10 Best Climbing Shoes for Narrow Feet in 2023

Climbing has seen an uprising trend recently. It has become more than just a hobby. Everyone wants to get into climbing their feet sizes. However, it has been generally observed that people with narrow feet find it difficult to purchase those perfect climbing shoes. Hence, we went through hours of research to bring you the best climbing shoes for narrow feet.

So, without wasting further moments, let us jump into what are the best climbing shoes for slim feet.

Best Climbing Shoes for Narrow Feet with Detailed Guide

  1. Best Narrow Feet Climbing Shoes for Steep Terrains, La Sportiva Futura
  2. Best Durable Climbing Shoes for Narrow Feet, Scarpa Drago
  3. Best Climbing Shoes for Narrow Feet with Flat Sole, Scarpa helix
  4. Best Affordable Climbing Shoes for Narrow Feet, Climb X Rave
  5. Best Edge Climbing Shoes for Narrow Feet, Butora Endeavor
  6.  Best All-Rounder Climbing Shoes for Narrow Feet, Scarpa Techno X
  7.  Best Sloping Inclines Climbing Shoes for Narrow Feet, La Sportiva Mythos
  8. Best Beginners Climber Shoes for Narrow Feet, Evolv Defy
  9. Best Women Climbing Shoes for Narrow Feet, La Sportiva Women’s
  10. Best Comfortable Climbing Shoes for Narrow Feet, La Sportiva Tarantulace

1- La Sportiva Futura, Best Narrow Feet Climbing Shoes for Steep Terrains:

La Sportiva is one of the most renowned names in the industry of climbing shoe manufacturing. They have built numerous quality shoes and have also made the best climbing shoes for narrow feet.

This specific shoe is one of the most high-performing shoes that one can buy for narrow feet. It makes use of non-edge technology which dictates that the shoe performs better when the edges of the shoes are blunt. This concept was first introduced by La Sportive and has been applied to this shoe as well.

Now let us discuss some features of this specific shoe:


This shoe is actually designed to accommodate climbers on every climb. Nonetheless, the most prominent feature of this shoe is its downturn. This narrow design along with the downturn makes this shoe suitable for steep terrains. Adding up to this, although this shoe has an aggressive profile, it still smears well.


The upper of this shoe is made up of all synthetic materials. This reduces the stretch that is typically experienced with uppers made up of leather material. This synthetic material was introduced for this model to address the issue of people with narrow feet.

Closure system:

The closure system of this shoe is velcro. This closure system is easy and fast to get used to when compared to a lace-up closure system. However, it must not be forgotten that this closure system does not provide proper fitting to your feet.


  • Sensitive to the surface
  • Extremely flexible
  • Performs well in smearing


  • Has a long break-in period

2- Scarpa Drago, Best Durable Climbing Shoes for Narrow Feet:

This climbing shoe is among the best climbing shoes for slim feet with an asymmetric toe box design. Moreover, from its looks, it can be deduced that the shoe is of an aggressive nature. In addition to this, the sole of the shoe is quite thick and this is what makes this specific shoe comfortable on the feet.

The heel of this shoe is also made up of soft material along with an excellent heel hooking mechanism. Nevertheless, Scarpa Drago makes use of Vibram XS Grip 2 rubber which is highly reliable when considering climbing shoes.

Some of the exceptional features of this Scarpa Drago are:

Maintains its shape:

The build of the shoe is high quality. This means the shoe is impressively durable and strong which can withstand various scenarios. Due to this specific reason, you can resolve this shoe plethora of times before these shoes lose their shape. Even after all this, they do not lose their comfort.

Breaking in:

Unlike our first shoe, this shoe does not require a long break-in time. The material of this shoe just molds into the shape of your feet making it easy for you to adjust to the shoe. The reason behind this lies in their unique combination of leather and microfiber.

Toe Box:

The toe box of this shoe is well built and it provides extensive power to the climber. It allows you to maneuver through the small cracks.


  • Incredible toe hook
  • Quite comfy
  • Durable


  • The rubber slowly wears out

3- Scarpa helix, Best Climbing Shoes for Narrow Feet with Flat Soles:

We are adding this shoe, especially for those narrow-foot climbers who are just beginning their journey of climbing. These shoes are the best climbing shoes for small heels which would be surely within your budget.

Moreover, this shoe has a flat sole which provides an unforgettable climbing experience. However, as this shoe is budget-friendly, there are some features which this shoe does not possess. This shoe is not suitable for downturns and not even suitable for overhangs.

Let us discuss some of the features of these shoes:


This shoe is made up of leather with a padded tongue. This amazing combination of shoes makes the shoe highly comfortable on the feet. One thing to take notice of is that during the breaking-in period, the shoe expands a bit because of leather. So, consider the size of this shoe when purchasing it.

Closure System:

This shoe has a lace-up closure system. It is our personal experience that laced-up closure systems keep your feet in place. They provide you a secure fit. However, this closure system is a bit time-consuming compared to slippers and velcro.


These shoes are made up of good materials such as Vibram in their soles. The Vibram sole is quite thicker and it is what adds up to the durability of the shoes.


  • Budget-friendly
  • Durable
  • Versatile shoe


  • Stretching of leather during the break-in period

4- Climb X Rave, Best Affordable Climbing Shoes for Narrow Feet:

This is another amazing climbing shoe that we thought of including in our list of best climbing shoes for narrow flat feet. The attractive feature of the Climb X Rave shoe is its low price bar. Furthermore, this shoe is designed to fit feet in a natural manner so that it settles comfortably on the feet.

Adding to this, this show does not have any downturn. It provides you with a perfectly flat profile. This helps beginner climbers to have a feel of the surface and learn more about how climbing is done. This also assists in building essential leg muscles.

Some of the features of these shoes are:

Stiff soles:

Apart from providing you stability, stiff soles are needed for long treks and journeys and climbs. Therefore, with these shoes on your feet, you should not worry about any kind of discomfort when going on a long-length climb.

Breathable mesh technology:

This shoe comes up with new breathable mesh technology. This technology is necessary for providing coolness and air to the feet during long journeys and climbs. People with sweaty feet will like this feature of the shoe.


Performance-wise, this shoe is okayish. It is not the high end of the spectrum but provides you with moderate performance that can help in doing a myriad of climbs.


  • Gives you good value for money
  • Has an organic hemp
  • Lightweight


  • Does not provide high performance

5- Butora Endeavor, Best Edge Climbing Shoes for Narrow Feet:

This is a climbing shoe introduced by the Butora brand. This shoe is also made for narrow-foot climbers. The material from which this shoe is made up is not leather but synthetic material with organic hemp.

Another thing to notice about this shoe is that the material of this shoe is moisture-wicking which makes wearing these shoes suitable in hot environments. This specific material also prevents any odor from forming.

Some of the features of this shoe are:


If we talk about the durability of the shoes, then these are at the higher end of the durability spectrum. The reason behind this is that the shoes are made up of natural fiber which gives the shoe its ultimate strength. Moreover, it also minimizes the amount of stretch that your shoe may experience.


The midsole of the shoe is made up of polyurethane. This material provides you with better precision on climbs that have edges. In short, it provides your shoe with the strength to be worn on tough climbs.


The rubber used in the sole is thin compared to other shoes out there. The benefit that it gives to the shoe is that it makes the shoe more flexible and sticky to the rocky edges.


  • Odor absorbing material
  • Generally good grip on surfaces
  • Does not stretch much


  • Soles wear out quickly

6- Scarpa Techno X, Best All-Rounder Climbing Shoes for Narrow Feet:

This is one of the best climbing shoes for a slim fit at a decent price. You can consider this shoe as an all-rounder shoe. This shoe does everything pretty well given the price you are paying for it. In short, whenever and wherever you are thinking of climbing, techno X of Scarpa will prove to be sufficient.

Some of the essential features of the Scarpa Techno X include:

Toe box:

The shoe possesses a flat sole with an asymmetrical toe box. Because of this specific kind of toe box, you can easily stand on an edge without having any kind of fear. Nevertheless, the toe box is built with a low profile which even aids in crack climbing. This shoe is a treat for narrow foot climbers.


If we talk about the stiffness of the shoe, you will be amazed by the quality of stiffness this shoe provides. This stiffness of the sole allows you to feel the climbing surface.


As mentioned earlier, this shoe is quite versatile and it can be used to carry out any kind of climbing. Whether you are a slab climber or a person who loves smearing and edging, Scarpa Techno X is the shoe that you need to look for.


  • Durable
  • Versatile
  • Stiff


  • Not for people with wide feet

7- La Sportiva Mythos, Best Sloping Inclines Climbing Shoes for Narrow Feet:

Here is another shoe from the brand La Sportiva. The unique feature of this shoe is its recycled and repurposed rubber that is being used for its sole. By doing this, La Sportiva is trying to promote eco-friendliness in the industry.

Some of the great features of this shoe include:


The build of Mythos is quite streamlined. This quality is not much seen in shoes within the price range of Mythos. This streamlining of the shoe makes this shoe a perfect partner for multi-pitching.


The structural design of this shoe is actually focusing on one’s comfort. The shoe is made from soft malleable material but that material provides this shoe its maximum grip too on the sloping inclines.


The build of this shoe is quite unique. With this build, La Sportiva has taken care of the durability of the shoe. It is guaranteed to last longer periods, perhaps a year or more.


  • Durable Leather
  • Comfortable


  • Not for bouldering

8- Evolv Defy, Best Beginners Climber Shoes for Narrow Feet:

This is another of the best-selling shoes in the market. This shoe can be worn for both indoor and outdoor climbs. With a neutral profile, we can say that this shoe was manufactured looking at beginner climbers. Lastly, it has a flat sole, giving you a taste of climbing.

Some of the features of this shoe include:

Rubber Outsole:

This shoe has a 4.2 mm thick TRAX rubber outsole which will last longer than a year. This clearly depicts that Evolv wants its customers to be satisfied.


By mediocre, we meant that these shoes are not at the extreme of any specific features. It can be considered as the jack of all trades. It is not too soft, not too sensitive, and decent for smearing and edging.

Leather free:

These shoes are made leather-free which again makes this show an attractive thing to purchase. Evolv is looking to protect the environment.


  • Good for beginners
  • Versatile with respect to qualities
  • Cheap


  • Could be approved

9- La Sportiva Women’s, Best Women Climbing Shoes for Narrow Feet:

This shoe is specifically made for women and is generally narrow in dimensions. The actual build material of the shoe is leather but the leather is further covered with synthetic leather as an overlay. This gives it excellent support.

Some of the exceptional features of this shoe include:

The tongue of the shoe:

For the tongue of the shoe, lined leather is used. The main purpose of the tongue is to make shoes more breathable for the climber and to absorb any kind of moisture that a climber’s feet may go through.

The closure system:

The closure system of this shoe is lace. In my opinion lace closure systems are better as you can tightly and securely fit your feet with the help of the lacing system.


As this shoe has a sticky rubber, you can use this shoe for smearing purposes. You can wear these shoes even on edging or even when you need them for hooking.


  • Neutral profile
  • Comfortable
  • Both leather and synthetic leather are used


  • Not flexible

10- La Sportiva Tarantulace, Best Comfortable Climbing Shoes for Narrow Feet:

We are planning to end this list with La Sportiva’s shoe called Tarantulace. The amazing thing is that these shoes are available in both, laced and velcro versions. So the choice is yours. Moreover, you should hurry up as these shoes are quite a popular auction.

Some of the main features of this shoe include:

Flat Profile:

These shoes possess a flat profile which makes these shoes highly comfortable and desirable to wear. However, these shoes are not specialized for any kind of climbing.

For Beginners:

These shoes are a great break-in for beginners when coming into the world of climbing. However, if you are intermediate, I would suggest looking at other shoes.


These shoes are highly affordable if you consider these shoes with respect to the price. Although these shoes are not that many high-performance shoes, it is justified by their price.


  • Has more rubber around the toe box
  • Efficient lacing system
  • Versatile


  • Difficult to resolve

Buying Guide: To help you purchase the best climbing shoes for narrow flat feet

We know it is a bit hectic for people to go out in the market and purchase shoes for themselves. It becomes a lot more disastrous when you are a climbing enthusiast and want to purchase outdoor climbing shoes. Therefore, we have written this guide for you.

The first and foremost advice that we can provide you with is that you should always do proper research about what you want before setting your foot out to buy something. A proper idea about the qualities and features that you desire will save you time and save you from scams. So, in order to help you with that part of the outdoor climbing shoe purchase, we have jotted down some essential features that you should know before going out and purchasing your climbing shoes.

Without further ado, let us jot down the properties of the perfect narrow-feet climbing shoes.


Knowing about the materials will give you an edge when purchasing your favorite climbing shoe. Usually, you will find shoes having rubber soles, but with advancements in technology, new more sensitive, and strong soles are being manufactured. So, before purchasing your shoe, ask about the material it is made up of.

Moreover, if we talk about the upper of the shoes, if it is made up of leather. You will typically find that shoe stretching a lot. Therefore, for narrow-feet climbers, we recommend that you guys should purchase shoes with synthetic uppers. Those uppers are strong and breathable and as well as they do not stretch much.

Know the difference:

First of all, you should be aware of what kind of climber you are. Whether you are just starting off or you are at an intermediate level of climbing or you might be a pro. The reason for that is that you will find different shoes in the rack having different qualities. The use of those shoes mostly depends on what kind of climbing you do.

For a beginner, it is best to purchase a climbing shoe that has a flat and stiff sole because it will help in developing essential leg muscles. Furthermore, as your level of climbing increases, you will start to purchase shoes with higher downturns. The most aggressive climbing shoes have the highest downturns.

Closure System:

There are almost three types of closure systems that currently exist. One is Laces – the traditional ones, second is Velcro – the one with straps, and the last is slippers – no need to close them.

Shoes with laces have a higher probability to securely fit on your feet. While most climbers prefer velcro and slippers as they are easy to put on and take off.


No matter what qualities you try to find in a shoe, you are always bound to a budget. Therefore, keep track of the amount you want to spend and spend it wisely. Try to explore different shops and use discounts to gain the best piece of the shoe at the cheapest price.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Is there any difference between climbing shoes and bouldering shoes?

The simple plane answer to that question is yes. There is a difference, that is they have different names. Bouldering shoes are generally aggressive, having sensitive soles. They are preferred by those who want high performance. On the other hand, climbing shoes are more focused on comfort areas.

  • Is it normal for your toes to be curled in climbing shoes?

Yes, it is completely normal for your toes to curl in a climbing shoe. However, do take care that your toes are not curled till extreme. It is better if the curling angle lies around 45 degrees.

  • How long does a normal person take to break into their climbing shoes?

There is no hard or fast rule about the number of days that are required to break into a specific shoe. On average it has been seen that 2 weeks are feasible for a person to break into a shoe. Nevertheless, this time period can extend to 3 months as well. Be prepared for it.

Final Verdict:

We hope that after going through this article, you would have come across a lot of useful information and knowledge about climbing shoes. You can use that information to help you purchase the best climbing shoes for narrow feet in 2023. We hope you enjoy your climbing journey!

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