10 Best Hunting Boots for Wide Feet in 2023

If you are a person who loves to go on adventures such as rock climbing, hiking, and even hunting. Then it is our duty to inform you that the most essential thing for such activities is to have the right kind of boots. Without any doubt, the right kind of footwear will enhance your hunting abilities and provide you an edge over other hunters especially when you are a hunter and want the best hunting boots for wide feet in 2023.

However, it has been observed that people with wide feet are concerned that their sizes might not be available in the market. So, to address this issue, we went into the market and after long lengthy research, we came up with the top 10 best hunting boats for big feet peeps!

Go through it and find that perfect match.

Top 10 Best Hunting Boots for Wide Feet:

  1. Best sweat-free hunting boots for wide feet, Sorel Caribou
  2. Best Hunting Boots for wide feet with comfortable sole,  Bogs Classic High
  3. Best wide feet hunting boots for Cold weather, Labo Men’s Brown
  4. Best Wide Feet Hunting boots for wet weather, XPETI Thermator
  5. Best Wide Feet Hunting Boots for Cold Weather,  Northside Men’s
  6. Best Lightweight Hunting Boots for Wide Feet, Irish Setter
  7. Best Wide Feet Hunting Boots for Rainy Weather, Muck Boots
  8. Best Durable Wide Feet Boots,  NRS Boundary
  9. Best Wide Feet Hunting Boots for Big Guy,  Danner Men’s
  10. Best Rubber Wide Feet Hunting Boots, Lacrosse Alphaburly Pro

1-Sorel Caribou, best sweat-free hunting boots for wide feet:

To kick off this list of the best hunting boots for wide feet, we introduce you to these Sorel Caribou hunting boots. These boots are made up of 100 percent genuine leather combined with a touch of synthetic materials. Not only this, but these shoes also have a removable felt liner and snow collars along with a nubuck upper making it a perfect boot for anyone who has wide feet.

You will easily find a size for your feet as these boots were developed on the idea of addressing the problems of people who have wide feet. Additionally, these boots are also well built for those areas where there are extreme weather conditions such as temperature dropping to -40 degrees Fahrenheit.

Now let us examine some of the exciting features of these boots!


This boot has a rubber sole as usual. However, this rubber sole is accompanied by a 10 and a 3 quarter inch high shaft from the arch of the shoe. This is further supported by a 1.25 inches heel. Therefore, rubber sole along with these specific features aid the climber in traversing even the toughest hunting terrains out there that you can imagine.


These shoes are designed in such a way that they are highly beneficial for low-temperature areas. We would not recommend you to wear these shoes in high-temperature areas as they might be uncomfortable. This protection from cold is because of the thick layer of insulation that these shoes provide you.

Sweat free:

These shoes have a moisture-wicking ability that allows your feet to remain dry. It not only absorbs the moisture that is developed within the shoe but also aids in absorbing the foul odor that is sometimes found in the shoe after a long hunting session.


  • Moisture absorbing capabilities
  • Cold weather shoes along with being a shoe for wide feet
  • Durable and sturdy


  • Not useable in tropical and hot climates

2- Bogs Classic High, Best comfortable Hunting boots for wide feet

When we are talking about the best rubber hunting boots for wide feet, then how can we forget this Bogs Classical hunting boot. This boot comprises a hand-lasted durable rubber that can stretch in 4 different directions. Moreover, this boot also claims to be 100 percent waterproof. Hence, we can deduce that you can do almost any kind of hunting with these boots.

If we try to be more precise about the hunting niche for which these boots are designed, then we would suggest you purchase these boots if you are into Duck and geese hunting.

Now let us discuss some of the essential features of these shoes:


We can give you our word that you can manage to wear these shoes for a whole day when you are on a hunt through muddy swampy areas and marshes. As this boot is waterproof and has a high 12-inch shaft, you would always be in your comfort zone when wearing these.


These shoes are made up of a combination of two different materials. Those two materials are neoprene and vulcanized rubber. These materials make this boot highly durable to use and you would love to know that these boots also have Max-wick which keeps your feet dry from inside.

Heel kick:

Who does not want easy to remove boots? These boots have an integrated heel kick in them which aids in removing these shoes in no time. This saves your energy when you are extremely tired.


  • Has a non-slip sole
  • It is moisture-wicking
  • Durable built


  • Not flexible enough

3- Labo Men’s Brown, Best wide feet hunting boots for Cold weather:

Keeping up with the huge demand for the best hunting boots for big guys, Labo has also mentioned introducing a shoe that is made specifically for people who have wide feet. These shoes are new in the market when we compare them to other shoes that are available. However, these boots have managed to shake up the hunting shoe market with their amazing features.

Let us see some of the features of these shoes:

Closure System:

A closure system is one of the most important things that a hunter may consider. Different closure systems have their own pros and cons. This shoe possesses a lace-up closure system which aids in providing a tight secure fit to your feet. This closure system also ensures your feet to be highly stable within the boots.


This shoe is made up of 100 percent leather. Although you might find a lot of boots that are using leather, however, the effectiveness of the leather depends on its qualities. And we assure you that the quality of leather that these boots have is top-notch. This means you would have a highly sturdy and durable hunting boot.

Warm Boots:

Apart from being the best hunting boots for big feet, these boots are also recommended if you are a person who loves hunting in cold weather. These boots have good insulation that keeps your feet highly warm and protects you from cold feet.


  • Durable
  • Adjustable lacing system
  • Pure leather made


  • Have limited color schemes

4- XPETI Thermador, Best Waterproof Hunting Boots for Wide Feet

If you are looking for a hunting boot that provides you protection and full coverage, then you can never find a better hunting boot other than the xpeti Thermator hunting boot. The amazing thing about this model is that you have a couple of designs to choose from. This shoe also serves as a good alternative for hiking boots. With the purchase of these boots, you would have two in one boot and you can pursue both hobbies.

If we talk about the styles of these boots, we would say that both styles have a bit different purpose when compared against each other. Nonetheless, these styles will ensure you great protection and ankle support no matter what shoe you choose.

Some of the features of these shoes include:

Comfort and Protection:

The main advantage of these boots is that these boots provide you with a comfortable and cozy experience when you wear them on your hunting journey. Do not take our words but listen to those hunters who achieved a lot with those boots in no time. Moreover, these shoes also serve as good foot protection in the dangerous hunting environment.


Another thing that attracts a hunting hobbyist is that these boots have a waterproof membrane that aids in keeping the feet dry in the wet season.


Especially when you are hunting in cold environments, you need a boot that has good insulation. Therefore, these boots can be your choice as they have Thinsulate insulation which keeps your feet warm.


  • Has the option to have high-Top ankle support
  • Provides you with a good grip
  • For both men and women


  • The quality of laces could be improved

5- Northside Men’s, Best Wide Feet Hunting Boots for Cold Weather

If you want something which is worth your money, then you must go for these Northside Hunting Boots. With the price that this boot is for, it is hard to find any other boot that can compete with it.

Some of the exceptional features of these boots are:

Overall construction:

These boots have an overall construction of denier nylon which is sealed with a seal that makes the shoe waterproof. Therefore, it makes the shoe quite versatile and you can wear those shoes anywhere anytime during your hunting.


Apart from having a quick lace-up system, this shoe also possesses an EVA Midsole which provides feet with extreme comfort. The sole is highly cushioning and it absorbs shocks as well that you may encounter during your hunt.


In addition to being the best rubber hunting boots for wide feet, these shoes have Thinsulate insulation which keeps these boots warm in cold season hunting.


  • They are affordable
  • Rubber Outsole
  • Lightweight


  • No odor control feature

6- Irish Setter, Best Lightweight Hunting Boots for Wide Feet

This boot is considered the hunting champion. The best use of these boots is during multi-day backcountry expeditions because this shoe has a 9.5-inch shaft to help you with that.

Some of the excellent features of this boot are:

Secure fit:

These shoes are made to securely fit and mold into your feet so that you can feel your feet as being natural. This aids in maneuverability during hunting and saves a lot of time when targeting your prey.


These shoes use those materials which are not only strong and durable but lightweight as well. Hence, you can expect to carry more load with these boots than any other boot out there.

Removable footbed:

Another amazing feature to add is that these boots have a removable EVA midsole with memory foam properties. This surely makes this shoe comfortable for your feet.

Fast lacing system


  • Has Gore-Tex fabric lining
  • Has ScentBan Technology
  • Fast lacing system


  • Long break-in period

7- Muck Boots, Best Wide Feet Hunting Boots for Rainy Weather:

This is included in our list of best hunting boots for wide feet as they allow people with wide feet to enjoy hunting in any condition, whether it is snowy or rainy. You believe us or not, but these boots are known to withstand -50 degrees Fahrenheit.

Some of the well-known features of this boot are:

Four-way stretch:

These boots consist of CR flex-foam in their construction that allows this shoe to stretch in 4 directions. This is also the reason that your feet are highly comfortable in these boots.


The outsole of this shoe is made up of synthetic materials. This material equips this boot with essential and adequate support that a hunter may need.


If we look at this shoe according to its price, we would conclude that these shoes are highly affordable and a must-buy pair. It is once in a blue moon that someone gets such a great deal.


  • Excellent choice for snowy conditions
  • Lightweight
  • Easily comes on and off


  • Puncture prone body

8- NRS Boundary, Best Durable Wide Feet Boots

If you are looking for some kind of shoe that is light on your feet, then wait no more as the NRS Boundary boot serves this purpose. Initially, you might not be willing to purchase this shoe because of limited color options. However, we guarantee you that these boots will satiate your needs.

Some of the features of this shoe include:


These shoes have a good outsole that provides you with impressive traction especially with surfaces having a lot of mud and sand. You can wear these shoes in extreme conditions because they are built from neoprene.

Plastic Shim:

This is not the common feature that is mostly seen in different hunting shoes. Plastic shim attached to the outsoles provides you with an added support and protects your feet from pointy and sharp things.


Apart from being punctured occasionally, these boots have a durable build which will allow these shoes to last longer. No doubt, double-taped neoprene makes a long-lasting and tough boot.


  • Flexible on feet
  • Has a plastic shim in its sole
  • Affordable


  • Needs regular maintenance

9- Danner Men’s, Best Wide Feet Hunting Boots for Big Guy

Danner has never been disappointed with its hunting boots. This pair of boots has 800-gram thick insulation apart from being the best hunting boots for big guys.

Let us discuss the vital features of these boots:

Simple built:

This shoe is simply built as its predecessor. On the other hand, this boot can keep your feet warm and cozy during harsh winters. Nevertheless, these shoes also provide you with essential comfort, breathability, and being light.


This shoe has different variants. If you think these boots do not meet your criteria of being the perfect shoe, then do check out its other variants which have slightly different properties.


The sole of this shoe is made up of tough rubber. This aids in maintaining a strong grip when you are aiming at your prey.


  • Insulation along with being lightweight
  • Has ankle support
  • Short break-in period


  • Nothing to tackle odor

10- Lacrosse Alphaburly Pro, Best Rubber Wide Feet Hunting Boots

We will end this list with our favorite wide feet shoes that we would recommend you to purchase. This boot is extremely lightweight and has all the qualities that a well-built hunting shoe must-have,

Let us have a deep look into the qualities of these boots:


You might be wondering if these boots have a regular kind of rubber. But you are wrong! This boot is made up of premium rubber which is laid over a core of neoprene that is 3.5 mm thick. This makes this shoe tough and durable at the same time.

Good Airflow:

To make these shoes breathable, lacrosse has embossed a liner within the shoe. This maintains the mandatory airflow and also gives this boot its moisture-wicking property so that it does not get suffocating for your feet inside.


Lacrosse here thought out of the box and made a shoe that can be worn in all four seasons. This is what makes this boot our favorite. With the purchase of these shoes, you would definitely enjoy hunting at any time of the year.


  • Embossed liner
  • Has neoprene gussets
  • Provides extreme traction


  • Expensive boot option

Buying Guide: Some of the necessary features that are to be considered when going for the purchase

Hunting is a hobby that can be pursued by anyone with any restriction of foot sizes. The only catch is that you should be aware of what kind of shoes you require and what kind of shoes would be a perfect fit. So to answer that, you need to know about some of the essential features of the shoes.

you with this, we have come with a list of important features that you must consider before setting your feet out for doing your hunting shoe purchase.

Top features to consider when purchasing the best hunting shoes for big guys.


Without proper and effective traction and grip, we guess that your shoe is of no value. Probably a firm grip is the only reason that binds you to purchase hunting shoes, right? For traction, you would need to check out the outsole and lugs of the shoe as these properties mostly dictate how your shoe will perform on different surfaces and terrains.

Let us give you a brief overview! Usually, for outsoles, you will find out that most effective shoes have rubber soles for providing traction as it is highly durable and grips well. You might also come across soles that have a bit of carbon. Carbon just makes the sole tough and strong.


Whether you want a waterproof hunting boot or not? Well, it merely depends on you! If you ask us, then if you are able to purchase a waterproof boot within your budget, we would advise that you should go for it. Who knows that the weather might turn out bad during your hunting session. Therefore, waterproof soles will always protect your feet from getting wet.


The fitness and comfort of the shoe ought to be the priority of most of the hunters out there. The reason is quite simple, nobody wants a shoe that is likely to be uncomfortable on the foot. It would distract you from your hunting and may even cause blisters and may damage your feet in numerous other ways. Therefore, look for those shoes that go well with your feet.


There is a myriad of companies selling hunting boots and thousands of them claim to produce the best rubber hunting boots for wide feet. To prove their claims, they are doing constant experiments with different material combinations. As a layman, we must know the three general materials that are usually available in the market. These include hunting boots made up of leather, made up of synthetic materials such as nylon, and those which are a mix of both.

Frequently Asked Question:

  • Can people with wide feet enter hunting?

The answer to this is a big yes! I would say why not? Hunting is a universal sport and is not restricted to men or women, or to different sizes. The only thing that matters is that you must have hunting equipment that fits you and fulfills your hunting needs.

  • How long can we use Hunting boots?

The answer to this generally depends on what brand, quality, and material your shoe is made up of. If you pick a shoe from the list that we have provided, then you can expect those shoes to last approximately 10 years. The only condition is that you have to properly maintain them.

  • What design of the hunting boot should I buy?

There are various designs in the market. To be honest, all these designs have different purposes therefore, you should first look for what you require. For instance, if you are a hunter who regularly encounters muddy forests, waterproof shoes with thick soles might be your first choice.

Final Verdict:

We hope that you have gained all the essential information that might be needed by you when you go out and purchase your best hunting boots for wide feet. The only thing that is of importance when you purchase hunting boots is its comfortability and affordability. Feel free to choose boots from our list.

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