them when you are doing a hike outdoors. There they are useful. Moreover, for individuals who are more into comfort when opting for shoes, then these hiking boots are for them.

Apart from that, at an affordable price, you are getting a sealed waterproof layer that allows you to use these boots anywhere.

Some useful features of these hiking shoes are as written down:

100 percent leather:

These best-budget hiking shoes are made up of 100 percent leather and have been sealed so that no water can enter the shoes. This is what makes these pairs of hiking shoes from sketchers unique from others.

Ultimate grip:

The lugs of these boots are designed in such a way that it provides these shoes with optimal grip. You can wear these boots and go on a hike without having a slight fear of slipping on the way.

Memory Foam:

Memory foam is a technology that is mainly used for providing comfort to the user. Along with this memory foam also acts as an excellent shock absorber.


  • Ankle-high design of the shoe
  • Midsoles absorb the shocks
  • Has a mesh fabric on laces side


  • No cons

9-Hi-Tek Logan Hiking Shoes, Best Rust-Free Shoes:

 These are hiking shoes that you can alternate between day-to-day use or for a hike. Moreover, they are amazingly cheap therefore we put these shoes on our list of the best and cheapest hiking shoes. I guarantee you that you would not be able to find other best hiking shoes under 50 similar to this.

Some of the useful features are as follows:

Chillie-Style lacing:

The lacing style of these boots is different from regular boots. And these boots are also rust-free. Hence, these boots are worth the bucks.

MDT Rubber:

To provide exceptional traction and grip, these shoes have an MDT rubber outsole and multi-directional lugs.


Everyone prefers lightweight shoes. And if you talk about the weight of these shoes, then it is about 2lb.


  • It is waterproof
  • It is durable and flexible
  • Has a nice balance of weight and stability


  • Not as lightweight as others

10-Ariat Terrain Hiking shoes, Best Shoes for Hard Surfaces:

 If you want something on a friendly budget but has superior quality, then this shoe is made for you. That is why we have considered this among the best affordable hiking shoes out there in the shoe market.

These shoes make use of the most effective technology out there for flexibility and stability. That technology is known as ATS.

Now let us look at some features of these shoes:

Outsoles are Duratread:

These kinds of outsoles are new in the market, but they have proven to provide maximum traction even on rough hard surfaces and trails.


These shoes are also made up of leather which is oiled. This makes the shoe highly waterproof and easy to clean when compared to others.

Uses ATS technology:

ATS technology has proven itself to be the most effective technology in terms of providing your feet with comfort. The use of this technology makes this hiking shoe stand out.


  • Has an amazing arch support
  • Uses lightweight EVA midsoles
  • Has superior cushioning for the feet which lasts for the whole day


  • This pair of shoe is a bit expensive when compared to the previous ones

Buying Guide | Essential information to purchase the best cheapest hiking shoes

Whenever you go out buying shoes, there are some important elements or features that you need to consider when purchasing hiking shoes. These tips will help you to select the perfect hiking boot for you. Who knows, you might even end up having the best hiking shoes under 50. Nevertheless, it is a bit tricky and challenging to choose from a plethora of shoes. Here are some criteria to cut down your research.

How Often?

Just as the heading stated, how often would you go hiking, and how difficult would be the terrain. Will it be steep, sloppy, slippery, rough, or with a lot of ridges? Secondly, you would also be thinking about the duration of your hikes. Then you should find the shoes according to your needs.

For instance, if you like long hikes, you will go for the best budget hiking shoes which are comfortable on your feet. If the hike is rough, then you would look for the best affordable hiking shoes that can withstand scratches and are tough.

How much weight are you going to carry?

Believe us or not, the weight of the backpack matters the most. If you do not consider this, you might end up getting some kind of back injury. Therefore, it is advisable, always pack light and just bring the necessary things.

However, if you think you need to carry a heavy backpack, opt for those hiking shoes which provide you with enough lateral support.

Know your foot size!!

It is commonly seen that most people end up purchasing those hiking shoes which are the wrong size. We want to emphasize that size matters! A wrong-sized hiking shoe can damage your feet in the long run and in severe cases, you might need some kind of surgery to deal with those injuries. Hence, know your size before purchasing a hiking shoe.

Learn some lacing techniques!

Well, this is a bonus tip that is not related to the purchase of the hiking shoe itself. In general, learn new and effective lacing techniques that can support your walking and running during the hikes. These techniques also tend to provide extra support to your feet when needed.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Q.Do cheap hiking boots compete with pricey hiking boots?

Ans. Well, the general answer is no. Pricey hiking boots have higher prices because they are made up of premium quality materials and technology. So, if you can purchase expensive hiking boots of good quality, go for them.

  1. Q. What should you look for when purchasing hiking shoes?

Ans. A perfect hiking boot will be perfectly balanced and will provide you with intense stability and support. They would also be lightweight.

  1. Q. Should I consider purchasing oversized hiking shoes?

Ans. The clearest and crisp answer to this is a big no. Hiking shoes that are too loose on your feet can result in warts and blisters. If you wish to avoid them, do not purchase such a bigger-sized pair of hiking shoes.


We hope that after going through this article, you would have found out what you needed. Have a thorough look at the nearby stores or online stores before making your final decision about the best affordable hiking shoes in 2023.

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