10 Best Hiking Shoes for Hawaii In 2023

Alaho peeps! What does a vacation in Hawaii sound like? Is not it amazing to explore the Hawaiian Islands and sit along the beaches or just head out for a hike? For us, a break in Hawaii is an opportunity that we always look forward to.

However, the main question is what things you want to do in Hawaii.

And from my keen senses, I assume you are a person who loves hikes and surely, you have opened this article because you are looking for something related to Hikes! So, here we are, providing you with an extensively explained guide on the best hiking shoes for Hawaii!

Let us have a deep dive into our investigation of the best hiking shoes for Hawaii in 2023!

 best hiking shoes for hawaii

List of Best Hiking Shoes for Hawaii to buy in 2021:

  1. Best Comfortable Water-Resistant Shoes, KEEN Newport H2 Sandal
  2. Best Coolest Shoes, Teva Arrowood Swift
  3. Best Rubber Shoes, Merrell Moab 2 Vent
  4. Best Detachable footbed Shoes, Keen Targhee Vent
  5. Best Flexible Shoes, Oboz Sawtooth II
  6. Best Durable Shoes, La Sportiva TX4
  7. Best Adjustable Shoes, Columbia Newton Ridge Plus
  8.  Best Waterproof Shoe,  Mountain Warehouse Adventure hiking boots
  9.  Best Shoes For Grip, SalomonSpeedCross 5
  10. Best Lightweight Shoes,  Merrell Siren Edge 3

1-KEEN Newport H2 Sandal, Best Comfortable Water-Resistant Shoes:

 By looking at the name, you might be wondering why sandals for the hike. Well, wearing a closed-toe shoes for hikes is always the best option to opt for. However, some of the Hawaiian hikes are not as tough as you think.

Such hikes are usually done to enjoy the weather of Hawaii and to have a life-long experience with friends and family. Therefore, these kinds of sandals are the most suitable hiking shoes you can choose. In short, we can categorize them as the best lightweight hiking shoes for Hawaii.

Now let us convince you why you need these sandals in Hawaii!

Water Resistant:

The foremost reason is that these are also considered the best water hiking shoes for Hawaii. These sandals are water Resistant. Therefore, they will protect you from getting your feet wet.

Apart from that, it is made up of washable fabric hence you can wash these sandals without worrying about damaging them. The intricate technology behind these shoes allows them to have a long life and high quality.


If you are going to use them for hiking, you surely are assuming that these shoes would have excellent traction. And to be honest your assumption is right. These sandals provide you with an extremely good grip on slippery terrains. The reason behind this lies in its design of multi-directional lugs and razor sipping.


Long hikes get your feet tired, right? Nevertheless, if you are wearing these best lightweight hiking shoes for Hawaii, we guarantee you that you would incur no blisters and no foot strains. You just would have cool, nice tan lines with no support problems! Isn’t it great!


  • They easily dry
  • Provide you with superior traction
  • Comfortable to wear


  • A bit pricey

2- Teva Arrowood Swift, Best Coolest Shoes:

 Let us now discuss something different from sandals. Here we bring you another best hiking shoes from our collection. These are considered the best water shoes for Hawaii. Why do we have faith in these shoes?

Well, this company is one of the oldest ones in the industry of shoemaking. This depicts how much experience they have with shoe manufacturing and customer satisfaction. But, now let us discuss some of the amazing qualities that this specific shoe possesses.

Rubber Sole:

These shoes have a rubber sole that makes these shoes feel like a feather when you wear them. Long hikes mean having to bear the discomfort of wearing rough hiking shoes. But, no more after you purchase these best hiking shoes for Hawaii.

The Material:

These shoes are made up of high-quality material. If we break down its material composition, then it is as the following:

  • 13 percent leather
  • 20 percent synthetic
  • 67 percent textile

This unique combo of all these materials is what sets these shoes apart from other regular shoes out there in the market.

Feels cool when wearing these:

Obviously, when you are on a tropical island, you would always in search of something that cools you down. Similar is the case with what kind of shoes you choose to buy. And apart from experience and customer reviews, these Teva Arrowood Swift are not only light on the feet but cool and comfortable too.


  • Unique material combination
  • Waterproof leather
  • Provides you with a feather-like feel


  • Only two colors are available

3- Merrell Moab 2 Vent, Best Seller:

 Now we are talking about some epic shoes that experts usually wear on hikes. These Merrell Moab 2 Vent Mid Hiking Boots are, no doubt, the best hiking shoes for Hawaii. Merrell as a company has maintained its reputation of manufacturing the most durable and long-lasting shoes for over a decade now. These shoes have always been the first choice of most hikers out there.

The reasons behind this are as written below! Have a peek!

Air Cushion:

Merrell always thinks about its customer satisfaction and providing its users with air cushions for their soles is a bonus for hikers. An air cushion will make your long tiring hikes feel comfortable and easy. You would not have to worry about foot strains or rashes anymore with these high-tech air cushions of Merrell Moab 2.

High-Quality Rubber Soles:

If you are going for a hike and you do not consider the soles of the boots that you are wearing, then, to be honest, you do not have much experience. Merrell Moab 2 is the first choice of hikers because of its Vibram technology. Because of this technology, Merrell is able to produce durable rubber soles that provide your feet with maximum flexibility.


Having to wear shoes for hours and hours makes your feet sweaty, right? But with Merrell Moab 2, you would never have this problem again. Merrell uses mesh style in their shoes that allows a good airflow towards the feet making the shoes feel cooler and less sweaty.


  • Made from 100 percent suede
  • You can pick from an extensive range of colors
  • Has advanced removable contoured insoles


  • Not feasible when carrying heavy loads on the back

4- Keen Targhee Vent, Best Detachable footbed Shoes:

 We have talked a lot about what kind of hiking boots are available for men. SO, now let us discuss some of the amazing options that are available for women to wear on hikes.

The shoe that we are recommending to you is one of the best lightweight hiking shoes for Hawaii. It has an amazing footbed for your feet along with a breathable design that allows your feet to get wet from heat out there in Hawaii.

You have arched support with these shoes which helps in avoiding any kind of damage that you might have when going on hikes. In short, these shoes are like no other shoes when compared to the market out there.

Some outstanding features of these shoes include:

Speed hooks:

Having to tie up the laces time by time is hectic. This is what Keen considered when designing these shoes. Therefore, they ended up providing you with speed hooks so that you can tie up your knots in a jiffy and enjoy your hikes without worrying about them again.

Detachable footbed:

Having the accessibility to change and remove the footbeds of the shoes is surely elite. Keen provided this ultimate feature to its purchasers because it cares about its customers a lot. With these removable footbeds, we have categorized these shoes as the best hiking shoes for Hawaii.

Traction Grip:

Whenever we are going for a hike, the first question that pops up in our mind is about the griping of the soles. These boots provide you with an amazing grip with arch support. This is what makes it our top pick and recommended shoe for women who love to go hiking.


  • 4 colors to choose from
  • Lightweight and easy on the feet
  • Excellent outsoles


  • Not waterproof

5- Oboz Sawtooth II, Best Flexible Shoes:

 These hiking shoes are available for both, men, and women hikers out there. Not only this, Oboz Sawtooth is an excellent choice for experts as well as beginners. Therefore, we have included this fantastic pair of shoes in our list of best hiking shoes for Hawaii!

Moreover, these Oboz Sawtooth II shoes will provide you with amazing arch support to your feet with a waterproof body saving your feet from getting wet during hikes. These are even easy to wash and clean.

Here are some useful features of these great pairs:

Sawtooth Outsoles and Midsoles:

Midsoles of these soles feature dual-density EVA soles that provide comfort, stability, and cushioning to the person who is wearing them. On the other hand, outsoles are designed to provide maximum flexibility to your feet during the hike making it a perfect combination.

Waterproof Upper:

A waterproof upper makes this pair of hiking shoes the best water hiking shoes for Hawaii! The secret behind this is the high-quality leather and textile that is used in manufacturing these foot beasts. These high-quality materials are not just making shoes waterproof but also make them have a classic look too.

O-fit Insoles:

Oboz is known for its O-fit insoles. These insoles just take up the shape of your feet and are specific to every pair of shoes that Oboz produces. This makes sure that your feet are stable and comfortable during the long hikes in Hawaii.


  • Best in terms of shock absorption
  • Nylon Shank provides ultimate support
  • Comfortable top layer


  • Not as durable as other hiking shoes out there

6- La Sportiva TX4, Best Durable Shoes:

 During our usual hikes, we feel that our feet are constantly touching the hard surface. Personally, I hate that kind of feeling and if you are a person who shares the same feeling as me, then you would love to have La Sportiva TX4.

Here are some exceptional features of the La Sportiva TX4:

Enhanced Stability:

La Sportiva uses Vibram Megagrip technology that allows this pair of hiking shoes to have high traction compared to other hiking shoes out there in the market. Therefore, these shoes are a must, especially on slippery trains.

Comfort and Durability:

We, as hikers, all need hiking shoes that provide us with a comfortable feel. Due to the design of these shoes with leather, we can confirm that these shoes are highly durable and extremely comfortable. This is the number reason that we have included these shoes in our list of best hiking shoes for Hawaii.

STB Control System:

Technology has surely progressed a lot. La Sportiva makes use of technology to deliver support and rigidity without the use of an underfoot cushion.


  • Best water hiking shoes for Hawaii
  • Durable and comfortable
  • Keeps traction well


  • Heavier than other options out there

7- Columbia Newton Ridge Plus, Best Adjustable Shoes:

 Encountering rain during the hike is a common scenario. So, what should you do when there is rain? Obviously, enjoy the beautiful scenery and hike. But what about the shoes? Well if you this Columbia Newton Ridge, then you do not need to worry as they are the best water shoes for Hawaii out there.

Some of its features are as follows:


These shoes are quite adjustable to your size. The secret behind this is the lace-up closure that these shoes possess.

Technology in shoes:

These shoes are made up of advanced technology. They are not just water-resistant but also the best lightweight hiking shoes out there. Adding up to this, they are also durable!

Mesh for breathability:

Hiking shoes are worn for a long time hence having a mesh allows your shoes to feel more comfortable and cooler.


  • Has a rubber sole
  • Waterproof full-grain leather
  • Secure fit


  • No cons

8- Mountain Warehouse Adventure hiking boots, Best Waterproof Shoes

 From the name you can guess that these boots are tailor-made for mountain climbing. This provides you with a rough idea of how durable these boots would be and how much heavy load they can bear. This is what makes these shoes become our pick for best hiking shoes for Hawaii.

Some features are as follows:


These boots are highly waterproof which allows you to wear these shoes almost in any condition. Now hiking can be done anytime anywhere, especially in Hawaii.


These boots are designed in a way to provide ultimate traction on wet trails. This aids in protecting you and your legs from getting injured during the hike. The main feature that provides traction is the shoe’s deep lugs.

Upper Material:

The upper material is made up of synthetic fiber which makes this shoe lightweight and durable when being used for rough and tough terrains. Nevertheless, this upper material also protects your feet from unwanted injuries.


  • Protects you from wind and provides your feet with breathability
  • Supports your ankle
  • You can choose from a wide range of color schemes


  • These pair of shoes are not long-lasting

9- SalomonSpeedCross 5, Best Shoes For Grip:

 If you are a hiker you hike at a pace, then believe me you would not find a better pair of shoes other than this. These hiking shoes are the best lightweight hiking shoes for Hawaii. They are as light as a feather and you would not even feel that whether you have worn these shoes or not.

Some useful features to know about:

Grip and Protection:

Salomon shoes have an aggressive grip on terrain which makes it easier for hikers to navigate while simultaneously providing protection. These shoes are for agil and athletic hikers.

Available for everyone:

These shoes are available for anyone for anything. Whether you are mountain climbing, hiking, trail running, etc. And you can buy it for women, men, children, adults, etc. It is also a good gift to a friend who enjoys hiking.


The upper of the shoes has been designed to make them more dynamic hence it provides you with excellent grip outdoors. Moreover, it provides your foot with an arch-like sole that straightens your body posture.


  • Has an amazing lacing system
  • Provides excellent traction
  • It is lightweight


  • It is a little high for runners who enjoy low profiles

10- Merrell Siren Edge 3, Best Lightweight Shoes:

 This is our last chosen pair of shoes from our 10 best hiking shoes for Hawaii. This pair of hiking shoes is gender-specific as it is contoured in a specific way to support women’s feet during the hikes. Moreover, the standout feature of this hiking shoe is its insole because it keeps your foot comfortable for miles.

Some essential features of these shoes:

Edge’s Mesh:

These hiking shoes have an amazing mesh that is air-cushioned and super lightweight. Moreover, it is designed in such a way as to absorb shocks.


These shoes have breathtaking insoles that, apart from providing essential support and durability to your feet, these insoles have three arches that provide comfort to your feet. For long miles, this pair of shoes is your companion.


Whether you are moving on a regular road, hilly terrain, or a rocky mountain, these shoes never fail to provide you with exceptional grip. With these shoes, you do not need to worry about slipping.


  • Comfortable on your feet
  • Cool and easy to move in these shoes.
  • Exceptional grip on difficult terrains.


  • Have better competitors at a higher price

Buyers Guide: What to look for when purchasing your hiking shoes!

Whenever you are purchasing something new, you should always do your proper research. Proper knowledge about the product and your requirements can save you a lot of time and money. And who does not want that!

So, here we are to help you out about what are the important things that you need to know about before rushing towards the shops!

Know about different types of hiking shoes:

You may or may not be aware that the market is already brimming with various types of hiking shoes out there. It is common to see that a large range of brands is claiming to be the best lightweight hiking shoes for Hawaii and whatnot! Therefore, always investigate what kind of hiking shoes you are aiming for!

Here are some of the types that you should be aware of when purchasing hiking shoes:

  • Hiking shoes with flexible midsoles
  • Mid to high cut models for day hiking shoes
  • Backpacking shoes help you to support heavy loads.

Components of the hiking shoes:

These are other important things that you need information about. Having enough knowledge about what midsoles, outsoles, lowers, and uppers will provide you an edge over others as you would be aware of their pros and cons. So, always look for information about the components of hiking shoes before setting out to purchase one.

Fit to your feet:

We have observed that most people usually purchase shoes that are longer than their feet. However, this is a wrong strategy to implement when purchasing shoes as they would harm your feet in the long term. You might end up getting blisters or warts by consistently wearing shoes that are oversized. Hence, always buy shoes that are fit to your feet and comfortable too.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Q.What are the essentials that you should wear on a hike?

Ans. Obviously, having nice hiking shoes is a must. Along with that, wear something cool and light in color, for example, a tank-top or t-shirt with shorts or leggings.

  • Q. What are the best shoes for long trails in Hawaii?

Ans. We will go in either hiking sandals or trail running shoes. As both shoes are considered the best hiking shoes for Hawaii, we will suggest both of them. Sandals are versatile while running shoes provide you with more protection.

  • Q.What are some tips when using hiking shoes?

There are numerous tips that we can provide you with however, the important ones are as follows:

  • Shoes should of your proper feet size
  • Spend some time in the shoes before using them for the hike
  • Consider using insole


So, we have reached the end of this guide on hiking shoes. We hope that this article has helped you in shortening your choices for the best hiking shoes for Hawaii. Best of luck with your purchase!

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