10 Best Hiking Shoes for Summer In 2023

Does your old hiking boot not perform well now? Or it is torn apart due to rough surfaces? Well, we have made a list of those shoes which will solve this problem.

Each pair of shoes on the list comes with exceptional features for exceptional conditions that make them unique from others. Ranging from high durability than standard market shoes to a variety of prints and breathable mesh surfaces.

List of Best Hiking Shoes for Summer In 2023:

  1. Best Waterproof Shoes,  Newton Ridge Plus II by Columbia Men
  2. Best Durable Lightweight Shoes, Men’s Outline GTX Hiking
  3. Best Rubber Sole Shoes,  Columbia Men’s Redmond V2 Hiking
  4. Best Anti-Slip Shoes,  Men’s Crestwood Hiking Shoe by Columbia
  5. Best with Variety of Different Colors,  Merrell Men’s Moab 2 Vent Hiking
  6. Best Shoes comes with Cooling Feature,  Skechers Men’s Outline-SOLEGO Trail
  7. Best Shoes with Strong Grip,  X Ultra 3 Gore-Tex
  8. Best for All-weathers Shoes,  KEEN Men’s Steens Vent
  9. Best with Imported Potent Materials,  KEEN Men’s Voyageur
  10. Best for Rainy Weather,  Columbia Men’s Ivo Trail Breeze

1-Newton Ridge Plus II by Columbia Men, the Best waterproof Shoes:

 Columbia has been successful in making quality hiking boots for its customers and users. Newton Ridge Plus II is one of the examples of what quality is. Ridge II Plus makes it to the list of the top 10 best hiking shoes for summer due to its advanced features and technology.

The features of Ridge Plus II are the ones that you see in high-budget shoes but want at a low price. Well, Columbia has solved your problem by providing you with its masterpiece.

Features offered by Newton’s Ridge Plus II:

High-Quality Materials

Imported and High-Quality materials that could withstand when exposed to rocky and tough surfaces are used in the Ridge Plus II. Making it vulnerable to these tough mountain ranges and hiking spots.

That makes it a perfect deal for hikers and climbers to buy. In addition to that, the rubber that is used in the outsole is not an ordinary one. It’s imported and highly durable making it one of the perfect hiking shoes.


A dual-zone feature that is called “Omni-Grip” is installed in the Ridge Plus II that allows it to perform extraordinarily in all conditions of weather and environment. You can even use these amazing hiking shoes on snow without any fear of slipping or falling due to Omni-Grip technology.


Water-proof materials are equipped by the Ridge Plus II. Adding to the versatility of the shoes. In case of rainy weather. You need not to worry about the shoe that it will damage. It won’t.


  • Omni-Grip technology for all-weather usage
  • Water-Proof
  • Anti-Slip feature
  • Mesh Surface at laces


  • No color or print variations

2-Men’s Outline GTX Hiking, Best Durable Lightweight Shoes:

 Creating unique designs and features shoes since 1947. This company released another hiking product namely “GTX Outline”. Which is fully equipped with waterproof and potent materials.

The new Outline GTX has a soft midsole for a more comfortable hiking experience for users that common hiking shoes can’t provide. While the outsole is kept hard for rough usage and terrain.

Features of Men Outline GTX

Waterproof and 2 beautiful colors variants

A great feature for mountaineers that do hiking on wet terrains. The waterproof feature prevents the water from entering the midsole and protects the surface of the shoes from rupturing or tearing apart.

The Outline GTX hiking shoe comes in two different patterns. Namely “Phantom Black” and “Urban Black”.

High Durability and Lightweight

The midsole of the Outline GTX is made very smooth and soft. That adds to the comfort of the shoes. While on the other hand, the outsole has very tough and resistant materials that protect it against rough and tough terrains and the environment.

To maintain the weight of the shoes. The company has installed a light midsole. Overall reducing the weight of the shoes.

Easy Grip

The surface of the outsole is designed in such a way that it gives you easy grip and allows you to run at a specific speed without slipping or any other problem


  • Lightweight shoes
  • High Durability
  • Waterproof
  • Strong Grip


  • No breathable mesh

3-Columbia Men’s Redmond V2 Hiking, Best Rubber Sole Shoes:

 Redmond V2 is another hiking shoe by Columbia that performs well to be on the list of best hiking boots for hot weather. The Redmond V2 has Omni-grip like other hiking boots that make them work efficiently in all weather conditions.

In addition to that, the Redmond V2 by Columbia contains high-quality leather on its surface. The rubber sole is made from no ordinary rubber that gets torn into pieces after exposed to some pointy rocks or opaque objects.

Some of the features of Redmond V2 Hiking are:

Techlite Midsole

New technology is introduced in hiking and workout shoes. That their outsole is kept hard and strong to protect the feet. While their midsole is kept lightweight and soft for comfortable usage and experience.

Redmond V2 is also equipped with this ultra-lightweight midsole technology called “Techlite Technology”.

Highly Durable Rubber Sole

An imported rubber is used in the sole of the Redmond V2. That can easily withstand tough environments and conditions. Unlike standard rubber sole shoes. Those are easily available everywhere. This rubber can withstand a long time period without rupturing.

High-Quality Lace and Breathable Mesh

Extended laces have been installed in these shoes that solve the problem of most of the people that do not like short lace shoes. In addition to that, the surface of the shoes is breathable mesh.

That allows air circulation. Keeping the feet cool and preventing sweating.


  • Breathable Mesh surface
  • Extended long-length laces
  • Techlite Midsole


  • No cons we feel while reviewing

4-Men’s Crestwood Hiking Shoe by Columbia, Best Anti-Slip Shoes:

 The Crestwood Men’s Hiking boots are made from 100% pure leather and imported rubber. The imported rubber outsole is designed in such a pattern that it gives you easy and improved grip on rough terrains.

The midsole is made very light to increase the comfort level for mountaineers while hiking. The Crestwood by Columbia is available in six different colors and designs to choose from.

Let’s see what Columbia’s Crestwood has to offer in its features.

Light Midsole and Tough Outsole

The midsole is made from very soft raw materials. That reduces its weight to some extent. In addition to weight reduction, the comfort level of the midsole is above average.

On the other hand, the outsole is made from tough and potent materials. So that it can withstand on the surfaces where users go hiking.

Anti-Slip and High Cushioning

A high cushion helps a lot while wearing and removing the shoes. Without getting your hands hurt. An additional anti-slip feature is installed on the surface of the sole of the shoe.

It provides high traction support on slippery and wet surfaces.

6 different colors and patterns

The Crestwood by Columbia comes in six different color variations.

These include Rusty, Brown, Dark Brown, Grey, Quarry, and Black


  • Six different colors variation
  • Anti-Slip technology for high traction
  • High Cushion Back


  • No breathable mesh

5-Merrell Men’s Moab 2 Vent Hiking, Best with Variety of Different Colors:

 Merrell Men’s Moab 2 is a dream come to for those users who like suede leather hiking boots. The Moab 2 fulfills their dream. In addition to the presence of pure leather.

These beautiful hiking shoes have mesh breathable surfaces along with a synthetic sole. The variation in the prints and designs of the boots is another plus for those who buy Moab 2.

Features of Moab 2 include:

18 Different Colors and Prints

The Moab 2 by Merrell comes in eighteen different color variations and designs. These designs include Black, Dusty Olive, Night Black, Walnut, Beluga Color, Gold, Dust, Granite, Earthy Color, Dark Brown, Brown, Gray, Rock Olive, Navy Blue, Silver, and many more.

Vibram Sole

Ever heard of Vibram sole before? Well, the Vibram sole is made to drastically improve the performance of the sole. Vibram sole hiking boots have both the performance of strong rubber along with the elasticity of the foam. Combining both characteristics of these materials. The Vibram sole hiking boots perform better than ordinary rubber sole ones.

Breathable Mesh

The Moab 2 Men’s Hiking shoes come with a breathable mesh surface that helps in keeping the user’s feet cool and comfortable. This surface also blocks the extra water droplets from entering the shoes.


  • Vibram Sole for better performance
  • 18 different colors and prints
  • Breathable Mesh


  • No Omni-Grip ability

6-Skechers Men’s Outline-SOLEGO Trail, Best Shoes comes with Cooling Feature:

 Do you like hiking sketchers? Well, if you do so. Then we have some best hiking sketches for you. The all-new SOLEGO Trail for Men. With numerous features and special abilities.

The SOLEGO Trail has made to the list of top 10 best hiking shoes for summer. With a water-proof surface and comfortable midsole. These sketchers provide a full-on climbing experience along with other heavy workout activities.

Let’s have a look at the features of the SOLEGO Trail for Men.

Water-Proof Surface

Sometimes climbing can be difficult and can land you in situations where you will have to cross water or mud. To cope with water and mud problems and to prevent the destruction of the shoes.

The company has installed water-proof materials in the SOLEGO Trail. That enables them to be used in every watery condition.

8 Different Colors

The SOLEGO Trail comes in eight beautiful colors and designs.

These colors include Olbk, Chocolate, Black, Brown, Grey, Light Brown, Olive, CDB, and tan.

Cooling Technology for Midsole

To prevent overheating of the midsole during high temperatures. The company has made the surface of this hiking boot breathable mesh. So that the air is not trapped inside the midsole.

Gradually increasing the temperature of the midsole.


A high-end cushion is added to the back of the shoe. For easy wear and easy removal of the shoes from the feet.


  • High Comfort Cushion
  • Cooling technology for the midsole of the inner shoe
  • Eight different designs
  • Waterproof


  • Not an all-weather performer

7-X Ultra 3 Gore-Tex, Best Shoes with Strong Grip:

 The 3 Gore-Tex can be considered as one of the best hiking shoes on this list. Due to its versatile features and exceptional design. These features make X Ultra Gore-Tex an outperformer when compared to standard hiking and climbing shoes in the market.

As the name suggests this shoe is ultra tex. This hiking boot is made for extra-high durability and stability during harsh climbing experiences for mountaineers. The 3 Gore-Tex comes in six different colors. These include Black, Blue, Brown, Grey, Dark Sapphire color, and Magnet Black.

Features of X Ultra 3 Gore-Tex


As Omni-Grip ability is considered as one of the important and essential for best-hiking boots. The company has installed this feature in the special Ultra 3 Gore-Tex shoe.

Due to the Omni-Grip feature, the Gore-Tex can be used even in snow or hilly areas mountains. Where ordinary hiking shoes give up easily and lose control or even tear up due to harsh facing.

Maximum Traction

The outsole of Ultra Tex is designed in such a way that it gives full-on traction on mountains and harsh areas. Where ordinary shoes fail to impress the mountaineers.

Water-Proof and High Durability

The midsole and outsole are equipped with high-quality materials that add to the overall durability of the hiking shoes.

In addition to the durability, this hiking sneaker is waterproof.


  • Water-proof
  • Highly Durable
  • More comfort and smooth control
  • All-weather support due to new Omni grip technology.


  • No cons

8-KEEN Men’s Steen’s Vent, Best for All-weather Shoes:

If you are looking for good hiking shoes that you can get on a budget. Without compromising on the features and quality of the shoes then KEEN is a good option for you.

The Steens Vent by Keenis perfect for budget mountaineers. Equipped with a potent synthetic rubber sole. The midsole is tech lite which means it weighs much less than standard sneakers and hiking boots.

Features of Steens Vent By KEEN

Light Weight Midsole

As some of the hiking shoes are the best hiking shoes for sweaty feet. While others for some other reasons. The Steen Vent is best for a lightweight high performer. The midsole has been made ultra-light.

So, what it does? Well, the lightweight midsole helps in easy movement. This enables the person to move quickly due to weight reduction. So tiring process is reduced to some extent.

All-Weather Control

The Steen Vent comes with the new versatile technology that is the all-weather control. Which helps the shoes in performing outclass in every weather and undesirable situation.

Soft Midsole

In addition to the weight of the midsole. The midsole of the Steen Vent is made from very soft materials that make it even more unique and a considerable option for users.

The soft midsole feels good and comfortable when the user moves his or her feet inside the sole. It prevents rashes or any other skin irritations due to its softness.


  • Soft and lightweight midsole
  • All-weather and terrain control
  • Beautiful design


  • Only two colors are available

9-KEEN Men’s Voyageur, Best with Imported Potent Materials:

 The Keen Men’s Voyageur is another budget masterpiece by Keen. The Voyageur for men is made from pure imported leather that can be used for climbing purposes. As it can resist such heat and rocky terrains.

An imported rubber sole is used in the outsole that keeps the traction control smooth and makes the shoe perform more efficiently in hiking purposes. In addition to these features, the midsole is soft and has high cushioning for comfort.

Features of the Voyageur for men by KEEN.

Imported Potent Materials

A set of imported materials is used in the midsole, outsole, and surface of the shoe. Making it one of the unique and best outperformers on the list. The materials include high-quality rubber and other strong and soft fabrics.

High-Quality Rubber Sole and Cushioning Bed

The rubber which is used in the sole of Voyageur is imported and can withstand and resist small opaque objects. The company has not compromised on the quality of its final product.

For smooth removal and wearing of the shoe, a high cushion is installed.

6 Different Colors

The Voyageur comes in six different designs and colors.

These include

Olive green, blue, golden, Raven color, forest, and brown.


  • Six different color prints on lace and surface
  • Imported materials
  • High-quality outsole


  • Not usable in snow or winter areas

10-Columbia Men’s Ivo Trail Breeze, Best for Rainy Weather:

 Another masterpiece by Columbia is the all-new Ivo Trail Breeze for Men. Equipped with advanced weather traction technology. Ivo Trail Breeze proves to be versatile by outperforming the majority of the hiking shoes on different slippery and rough terrains.

Ivo Breeze comes with a breathable mesh surface on the upper part. Which is introduced for hikers that go to hot climate areas for hiking. Some of the wonderful features by Ivo Trail Breeze are:

High Durability

This amazing pair of shoes gives high durability due to the presence of potent materials in different areas of the shoes. Proving it to be much more efficient on rocky surfaces.

Ivo Trail beats a number of common hikers boots due to its amazing durability offer.

Available in four different Color Variants

Ivo Trail Breeze by Columbia is available in four beautiful colors and prints to choose from. These colors include Grey Ice Base with Black Top, Pure White, Carbon Dust color, and pure Grey.

Weather Traction Control

The all-new Weather Traction technology enables the Ivo Trail to perform well in a number of different weather situations. Whether it be rainy weather. The anti-slip technology will try to save you to some extent.

This technology is installed in the outsole of the shoe. That is the main part of the hiking boot.


  • Advanced Traction Control technology for all-weather use
  • High-Quality Outsole and Midsole


  • Less variety in colors and designs[

Buyer’s Guide-Things to consider before you buy hiking shoes

There is a number of things that you should consider before you get yourself a pair of hiking boots. These conditions will help you save money during purchasing any kind of hiking shoes.

These may include checking the midsole or the outsole. Traction features and anti-slip technologies. We will try to elaborate on new features that are introduced in these hiking boots which were not available before.

Strong Outsole and Soft Midsole

The first thing to consider is that the outsole should be strong and made from potent materials. As we know, that outsole plays a major role in hiking or any climbing activities. If the outsole is not strong then all of your money is wasted on hiking boots.

Secondly, the midsole should not be strong or hard. Because it can be irritating and uncomfortable for users. The midsole should be soft and make the climbing experience the remarkable one due to its comfort.

Mesh or Breathable Surface

Breathable or Mesh surface for hiking is a plus but not a must-have. As most of the climbing experiences happen in cold areas. So, it’s not a big deal for a hiking shoe to drop the mesh or breathable surface feature.

As the temperature on hiking mountains is usually cool and low.

All-Weather Support

Most of the shoes on the list come with a new feature called the “Omni-Grip” feature. That makes the hiking shoes much more versatile by making them usable in all weather conditions.

In addition to that, it can be used on the majority of terrains and surfaces because of the Omni-Grip feature.

Price to Features Ratio

As you are choosing the best hiking shoes for summer. The shoes must outperform ordinary hiking shoes. So, keeping in mind the price. The features should be accordingly.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Omni-Grip Feature?

The Omni-Grip feature allows the hiking boots to outperform ordinary shoes by enabling them to be usable in all weather conditions.

  • What does an Ortholite sole do?

Ortholite sole means that the sole is made from soft synthetic rubbers that are more comfortable.

  • Is it necessary for a hiking shoe to have a breathable surface?

No, it is not necessary for a hiking shoe.


As we discussed the best hiking shoes for summer in 2023. The list has some of the best outperforming hiking shoes that can be used in summer along with tough terrains

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